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Fly Fishing the Bogachiel River
The Bogachiel River forms on the southwestern flank of
Bogachiel Peak in the Olympic National Park High  
Divide. Most of its fifty mile length flows within the
National Park's boundary. It's locally referred to as the
Bogie or Bogey and is considered a prime steelhead
fishing and hiking destination. The Bogachiel River isn't
glacier-fed like many of the other rivers within the park. It
doesn't have a runoff period from melting snow in the
spring and summer. This results in a longer fishing

The river is best known for the large run of steelhead
in the upper reaches during December and January.
Although most of its large run of steelhead are hatchery
fish, some of the largest of all the Peninsula's steelhead
return to the upper headwaters of the Bogachiel River.  
The steelhead often weight between twenty and thirty
pound. The river also has a fall run of Chinook Salmon.

The upper reaches of the river is on a steeper
declination than the lower part of the river and is the
preferred area by steelhead anglers. The river gets
wider and slows down prior to its confluence with the Sol
Duc. As with all the Peninsula's steehead rivers, the
migration of the fish is based on water levels and flows
more than anything else.

Huge numbers of winter steelhead smolts from the
Bogachiel Rearing Ponds are set free each year. When
these hatchery fish return to the river, so do the
fishermen. December and January can be a very busy
time on the Bogey. The four mile long section from the
ponds to the boat launch at Wilson can become
crowded with boats.

The winter steelhead fishing doesn't end in January. It
continues through March and April and with larger fish.
This is the best time for those anglers seeking the large
20 to 30 pound steelhead. These fish will be in the
upper section of the river where ideal conditions exist for
both the steelhead and the fly angler.

The season regulations is subject to seasonal changes.
Be sure and check the current year regulations and
dates for seasons.
Winter steelhead are still in the river until well into April.
Summer steelhead run from June through September.
Steelhead fishing can begin as early as late November.
December and January are the prime months for the
winter steelhead.
Type of Stream

Steelhead (Native and Hatchery)
Chinook Salmon
Sea-run Cutthroat Trout
Resident Cutthroat Trout

Small to Medium

Olympic Peninsula

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State of Washington

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Near La Push

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Bogachiel River Fishing Report:
11/23/13 Hatchery run producing a few fish
but no reports from the other areas.
Customer ordered more
Black Stonefly
nymph steelhead flies.
12/11/13 Our local contact is reporting slow
fishing on the Bogachief during the last
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10Fishing Report Updated 11/08/14
12/22/13 Flows headed up and that should
help the fishing. Low water has been a
problem. Steelhead are being caught but
the fishing is very slow.
12/30/13 Local contact reporting fishing
even slower. Not any good news or reports
of fish.
01/11/14 Recent rains have brought the
stream levels up to the 34.46 ft level and
this should improve the fishing
opportunities  in a short time. Rain is in
the forecast for the next several days.
01/18/14 The rain has improved the
fishing big time and steelhead are being
caught. We had fly orders this past week
for our Perfect Fly
Spey patterns and
Comets and Buggers.
02/01/14 Low clear, water is making it very
tough to fool the steelhead and few are
being caught.
02/08/14 Big changes on the way. Snowing
now through Sunday then raining for the
remainder of the week. Keep a close check
on the water levels.
02/15/14 Heavy rain is in the forecast
everyday for the next week. River will be
blown our for a few days.
02/22/14 The high water was short lived but
brought plenty of fish into the river. It has
fell back down much faster than we
03/08/14 We have received no fishing
reports for the past two weeks. Levels have
been back up but have fell back down
03/15/14 The water levels are subsiding
some and fishing should soon be fairly
03/22/14 Stream levels are in better shape
but we didn't receive any reports from
anglers fishing.
03/29/14 The river is at 28.42 ft and rising
with rain in the forecast everyday for the
next week.
04/05/14 The problem has been the water
levels. A few fish have been caught but only
a few.
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04/26/14 Waiting on the early hatchery
summer run fish to show up.
05/24/14 Season Closed. It reopens the first
Saturday in June.
06/07/14 Season opens today. Be sure to
check the flows.
06/14/14 Water levels have been low and
no summer steelhead reports in this past
week but one customer reported catching
trout. Stoneflies are hatching.
06/21/14 Low water conditions has hurt the
steelhead fishing opportunities. Trout are
being caught and lots of aquatic insects are
on the water.
07/05/14 Low water and few steelhead.
The fish just are not showing up yet.
07/26//14 Low water has been a problem
both for drifting the river and for steehead
coming into the river. A few fish have been
caught but it is best described as tough
fishing conditions.
08/10/14 Low water levels are still hurting
the river. Floating is difficult to impossible
and the catching is still slow.
08/16/14 A few summer steelhead are
being caught but low water conditions isn't
helping. Sea-run cutts are expected to
start showing up.
08/30/14 Still low water conditions but some
resident trout are being caught. The
forecast is for cooler weather and that will
help. Very few steelhead have been fooled.
09/13/14 A few sea-run cutts, steelhead and
Coho but very slow fishing condtions. More
rain is needed.
09/27/14 Same story, same song as above.
10/11/14 The stream levels are still very
low but rain is expected the first of next
week. There have been a few sea-run cutts
caught. Summer steelhead, Coho and
Chinook should start moving it as it is
currently raining and should continue.
10/18/14 Sea runs are being caught in
good numbers. There are some Coho
and summers being caught. Lots of
rain in the forecast.
10/25/14 Stream flows are high and
more rain is in the forecast.
11/08/14 Some summer steelhead and
plenty of sea-run cutts are in the river.
No steelhead yet.