Silver Creek Idaho
Silver Creek Idaho
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Fly Fishing On Silver Creek In Idaho
This is one of our favorite trout streams. It provides the
opportunity to catch a very large trout, but it doesn't
make it easy for you to catch one. When you do catch
one, you can be proud of it because you have done
something few can accomplish. Fly fishing Silver Creek
is challenging but that's what fly fishing should be.

Many anglers cannot accomplish catching any of this
creek's trout. There's a simple reason for it. The trout
have already been teased by many flies and most all of
them have be spooked a few times by other anglers. It's
has plenty of water to fish, but it isn't a fifty mile long
freestone river. It's glass slick, clear water challenges an
angler's skills to the utmost.

Silver Creek is located near the middle of the state of
Idaho. It is well known nationwide for its large size brown
and rainbow trout. It's currents are complex and tricky to
say the least. Getting a drag free drift isn't easy. It's
trout feed selectively on numerous species of aquatic
insects, crustaceans and terrestrial insects. Fly fishing
Silver Creek successfully isn't easy. It takes some time
on the water and a lot of skill.

The area around Silver Creek is mostly farmland. You
can see mountains but they are a long way off.  It begins
near Gannett in a very marshy area. There are lots of
bushes and small trees as well as some very high grass
that well hides the creek. It doesn't have any one source
of water.

There are many little tributary streams and small
streams that form Silver Creek.

The creek is full of aquatic vegetation of many types.
Fish have no problem hiding from their predators or
anglers. The stream is full of nymphs and larvae but
getting an imitation of them down to the fish hiding in the
grass and weeds on the bottom is almost impossible.

The headwaters of the little stream flow into Silver Creek
Preserve. Prior to the establishment of the Preserve,  
the lack of regulations made the habitat and quality of
the fish less than average for a large spring creek.  The
surrounding farms and ranches used the water for
irrigation and the levels fluctuated widely.

This day in time, there's no better spring creek in the
nation. Silver Creek Preserve is owned by the Nature
Conservancy. They allows anglers great access and
exceptional fishing opportunities. It is strictly
"catch-and-release" regulations all the way down to
Route #20. When you fish this section of the stream you
are required to sign in at the Conservancy headquarters
building at the top of the hill.

Most of the upper part of the Reserve can be waded.
The bottom is soft and wading isn't exactly easy but it
can be done. Most of the lower section of Silver Creek is
too deep to wade and you either have to cast from the
banks (which isn't easy due to bushes surrounding the
creek) or use a float tube.
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
Brook Trout

Central Idaho


Nearest Towns

Opens Memorial Day Weekend in
Preserve/Different in other areas


Special Regulations
Yes, Check Current Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Idaho

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Hatch Chart
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart

Fly Fishing Gear and Trout Flies
Silver Creek Idaho
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The season varies from the Preserve
section and the non-Preserve section.

Closed Season/open in some areas
Late Spring can be productive.
Access to the creek outside the Reserve is
limited. You can fish from float tubes but
access isn't possible in many areas. You can
float through the private property sections,
but you can't enter or  leave the stream on
private property.

The lower section ponds, as they are called,
has much slower moving current and getting
from one access point to another isn't easy in
some cases. If you fish below Kilpatrick
Bridge, you just about have to use a float
tube. The creek can be access downstream
of Highway #20 is a few places and it can be
well worth the effort to fish. The size of the
brown and rainbow trout remain very large
and there's plenty of them. The trick is fooling
them into taking your fly. That's the tough

Fishing the lower section all the way down to
U.S. Highway 20 is good but it's usually
accessible below
Kilpatrick Bridge to float tubers only. Below
Highway #93 the river is not very accessible.
Silver Creek, continued:
Fly Fishing Silver Creek is as good as fly
fishing gets in our opinion. The water stays
a constant temperature throughout the
year. It's currents are smooth and slick but
very tricky. It is very difficult to get a drag
free drift. The changing currents are not
easy to detect and difficult to see. The
bottom of the stream is a solid mass of
aquatic vegetation.

The stream's hatches of aquatic insects are
huge. The trout feed on most of them
selectively. Matching the hatch is necessary
most of the time. You not only need to be
good at presentation, you also need a good
knowledge of aquatic insects to be
consistently  successful at fly fishing Silver
Fly Fishing Guide To Silver Creek:
The section of water within the Preserve is
only about a mile long. It gets a lot of pressure
from anglers from all over the world. It takes a
lot of patients to fish this stream successfully.
The trout are very leader shy. They have also
seen just about every trout fly there is. Keep
in mind that they have probably been spooked
more than once by other anglers.

You will find a little current in the very upper
end of the Preserve where the stream is small.
Some of the images shown in this section
shows part of the stream near the upper end.
You can catch trout easier there then
anywhere we know of in Silver Creek but they
are certainly no pushover. The speed of the
current just helps disguise the fly enough to
fool them. The problem is, the trout are mostly
small rainbows that feed in the current. The
larger trout tend to stay in the larger bodies of
water downstream.

