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Fly Fishing DVD -
Top 85 Tips On Fly Fishing For Trout
Although experienced fly fishers may
know several or even most all of the tips
included in the "Top 85 Tips on Fly
Fishing" program, any one of them could
prove to be well worth their time and
money invested in viewing this program.
Being reminded of some of the ones they
may be guilty of overlooking could also
be of value.

The program applies to the entire   
spectrum of fly-fishing for trout including
tips on gear, methods, techniques,
approaches, strategies and many other
elements of the sport. The program is
introduced and concluded on Montana's
Blackfoot River, home to the movie "A
River Runs Through It".

The "Top 85 tips on fly-fishing for Trout"
may sound quite presumptuous because
a list of good fly fishing tips is
infinitesimal. The tips included herein
cover a general spectrum of trout fishing
subjects but at the same time, should
specifically apply to how, when and where
you fish.  Often it is the simple things that
we know and have just overlooked or
otherwise failed to do, that makes the
difference in success of failure.

The program contains scenes from over
fifty blue ribbon trout streams located
throughout the U. S. from East to West.
DVD Menu:
*Types of Water                                        *Hooks
*Imitating Aquatic Insects                           *Species Specific Tips
*Imitating Crustaceans, Leeches and Baitfish    *Finding Fish
*Imitating Terrestrial Insects                       *Fly Tying
*Fishing Methods                                       *Imitating Insect Behavior
*Hatches                                                    *Fly Selection Criteria
*Stream Composition                                 *Knots
*Casting                                                     *Whirling Disease
*Presentation                                            *Gear Selection
*Handling Adverse Conditions                    *Improving Your Success

Added Selections:  *Introduction to Fly Fishing DVD   
*The Sport of Fly Fishing
*The Fly Fishing DVD Series of Program