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Fly Fishing DVD -
Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Length: 2 Disc, 4 hour
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DVD Content:
Yellowstone Streams:
Blacktail Deer Creek
Bechler River:
Delacy Creek:
Duck Creek:
Falls River:
Firehole River:
Gardner River:
Grayling Creek:
Gibbon River:
Gallatin River:
Lava Creek:
Lewis River:
Middle River:
Madison River:
Pelican Creek:
Soda Butte Creek:
Slough Creek:
Snake River:
Yellowstone River - Upper River above
Yellowstone River - Yellowstone Lake to
Yellowstone River - Grand Canyon
Yellowstone River - Black Canyon

Other Segments:
Fishing Pocket Water
Fishing Smooth Water
Fishing Rough Water
Hooper Fishing
Yellowstone Brook Trout
Yellowstone Headwater Cutthroats
Yellowstone Meadow Cutthroats
Fishing Caddisfly Hatches
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Fly Fishing DVD Promo
Specific methods of catching each of the
four trout species, the brown, rainbow,
cutthroat and brook trout are shown. The
cutbow and mountain whitefish are also

Hatches and other trout food:
All of the important aquatic insect hatches
including midges, mayflies, caddisflies and
stoneflies are covered in detail so that you
know what to expect any time of the season
you fish Yellowstone. Methods of imitating
terrestrial insects are also included.
Length: 2 Disc, 4 hour