One of the problems you have fishing Silver
Creek is maneuvering around in the aquatic
vegetation. One step in the wrong place and
you will be stuck in the soft bottom. Wading
takes a little getting used to. The other
problem with wading is the depth of the water.
Much of it is just too deep to wade.  
Guide, continued:
You can use float tubes in the creek. They
are effective, especially in the ponds, as
they are called. These are large pools, or
areas where the water flows very slowly.
Wading in the lower section of the Preserve
is difficult or impossible because of the
water depths. You can wade most of the
upper and middle areas of the Preserve.

To catch trout consistently in Silver Creek
requires paying very close attention to the
hatches. If nothing is hatching, and that isn't
very often, then you need to pay attention
to what is going to hatch next, or what insect
is most plentiful and available to the trout at
the time. Fishing nymphs and imitations of
larvae can be productive, but it is usually
difficult because of the vegetation. You must
"sight fish" around the vegetation and use
the correct weight on the fly or you will
either stay hung up or not catch anything.

The other key is the same key to fishing any
spring creek with slow moving water. It's
almost always better to find a trout and fish
to it, than it is to blind cast. Sneaking
around and stalking trout is a big part of the
process you will need to go through to catch
trout. Blind casting usually just results in
spooking a lot of trout.
Silver Creek Hatches and Flies:
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and
nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing. Unlike
the generic fly shop trout flies, we have
specific imitations of all the insects in Silver
Creek and in all stages of life that is
applicable to fishing. If you want to fish
better, more realistic trout flies, have a much
higher degree of success, give us a call.  We
not only will help you with selections, you will
learn why, after trying Perfect Flies, 92% of
the thousands of our customers will use
nothing else.

The hatches on Silver Creek are usually
large. In fact, most of the summer you will be
challenged with multiple hatches. The water
chemistry is great for aquatic insects and
there's plenty of them. The pH is high,
perfect for many insects, and that's the
number one reason why the trout average a
large size. They have a lot to eat.

One insect that you will find abundant at
times, especially during its fall hatch, is the
Blue-winged Olive. There are several
species that exist in different sizes, so you
need to pay attention to the actual sizes of
the hatching BWOs. They can range from a
hook size 16 up to a size 22. The first hatch
occurs from about the middle of May through
June. The second hatch, which is larger,
occurs from about the first of September and
can last all the way into the first of December.

In June, you will find both a Green Drake
hatch and a Brown Drake hatch. Since these
insects hatch at different times, you will need
to stay busy all day long in June. The Pale
Morning Dun mayflies can start hatching as
early as the first of May, but expect the
largest hatches to occur during June and the
first part of July.

The single largest hatch of mayflies is the
Callibaetis hatch, or Speckle Wing Quill.
These insects hatch in huge quantities,
starting about the first of June and it can last
hatching in August and usually continue on
into September. These little mayflies are
important because there are fewer hatches
occurring at that time. You will also find some
Mahogany Duns that hatch during the month
of September.

Caddisflies are also very plentiful. Often they
are more plentiful than anything for the trout
to eat. The most abundant ones are different
species of Spotted Sedges. They hatch from
about the first of June on into the middle of
The Green Sedges, consisting of more than
one species, hatch from about the first of
June on into September. These are
important because the trout eat a lot of their
larvae called Rock Worms.

There are several other species of
caddisflies that hatch on Silver Creek. Some
of the longhorn species and several other
small caddisflies, especially the little micro
caddis, can be found hatching throughout
the summer and early fall.

About the only stonefly of any significance
are the Little Yellow Stoneflies, or Yellow
Sallies. They hatch in limited quantities
during July.

Don't overlook the midge. They hatch
throughout the year and may possible be
about the only thing the trout are eating on
some days. We suggest you always have
some imitations of their pupae and the

There are a variety of different types of
minnows and baitfish and of course, some
sculpin that exist in Silver Creek. You will
find that trout can be taken on streamers
mostly during very low light conditions. Early
mornings, late afternoons and times when
the skies are heavily overcast are best for
streamer fishing.

There's a huge amount of terrestrial insects
around this stream. Grasshoppers, ants,
and beetles are plentiful during July, August
and September. You should have imitations
of each of these.

Damselflies and Dragonflies are both very
plentiful. Trout can be taken on imitations of
their nymphs throughout the season.
Craneflies are also plentiful.

Scuds are extremely plentiful in Silver Creek.
Imitations of them will catch trout year-round.

We have the best flies you can purchase for
fishing Silver Creek. "Perfect Flies" are
available for all the insects found on this
stream. They are highly imitative of the
naturals and proven to be very effective on
this spring creek. If you haven't already
done so, we hope you will give them a try.
You will not be disappointed.
Summertime is the best time for fly
fishing Silver Creek because of the
numerous hatches.
Early fall can be an excellent time to
Silver creek Idaho
Silver Creek Idaho
Silver creek Idaho
silver creek idaho
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Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $50 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
Headlines:  You can fish outside
the preserve section
this week, but
we recommend fishing in the
Preserve as of next weekend when
it opens. There will be some very
good hatches taking place and fly
fishing opportunity should be great.
Keep up with the latest information
by clicking our Fishing Report
linked above.
Map of Silver Creek
01/7/16 Fish the long, smooth and slowing moving runs. Trout won't hold in fast current in
very cold water. Midges and scuds will both work at this time of the season. If it is early or late
in the day, or the skies are cloudy or overcast, fish the White Belly Sculpin streamer in the
slack water. Strip it slowly near the bottom. Midges will hatch on calm, cold days, so have
some dry aduts as well as pupa and larva.

