Ferry Canyon Steelhead Fly

The Ferry Canyon Steelhead Fly is one of the many flies designed by Mr. Randall
Kaufmann. It was tied for use on the Deschutes River in Oregon and named for the
steelhead water that flows though the famous Ferry Section of the river.

This color of purple, one of, if not the most popular color of flies used for steelhead, is
the main attraction of the very effective fly. This is a great fly for low light conditions of
early and late in the day as well as dark, overcast days. It also works in dingy water
conditions. The little bit of Flashabou adds to the fly's attraction.

Although this fly was designed for west coast Pacific Steelhead rivers, it works just as well
in the tributaries of the Great Lakes. The fly is a favorite of steelhead anglers wherever
steelhead exist. It's fished in the traditional manner on the swing.
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