Eastern  Green Drake

When the nymphs swim to the surface where they shed their shuck to emerge, trout
sometimes become selective to the hatch, depending on what other insects are available
at the time. This emergence is an off and on occurrence that last throughout the day and
therefore, is not usually concentrated. It is during this time, from mornings to mid
afternoon, that our emerger pattern or Perfect Fly trailing shuck emerger works best.

Emerger Presentation:
The emerger can be fished with a swimming action from the bottom to the surface during
the period of a hatch. This is usually done by slightly weighting the fly or in slow moving
water using an non-weighted fly. Fish the emerger down and across on the swing. I
recommend at least an eight-foot leader with a two, foot long size 4X tippet.

These flies have taken some very large brown trout during the hatch and you want to
make sure you are using the heaviest leader and tippet you can get away with. In very
clear water, such as you find in many spring creeks, you don't want to turn the trout away
by using too heavy of a leader and tippet. Just use the largest you think you can use
without them rejecting the fly.
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