01/14/16 The stream is in good shape and about 39 degrees. Fish the slack current rather
than fat water areas. Trout won't hold in the fast water at this low temperature. The Brown
Sculpin and White Belly sculpin streamers are good flies to use at this time. The cloud cover
and snow, helps in that sense. There is snow forecast every day for the next week. I'm sure
any local is well aware of that.

01/21/16 Only the preserve section is closed to fishing at this time of the year. The water
temperature just outside the preserve is 39 to 40 degrees, or a lot warmer than the air. The
trout haven't stopped eating. Midge larvae and pupae are plentiful and so are little Blue-
winged olive nymphs. You can get imitations of them that look and act like the real ones for
Perfect Fly.

01/28/16 The trout and the creek are doing just great. It is what isn't in the water that is the
problem. There is a winter storm warning starting tomorrow and lasting three days and then,
just more snow. The air temperatures won't exceed freezing or 32. It isn't a good time to fish
Silver Creek.

02/02/16 The weather is still cold and normal winter weather for this part of Idaho but better
than last week. The storms should be over, but they left some deep snow. You can catch
trout and in fact, even on the surface on midge hatches. They occur better on cloudy or
overcast days.

02/11/16 The weather doesn't get any better than it will be this coming week. Oh, yes, there
will be more snow, but the temperatures will be about fifteen degrees above normal. It will
have a little effort on the section of Silver Creek that is open for fishing, but very little.
Midges, winter stoneflies and at times, little BWO olives are hatching.

02/18/16 Silver Creek is in great shape for this time of the year. After all, it is mid winter. This
past week's much warmer weather brought the temperature of the water in the lower section
of the stream that can be fished up two to three degrees. It is snowing and will be colder
again this coming week. Midges are still very important and hatching in good numbers but
small BWO olive hatches are also taking place.

02/25/16 There's a chance of more snow this coming weekend but that's less than normal for
Silver Creek country. The water is down a couple of degrees averaging about 39 in the
section that is open to fishing. Winter stoneflies and midges are hatching. Little Blue-winged
olive hatch on the warmest, cloudy days.

03/03/16 The creek is in good shape and you should be able to catch plenty of trout on
midges, winter stoneflies and sculpin streamers. The problem will be more to do with traveling
to and from the creek due to all the snow forecast. I'm sure all of the locals are very familiar
with that but I want to let any visitors to the area to know that. Midges, both creams and reds,
hatch about mid- afternoon most days.

03/10/16 The weather is back to a more normal pattern for this time of the year. There is
snow forecast everyday for the next week with highs in the low forties and lows in the teens.
Midges will continue to be the best fly option. Remember, the stream below the Preserve is all
that is open at this time.

03/17/16 The creek is in as good of shape as it possibly could be in mid March, but it is the
middle of March. That means the bank is lined with deep snow and it is a little tough to get
into the right position to cast. We should also remind you the stream is only open to fishing
below the highway #20 bridge.

03/24/16 There is little fishing done on Silver Creek when the preserve section is closed.
Most is done by local anglers. The Wood River is an easier to get to stream and much nearer
the tourist population. Even so, you can catch some very nice trout in the lower section of
Silver Creek when conditions are favorable.

03/31/16 One of the better flies to use at this time of the year is a Damselfly nymph. We have
a deep Damselfly nymph and a shallow Damselfly nymph. Dragon Fly nymphs are also good.
Sculpin will get you some of the creek's larger size trout. Midges and little Blue-winged olives
are what you mostly need to imitate.

04/07/16 Snow is in the forecast every day but the low daily temperature is only going to be
32 degrees. The snow will be more like rain, and little accumulation should be expected, if
any. You can catch plenty of trout on Silver Creek. Few try when the Preserve is closed. The
forget about the water outside the Preserve.

04/14/16 Big trout, both rainbows and browns, cruise the banks and weed beds of Silver
Creek. Unlike many think, they don't stop eating in the cold part of the year and they don't
have a clue about the opening of the preserve. They can be caught by anyone willing to try.
This coming week looks good with only a couple days of snow.

04/21/16 The conditions are about the same as last week with normal stream levels and cold
water in the low forties. Midges will catch trout. There is a lot of snow on the banks of the
stream and more coming this week. As mentioned in the report linked above, the preserve
section opens Memorial day weekend and that isn't that far off.

0504/28/15 The stream is in good shape and midges and blue-winged olives hatch about
every day. There is snow forecast every day for the coming week, and melting snow helps
keep the water cold. That holds up the hatches, but that in also normal for this time of the
season. It won't be long before the Preserve opens and fishing will be excellent.

05/12/19 The creek is warming up just a slight amount for the first time. It is stained from
melting snow and there is rain or snow in the forecast every day for the coming week. Midges
and little Blue-winged olives are still the main hatches. The stream levels are a little high and
probably will be higher each day this coming week.

