Egg Sucking Leech Steelhead Fly
This fly is recognized by steelhead anglers as one of the most effective flies there are at
catching steelhead on both the West Coast Pacific steelhead streams as well as the
tributary steelhead streams of the Great Lakes. This is a great choice of a fly to use
when the water is cooling down and the salmon are on their redds. It also works great for
salmon. Salmon will eat the eggs of their own as well as defend their redds from
predators such as leeches.

The fly is said to imitate a leach eating a salmon egg. We're not certain as to what the
steelhead think the fly is but we are certain as to its effectiveness in catching steelhead.
This fly also works for brown trout that move up into the streams of the Great Lakes.

The Egg Sucking Leech Steelhead fly should be fished using the traditional wet-fly swing.
It can also be used with a strike indicator. You should allow it to dead-drift just above the
bottom of the stream when using an indicator.

The fly is a woolly bugger with an imitation of a fish egg placed at its head. The woolly
bugger displays a tremendous amount of natural action in the current and moves such
that it appears to be alive. It's a fly you don't want to be without during the salmon
spawning season.

Purple Egg Sucking Leech with Pink Egg Shown
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