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Fly Fishing DVD -
Small Stream Rainbow Trout
Fly Fishing for rainbow trout is fun. Most
presentation are wild fish. Wild fish,
whether native or from previously
planted stocked trout, are much more
fun but also more difficult to catch than
stocked trout. Wild rainbow trout share
the streams they live in with all kinds of
predators. They spook easily and swim
for the nearest cover at the slightest hind
of a predator, including man. If you make
one wrong move, they will not fall for
your fake fly any time soon.

The “Fly Fishing for Small Stream
Rainbow Trout” DVD is one of a series of
presentations that shows the fun and
pleasures of fly-fishing small streams.
This program contains scenes from
several blue-ribbon streams located
throughout the United States from East,
Midwest and Western states.  Some of
the streams are so small you can jump
across them in places.

It is a fact that most small streams
usually have small fish. The average size
of a wild rainbow trout found in the
Eastern and Mid-western small freestone
streams is probably only six to eight
inches. A twelve-inch long trout would
be a good one. In the Western United
States, rainbows probably average a
little larger, but again, a twelve-inch inch
long trout would be an excellent catch
for a small stream wild trout. Notice we
said “average”. Rainbows can grow to
much larger sizes and there are always
those lunkers that can occasionally be
found. If you watched our “top 85 tips
on fly fishing program, you witnessed an
18 inch rainbow caught from Colorado’s
White River, which is a relatively small
stream. See Picture to your right.
Fly Rod Selection
Fly Line & Tippet Selection
Choosing the Right Fly
Rainbow Habitat
Dropper Rigs
Nymph Fishing
Dry Fly Fishing
Caddisfly Hatches
Stonefly Hatches
Mayfly Hatches
Length: 1 hour, 35 min.
plus promos 20 min.
Total of 1 hour, 55 min