05/19/16 It isn't going to be long before the fly fishing season in the Preserve opens. We
hope you are one of those who have written us to see what we recommend in the way of flies
for you to get started out right. Right now, it is snowing and there is snow in the forecast
every day for the next week. That will change very soon, and we will have nice warm spring
days and hungry trout.

05/25/16 The preserve opens up this weekend. The stream may be a little crowded even
though the stream is likely to see a crowd of anglers. They will catch trout because many
locals know how to fish the creek and they will likely be there in spite of some snow showers.
Blue-winged olives and midges will represent most of the hatches until it warms up some.

06/02/16 The creek is in very good shape and has gotten off to a good start from the
opening day. There are several people fishing ad most of them are doing well, according to
reports from two customers we have fishing there. Preserve section, which is by far the
majority of the fly fishing opportunity for Silver Creek, got off to a good start this past

06/09/16 Anglers are fishing the creek in good numbers and some are catching trout in good
numbers. Our customers are sending in good reports. The weather is going to be a little
cooler this coming week, but that shouldn't affect the fishing very much at all. This is a spring
creek with water coming out of the ground at the same temperature regardless of the air

06/17/16 It just seems like it is never going to turn to summer weather in this part of the state
of Idaho. There is a chance of snow tonight. In spite of the seemingly behind schedule
weather, it is actually pretty normal for Silver Creek at this time of the season. The one
constant thing is the temperature of the water coming from the springs.

06/23/16 We received some very good reports from customers this past week. The coming
weeks looks like it will be even better, or at least the weather forecast calls from warmer
weather and clear skies. The only mistake we know you can make other than the normal
ones, is to over fish the dry flies. Fish the nymph or larva stage until you see something
hatching, then switch to the dun or adult.

06/30/16 The creek is praised by some and cursed by others. This is normal and happens
every year. The trout can not only see your fly very well, they can also see everything else
like your leader, fly line, and sometimes fly rod and the person holding it. When that
happens, you want catch trout. You do have to match the hatch to be very successful and
you can't do that with most generic flies.

07/07/16 The creek is in very good shape. Some guys and gals are catching trout and others
complaining. That is par for the course. It isn't a pushover by any means. There are a lot of
hatches taking place and multiple hatches can be tricky. The fly should imitate the most
plentiful and available food at the time and place you are fishing. The coming week should be
another good one.

07/14/16 As mentioned in the report, we received some good reports last week and some
from anglers who didn't do so well. That is normal for the creek. The trout get a good look at
your fly, and often a good look at you, the angler. You have to stay hidden and make good
presentations. Try the fast water in sections where it is narrow. You should be matching the
most plentiful and available insects.  

07/21/16 The weather remains nice and cool with little to no rain in the forecast. The bright
skies will make it a little tougher. We recommend fishing early in the day and the last two
hours of daylight for the best results. You can catch trout all day long but you will have to use
longer, lighter leaders and tippets, and nymphs fished deep around the grass lines. That
makes it tough to get good presentations.

07/28/16 The cool weather is making Silver Creek a top western fly fishing destination. Many
streams are borderline too warm to fish. There are a lot of hatches taking place, so many,
most anglers are having trouble matching it. They vary with the upper and lower sections of
water. There is almost no rain in the forecast this coming week and the bright sun makes it a
little more difficult.

08/04/16 The cool weather is going to make the coming week even nicer than it normally
would be. One mistake we see being made by anglers not doing so well is over fishing the
dry fly. Most of the time you should be fishing nymphs or below the surface and dry flies only
during hatches or egg laying. The late afternoon egg laying caddis is giving anglers some
good opportunities.

08/11/16 The creek is always in good shape. The trout are always in good shape. The
insects are always in good shape. The anglers fishing are often not in good shape or form.
Match the hatch and make good presentations and you will catch trout, otherwise, you will be
relying strictly on luck. There are lots of caddisflies hatching. PMDs, Speckled Wing quills
and Tricos are hatching.

08/18/16 The weather remains cool with highs only in the seventies. That is really a good
thing from all standpoint. There are several hatching continuing to take place and most
anglers are continuing to catch good numbers of trout. Some are using terrestrials, and while
that will work to a certain extent, it will not outperform imitating the most plentiful and available
aquatic insects that are hatching.

08/25/16 The stream is in good shape, with lots of insects hatching. They insects will be
changing very soon with the cooler weather but for now, there are still lots of caddis, of three
species - Green sedges, Little sister caddis and Spotted sedges. Tricos and Speckled-wing
quills are also hatching. Carpenter ants, Japanese beetles and green and brown grass
hopper imitations work at times.

09/01/16 Blue-winged olives are already hatching good thanks to the much cooler weather
and slightly lower water temperatures. In addition, the high winds are putting a lot of grass
hoppers into the water providing ideal conditions for those fishing imitations of them. There
are lots of caddisflies hatching and the late in the day egg laying caddis are bringing some
big trout to the surface to feed on them.

09/08/16 I couldn't help but ramble a little in our linked report. Snow is in the forecast for the
first part of next week, and that just caught me off guard. It should make no difference in the
strategies or techniques in fishing the creek The water will remain about the same
temperature. The associated cloud cover will probably help. Our customers have been
catching some nice fish lately and that should continue.

