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Fly Fishing DVD -
Small Stream Cutthroat Trout
Fly Fishing for cutthroat trout if fun.
Cutthroat trout are native to the Western
United States. Because they have lived
and survived in isolated areas in most
parts of the West, they have developed
into several distinct sub-species and
strains. They are usually a brownish gold
name “cutthroat” came from the obvious
red mark at the lower part of their gills.

This program also includes hybrid trout or
cutthroat trout that have interbred with
rainbow trout. They are called "cutbows".  
Most of the time the cutbows have smaller
spots than the cutthroats. They usually
show a rainbow line but much less
noticeable than the rainbow trout. The
colors are more subdued. Normally the
stomach of the cutbow is not as yellow as
the cutthroat. Neither is the cut mark or
red throat slash as noticeable on the
cutbow as it is the cutthroat.

As far as regulations are concerned,
Yellowstone National Park treats the
cutbow as a cutthroat. Not so with the
states of Montana and Wyoming. They
tend to treat it as a rainbow trout.

Most of this program was shot in
Yellowstone National Park. It includes the
Gallatin River, Soda Butte Creek and the
Lamar River. One segment was shot in

If you fish for cutthroat trout or you ever
plan to fish for them, then this DVD is for
you. It contains many specific techniques
that apply to fishing for cutthroats that
are not typical of fishing for the other
species of trout.
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Length: 1 hour, 05 min.
plus promos 25 min.
Total of 1 hour, 30 min