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Length: 80 min.
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Fly Fishing DVD -
Stoneflies - How To Fish The Hatches
This fly fishing video teaches you
everything you need to know about
catching trout on stonefly imitations
including the various families of
stoneflies, where they are found, when
and how the trout feed on them and how
to go about imitating them. It is the most
complete fly fishing DVD ever done on
this subject.

Everyone loves to fish the larger, easy to
see and easy to identify stonefly
imitations. Presented correctly, at the
right time and place, stonefly imitations
can account for some of the largest trout
taken. The stonefly nymph and adult
stages of all the important species of
stoneflies life cycles are covered. It
includes scenes from stonefly hatches
most anglers have never witnessed. All
the proven techniques that bring success
in imitating these flies are demonstrated
in this fly fishing video

Of the various stages of the stonefly’s
life, the nymph is most important. By far,
more stonefly, nymphs are eaten by trout
than the full, grown adults. Most of all, in
terms of importance, is the presentation
of the stonefly nymph. Generally
speaking, if you are fishing on or very
near the bottom, you are fishing
correctly. If not, it may not matter at all
how close the imitation is, you are
probably not going to do well at all. This
fly fishing dvd shows you how to go about
catching trout on imitations of both stages
of life.
Genus: Isoperla: (just an example)
S 801 Yellow Sally
The Isoperla genus contains two
species that are very important. The
bilineata species is called the “Yellow
Sally”. It is a clinger nymph that lives
one year. It prefers slow to medium
currents. It has yellow wings and a
yellow body.
Salmonflies-nymph above, adult below
Length: 80 min.
Stoneflies Covered:
S 101          Capniidae family
sp                                          Snowflies
S 201          Leuctridae family
sp                                         Black Needlefly
S 202          Leuctridae family
sp                                         Brown Needlefly
S 301          Nemouridae family
sp                                       Small Brown Forestfly
S 302          Nemouridae family
sp                                       Small Black Forestfly
S 401          Taeniopterygidae family
sp                               Black Winter Stoneflies
S 402          Taeniopterygidae family
sp                               Brown Winter Stoneflies
S 501          Chloropertidae family
sp                                   Little Green Stonefly
S 502          Chloropertidae family
sp                                   Little Yellow Stonefly
S 601          Tallaperla
sp                                                      Roachflies
S 701          Hesperoperla Paragntina Perlinella
Perlesta  Golden Stonefly
S 702          Acroneuria
abnormis                                         Great Brown
S 703          Agnetina
flavescens                                           Black Stone
S 704          Agnetina
capitata                                               Yellow Eyes
S 801           Isoperla & Isogenoides
sp                                Yellow Sally
S 802           Isoperla signata, Cultus
decisus                       Little Brown Stonefly
S 803           
Skwala                                                               Springfly
S 901           Pieronarcys
californica                                      Giant Salmonfly
S 902           Pteronarcys
dorsata                                          Giant Black
S 903           Pteronarcella
sp                                                 Small Salmon
Yellow Sally above and below
Stonefly shuck below