09/15/16 The weather continues to be nice and cool for the middle of September. Our
customers continue to send in good reports of catches. Sculpin streamers fished early and
late in the day and anytime it is overcast, work good for the larger trout. Egg laying caddis,
depositing eggs late in the day continue to provide good top water action. There are other
hatches as well.

09/22/16 Have you ever seen Blue-winged olives hatch and trout feeding on the surface
during a light snow? It is a common sight on Silver Creek at this time of the year. The water
temperature doesn't change much at all and the cloud cover really helps the fall
species come around. Speckled wing quills, little Yellow stoneflies, Spotted sedges, Green
sedges and other insects are hatching.

09/29/16 There is plenty of cloud cover and that really helps on Silver Creek. Our customers
are catching good numbers of trout. Lots of Blue-winded olives,
baetis and another genera of
them are hatching good. Mahogany duns are also hatching good. Now is a great time to be
fishing the Creek. Sculpin streamers will also work and usually get some of the larger trout.

10/06/16 The creek is in very good shape and our customers are catching good numbers of
trout and some nice ones. The brown trout are in the pre-spawn stage and very aggressive.
They are taking our Brown sculpin streamer fly. There are three species of Blue-winged
olives hatching and cloudy days make it a very good time for dry fly fishing. There are also a
few Mahogany duns and October caddis.

10/13/16 There are a couple of new hatches that are starting to take place. Western Ginger
Quills and Pale Evening duns, both size 14 mayflies. They do get the trout's attention. There
are lots of blue-winged olives hatching. The Brown sculpin continues to catch some big trout
early and late in the day or anytime the sky is cloudy.

10/20/16 The creek is in very good shape with few anglers fishing compared to the normal.
Our customers caught plenty of trout this past week and some good ones at that. The
Western Ginger Quills were hatching good and so were the Blue-winged olives. Most of the
larger trout were taking our the Perfect Fly Brown sculpin. The weather forecast for the
coming week looks good as well.

10/27/16 The creek is in great shape for this time of the season. It can get a little cold in the
early mornings but that isn't keeping the Blue-winged olives from hatching good. Sculpin
streasmers like our Black Matuka and Brown sculpin are catching a lot of larger trout. Few
anglers are fishing and that's a big plus. The trout are not nearly as wary as they can be.

11/03/16 The creek is looking good with crystal clear water and lots of big trout eager to eat
a well presented fly. The problem is few anglers are fishing. Maybe it is the hunting season or
maybe football, but the ones that are fishing are doing better than normal. Blue-winged olives
are hatching good. Fish the BWO nymph mornings, duns in the afternoon and spinners late
in the day.

11/10/16 The creek remains in good shape. There are few anglers fishing but those that are,
are generally doing very well. Most are probably experienced anglers and that can make a
difference but by the same token, the water is in good shape, insects are still hatching in
good numbers. There are some larger than normal trout being taken in the case of the brown
trout. They are mostly in the post-spawn stage.

11/17/16 The coming week will be a cold one, with high temperatures reaching only into the
low thirties. It will be below freezing most all the time, so you will be getting some frozen
guides if you fish in Silver Creek country this next week. Midges will be the best way to go.
We didn't receive any reports from the past week.

11/24/16 Remember, the preserve section of Silver Creek season closes at the end of this
month. You can fish below highway 20 year-round. The weather is very cold and isn't going
over the freezing mark this coming week. The water will be warmer than the air. Midges are
the only insects that will be hatching of any importance. The Brown sculpin streamer should
continue to catch trout.

12/01/16 The creek is in good shape, certainly warmer than the air. The temperature isn't
going to get above freezing for the next week and there is snow in the forecast everyday.
Midges is about the only fly option other than scuds and Streamers. You cannot fish below
highway #220, the Preserve section is closed until next Memorial Day.  

12/08/16 The water temperature is a little colder than what you would find in the preserve
section. It is further from the springs. It is still warm enough to fish and with plenty of midges
hatching. The Creams and Reds are most plentiful. Fish the larva and pupa imitations in
tandem with the pupa the top fly.

12/15/16 Some think we are nuts giving a report on fly fishing when it is snowing almost
everyday and the temperature doesn't reach the freezing level some days. That's maybe true
for some, but for those who rather get out and prove they can catch trout rather than sit on
the couch and get fat, it is good to know it is possible to catch them in such adverse
conditions. Just a reminder that the Preserve section is closed for the season. Fish above
highway 220.

12/22/16 Navigating the snow on the banks of the stream is the biggest problem you have
fishing Silver Creek. Remember, the preserve is closed and only parts of the lower stream is
open to the public to fish. Getting there road wise is often a big problem as well. Midges, the
Creams and Reds or blood midges are the only insects hatching.

12/29/16 There are times that getting to the water is a bigger problem than catching trout
when you do. This is one of those times. The snow is deep and will continue to be this
coming week. The water is down a little more to about 35 to 36 in the section open to fish.
Midges, and Winter stoneflies are hatching. There are not many WSFs but fishing the nymph
near the banks will catch trout.

