Eastern  Green Drake

The Eastern Green Drake is the Ephemera guttulata. They are usually more abundant in
alkaline waters than they are in the more acidic freestone streams. When the Green
Drakes hatch, the large mayflies will get the attention of every trout in a stream. The
large duns flutter around on the surface for some time drying their wings before taking
off. The large spinners will fall at dusk and cause a feeding frenzy. It is one of the, if not
the, most exciting hatch in the Eastern United States.

When they are flying the duns look like small butterflies or hummingbirds. When the
spinners fall, the numbers of the Green Drakes can be mind boggling. The water can
become covered with the large mayflies.

It doesn't take a lot of these huge mayflies to fill the stomachs of the trout to the point
they can become gorged on them and actually stop feeding. It is best to catch the early
part of a large hatch such as those that occur on Penns Creek, Pennsylvania.

You want to make sure you have imitations of the nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners
when this hatch takes place. You also want to make sure you have the right size for the
stream you are fishing. The size can vary a lot from stream to stream.
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