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Fly Fishing DVD -
Fly Fishing Great
Smoky Mountains National Park
Length: 2 Disc, 4 hours
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This DVD (2 Disc Set) provides over 4
hours of information and instructions on dry
fly- fishing for trout in the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. See the streams
and witness the action. Learn everything
you need to know in order to successfully
catch brown, brook and rainbow trout on
the dry fly. The most successful fishing
methods, strategies and much more is
covered. Learn all about the insects and
other food the trout eat and how to imitate
each one.  Techniques for fishing during
each season of the year are covered.

Streams (Watersheds):
Tennessee Side of the Park:
Anthony Creek:
Abrams Creek Watershed:
West Prong of the Little River Watershed:
East Prong of the Little River Watershed:
Middle Prong of the Little River Watershed:
Cosby Creek:
Middle Prong Little Pigeon River Watershed:
West Prong of Little Pigeon River
North Carolina Side of the Park:
Big Creek Watershed:
Oconaluftee River Watershed:
Deep Creek Watershed:
Noland Creek Watershed:
Forney Creek Watershed:
Hazel Creek Watershed::
Twentymile Creek Watershed::
Straight Fork Watershed:
Raven Fork Watershed:
Cataloochee Creek Watershed:
Misc. Streams:
Eagle Creek, Roaring Fork & Indian Camp
Other Misc. Streams:
Meet James Marsh

If you ever plan on fishing the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park, or even if you
have fished it for years, you will find the
information included in this program
DVD Menu:
Instructional Segments:
Fly Fishing the Smoky Mountains -
101 Fly Fishing the Smokies
Fly Fishing Small Streams
Smoky Mountains Fly Fishing Tips
Fishing Low Water
Brook Trout Fishing
Fly Fishing Medium Sized Streams
Fly Fishing Cold Water
Smoky Mountains Fly Fishing
More on Fly Fishing Small Streams
Fly Fishing Pocket Water
Fly Fishing the Autumn Season
Fly Fishing the Winter Season
Fly Fishing the Spring Season
Fly Fishing the Summer Season
Length: 2 Disc, 4 hours