01/05/17 There will be some big swings in the weather this coming week, from very cold and
clear to snow and warmer weather the first of next week. The water should be around 36
degrees in the uppermost section that's open. Midges will be the only insects hatching except
maybe, some little BWOs the first of the week. Midges will hatch in very cold water. Fish the
larva and pupa imitations in tandem for the best results. Fish the larva and pupa in tandem.

01/12/17 The good and the bad. The good news is there isn't any snow or rain in the
forecast this coming week. The bad news is the highest temperature will only be 22 degrees.
It is going to take some brave anglers to handle the deep freeze-like weather. The water is
still above freezing in the open section and you can catch trout on midges. Creams and Reds
are hatching good.

01/19/17 For the first time, we cannot recommend fishing the creek. You  could probably
catch trout if you could get there and back and didn't slip in and drown, but, we don't think it
is worth the effort unless you just want to prove that it can be done. There is a lot of heavy
snow in the forecast every day this coming week. If you do fish, fish cream or red midges with
the larva and pupa in tandem under a strike indicator.

01/26/17 The weather is going to be clear with no chance of rain or snow this coming week.
The air temperature won't exceed freezing the entire week and averages less than twenty
degrees. The water in the section open for fishing is about 34 to 35 degrees. There is deep
snow on the banks. Midges are hatching and you can catch trout on imitations of them. We
just don't recommend it under these conditions.

02/02/17 This is the third week in a row that we cannot recommend fishing the creek due to
heavy snow in the forecast all week. There is a storm warming for three days of it. The snow
and ice is extremely deep and even getting to the water is a big problem. Check with us again
next week and hopefully, we will have a better forecast.

02/09/17 There is a flood watch through Saturday, then clearing up. Currently the stream
levels are fine but there is very deep snow on the banks of the stream throughout the
watershed. We don't recommend fishing until this clears up.

02/16/17 Two winter storm warnings are in effect and there will be heavy snow each day for
the next week. Getting around near the creek will be tough without snow skies. We cannot
recommend fishing under these conditions. When the weather gets better, fish midges like
the Cream or Blood midges (Red). Rig  the larva and pupa in tandem. Sculpin streamers will
work when there is cloud cover or when it is snowing.

02/23/17 There is heavy snow in the forecast everyday this coming week and it is already
deep. There will be problems with the roads and access to the creek. The highest air
temperature this coming week will only be 20 degrees. We do not recommend fishing under
these conditions.

02/29/17 The creek is in good shape with clear water and willing trout but the weather isn't.
We still don't recommend fishing. The temperature won't get near the freezing level all week
and there is heavy snow forecast everyday but today. There is very deep snow and lots of
ice on the banks. You will just have to watch the weather and check checking back with us.
We post this weekly.

03/09/17 There is snow forecast most days this coming week. Thee is a flood warning from
Thursday night through Sunday. The stream levels are still a little below normal but the water
stained from melting snow. The water is still very cold, barely above freezing. Fish sculpin
streamers like the Black Matuka sculpin, or Cream or Red midges. Fish the larva and pupa
rigged in tandem.

03/16/17 The weather has been very warm and there is a flood warning at the current time.
The weather is turning cold again the first of  the week, and thing will return back to normal.
The melting snow and ice has the water highly stained and in essence, in  a bit mess. You
can fish using streamers.  

03/23/17 There is a flood watch for the next two days but snow is in the forecast for the next
week. We don't see any opportunity for fly fishing the creek this coming week. The runoff
from melting snow and ice should soon end thanks to the colder weather. The stream levels
is very high and the water from muddy to highly stained.

03/30/17 The creek is high and stained. There is a flood warning for today. The weather
continues to get a little warm each day and melt a lot of snow and ice. It is possible to fish the
creek from the banks with streamers but probably won't be very productive. The mini-runoff
should end soon, or we hope it does. It is nice to have warm weather in one sense, but not
from a trout fishing perspective.

04/06/17 The creek is still flowing very high with highly stained water. There is snow or rain in
the forecast everyday for the coming week. We don't see any good opportunity for fly fishing
this coming week. Hopefully, things will start clearing up soon. When it does,

04/13/17 I'm as tired of writing lousy reports and much as I'm sure your tired of reading them.
There is heavy snow everyday but one for the coming week. The stream levels are very high
and accessing the water not easy. In our opinion, it just isn't worth the effort at this time.
Silver Creek will come alive with hatching insects.

04/20/17 The water is far warmer than the water, which gives a very interesting effect. There
is a lot of snow in the forecast, the stream levels are still very high and the water stained. It is
possible to catch trout but it is borderline dangerous to fish. Getting around on the stream is
probably much more difficult than catching trout once you are there.

04/27/17 The stream levels are still very high and the water stained. There is deep snow on
the banks and almost impossible to get around on the stream to fish. There is snow forecast
everyday and conditions are not likely to get any better. All you can do now, is keep in touch.

05/04/17 The creek is still very high and likely to go much higher. There is a flood watch for
the area for the next week. There is rain forecast everyday and that will melt deep snow. The
creek won't be in shape to fish this coming week at all.

05/11/17 There is a flood warning for the next two days, and then it is turning much  colder
with snow in the forecast for the next five days. The stream levels are down some but still
very high and too high to wade or even fish, in our opinion. All you can do is wait and plan
that first trip to the Preserve. We can help  yu do that, so shoot us an email.

05/18/17 There is another flood warning for the Silver Creek basin for the next three days.
There is rain or snow in the forecast everyday for the next week. The stream is very high and
badly stained and not worth fishing. All you can do is to keep checking back with us. We will
keep you informed.

05/25/17 There is still yet another flood warning in effect through this coming Saturday.
There is more snow and rain in the forecast everyday but one this coming week. The stream
isn't in good enough conditions to make it worth your time to fish right now. All you can do is
to stay in touch. We will keep you informed.

06/01/17 The season opened in the Preserve this past weekend. Currently there is a flood
warning in the area. The stream levels are still very high and there isn't much opportunity to
fish the stream at this point in time. Many anglers did attempt to but we didn't receive any
good reports. There are lots of insects hatching and this will only get better as the days go

06/08/17 The weather is turning colder and there is snow forecast everyday for the coming
week. There is a flood warning out for the next three days. The stream levels are very high,
of course. It is too high and stain to fish now. All you can do is to check back with us. We will
keep you informed as to the conditions. Hopefully, things will clear up soon.

06/15/17 The creek is still a little high but down from the past week and still dropping and
clearing. There are a large number of insects hatching. Some anglers are catching good
numbers of trout and others aren't. This is normal for Silver Creek. You do need to match the
most plentiful and available food at the time you are fishing. This coming week should be a
good one.

06/22/17 There is a flood warning out for the next five days for the general area. This is due
to melting snow and rain everywhere, not runoff from the spring creek. It is high and stained.
Insects are hatching big time. Just beware of the flood warnings and stay safe. Send us an
email and let us help you plan that next trip.

06/29/17 We received two good reports from customers this past week, and one not so good
report. It isn't the easiest trout stream there is to fish but done right, it can produce some big
catches. There are multiple insects hatching and its trout can closely examine everything you
offer them. It is very necessary to match the most plentiful and available food they have to it
with a good imitation.

07/06/17 The creek is still presenting it normal challenges to those fishing it. We received
one good report and one complaint. That is about par for the Silver Creek course. There are
still plenty of hatching but they are not very consistent and easy to keep up with. We do hope
you are using our flies. You will find them far superior to the generic fly patterns.

07/13/17 The creek is in much better shape and the water mostly clear. There are lots of
hatches taking place. The multiple hatches can sometimes be tough to match, or figure out
what fly to use. We recommend going by what is most plentiful and available. Lately, that is
spotted sedge caddis but Pale Morning duns are pushing a close second.

07/20/17 We keep getting mixed reports from Silver Creek. That is usually the case. There
are lots of hatches taking place (multiple hatches) and that can sometimes cause more
confusion that it does good. Much of ones success lies in the presentation but also, how well
the flies are imitating the most plentiful and available insects the trout are focusing on at the

07/27/17 The creek is in very good shape with good numbers of trout being caught by those
that know how to fish it. There are always some guys that have trouble. You do need to
match the most plentiful and available insects and other foods the trout are eating at the
time. That isn't always easy. There are a lot of insects. We only list the most important flies to
cover the most important hatches.

08/03/17 There is some haze in the air right now from smoke but this should clear up in a
couple of days. There will be some chances of rain in a couple of day. The stream is in good
shape and presenting its normal challenges to the anglers fishing it. There are lots of
hatches taking place and as alway, necessary to match them fairly closely.

08/10/17 The weather is staying nice and cool and almost like it is Spring in most sections of
trout country. There are still a lot of insects hatching. Remember, that this is a spring creek
with a high pH and lots of insects. Fish terrestrials but we recommend it only when a hatch
isn't taking place. By the way, it is difficult to determine when some caddisflies are actually
hatching. Watch from swirls below the surface.

08/17/17 The stream conditions remain in good shape. We didn't receive any reports from
customers fishing this past week. Our local contact reported some are scoring well and
others not so well. That is normal for Silver Creek. There is no chance of rain and little to no
cloud cover for the coming week. That makes it a little tougher than normal. Terrestrials are
working. Just don't fish them when a hatch is taking place.

08/24/17 Conditions are very good. The rain ends tomorrow and the clear skies will make it a
little tougher. We did receive one good report from a customer this past week. As always,
some anglers catch trout and others don't. There are hatches taking place. Terrestrials are
also working good.

08/31/17 The creek is turning out a few nice trout for the few anglers fishing it. We received
one good report from a customer from the past week. The trout are selective and many
anglers are using the junk fly ship generic imitations. There are still plenty insects hatching.
Terrestrials are being way over fished. They will work to some extent but using them
exclusively is a big mistake.

09/07/17 Conditions are very good for this time of the season. The stream levels are a little
below normal and the water crystal clear. As usual, we are getting mixed reports. You have to
stay hidden and make good presentations to fool the trout. You also have to match the hatch
with flies that look and act like the real things.

09/14/17 The conditions for the creek are still very good in spite of the fact there is a chance
of snow in the forecast everyday for the coming week. This will have little effect on the warm
spring water of the creek in most of the upper and middle sections. It will slow down some
hatches but others will be coming shortly. We did get two good reports from customers
fishing this past week.  

09/21/17 The creek is still in good condition with water temperatures in the low fifties. There
is snow in the forecast through Saturday but otherwise clear for the coming week. We
received one good report from a customer this past week. This week will end he terrestrial
fishing as the hard freeze predicted will kill them.

9/28/17 The creek is in good condition and it usually is. There are still plenty of hatches
taking place including midges, Blue-winged olives, Mahogany duns, Speckled wing quills,
spotted sedges and others. We received two good reports from the past week from
customers fishing. There is snow in the forecast most days for the coming week.

10/04/17 The weather has turned a little chilly. Keep in mind, that changes the water
temperature very little in the upper and middle sections of the stream in the preserve. The
lower creek gets colder with the lower air temperatures. There are fewer insects hatching,
mostly midges.

10/18/17 There is a chance of snow most days this coming week, but that shouldn't turn you
away. Just like rain, the snow and cloud cover can turn the trout on to feeding. There are
good hatches of Blue-winged olives and Creams and Red midges. Believe it or not, BWOs
will hatch during light snows. Sculpin streamers should catch some of the larger trout.

10/25/17 The creek remains in very good shape with good hatches of Blue-winged olives and
Midges. The weather will be clear for the coming week and a little warmer than last week.
Afternoon are warmer on the angler, but makes little to no difference in the water
temperature except a little on the lower end of the creek.

11/02/17 The coming week should be a good one for this time of the year. It will likely snow
but the cloud cover and light snow helps to some extent. Sculpin streamers should catch the
larger trout. Midges, Creams and Reds or blood midges, are hatching as well as Blue-winged
olives. Stream levels are a little below normal and in good shape.

11/16/17 We received one good report from a customer fishing this past week. He had some
good size browns caught on the Olive and Black Matuka sculpins. There is less a week
remaining in the season in the Conservancy section of the stream. It is open below the
highway #20 Bridge after November 30. Midges and Blue-winged olives are the most
important insects to imitate.

12/02/17 Expect very cold weather the next few days. The spring water is warmer but gets
cold the further it gets from the springs. The only hatches taking place are midges.

12/09/17  Midges. Creams and reds, are hatching good along with some Blue-winged olives.
Fish outside the preserve, which is closed. The weather this coming week will be warmer and

12/23/17 The creek outside the preserve produces trout for the few that fish it all winter long.
Midges, mostly creams and blood midges, or red ones, hatch throughout the winter months.

12/31/17 The creek is in good shape with midges hatching good. The only problem is getting
around on the stream outside the Preserve. If you fish, carry an extra set of dry clothes and
don't slip and fall in. I is best to fish with a partner.

01/19/18 There has been little change from this past week. The weather will be about the
same, and still with plenty of snow.

01/26/18 It is usually more of a problem getting around the stream to fish due to the snow,
than it is catching trout. The water is in good shape and midge larva and pupa rigged in
tandem will keep you busy at times.

02/02/18 The weather is going to be a little warmer and better this coming week, with less
snow. You should be able to get around the stream better. Midges, creams, reds and some
light greens are hatching. Aquatic worms and scuds usually work good. Winter stoneflies are
still hatching. Sculpin streamers always work good.

02/09/18 The creek is in good condition. The stream levels are down and there little snow in
the forecast. Midges, light Green, Reds or bloods and Creams are hatching Winter stoneflies
are hatching.  Scuds and damselflies nymphs are also working.

02/23/18 The weather is going to be a little better this coming week. Getting around on the
roads may still be a problem. Midges, Winter stones and little BWOs are the insects you need
to be imitating. Scuds and Aquatic worms will also work.

03/02/18 The creek is in good shape. Getting there at the best places is often tough due to
snow. Make sure you check the road condition. Snow shoes helps. Midges, creams, reds,
and light greens are hatching. Little Blue-winged olives are hatching.

03/09/18 The weather is going to be warm for a change. This will melt a lot of snow and ice

03/23/18 Conditions remain good with stream levels still below normal and the water clear. As
usual, there is snow forecast everyday. Midges, little Blue-winged olives, scuds, and sculpin
are the foods you need to be imitating.

03/31/18 The creek is in good shape. There is snow everyday and it is often tough to get
around on the stream, but other than that, there's little problem in catching trout. The water
stay warm a long way down the stream.

04/13/18 Conditions remain about the same. More snow starting Tuesday. Midges and little
Blue-winged olives are hatching. Getting around on the stream due to the snow is more of a
problem than catching trout.  

04/22/18 The stream outside the preserve is in good shape. Getting around the banks to fish
it is usually more difficult that catching trout once you are there.

04/29/18 The weather continues to remain fairly cold with lots of snow. The water is often
warmer than the air, which makes for a very foggy morning. There is snow forecast most

05/06/18 The creek is in good shape, with stream levels just a little below normal level.
There's still a lot of snow on the banks, and getting around the stream is as tough as it is
catching trout.  

05/13/18 Yes, it is still snowing in the Silver Creek area. You can fish the section of the river
outside the Preserve up until the Preserve section opens. There are lots of big trout there,
but not too easy to access or catch. We keep getting ask when the Preserve section opens.
It is normally the last weekend in May. I'll get the exact date posted soon.
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