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Fly Fishing On The Upper Sacramento
River In California
The Upper Sacramento River must provide the ideal
rainbow trout habitat. After a train car load of pesticide
was dumped in its upper waters in 1991, the river
recovered within a relatively short time to again become
a heavily populated wild trout stream without having to
rely on stocked trout. It's a very diverse river that has a
dense population of hard fighting rainbow trout. Fly
fishing the Upper Sacramento River is ranked at the top
of the better California fly fishing destinations.

The river begins from the flow through the Box Canyon
Dam at Lake Siskiyou. It ends at Lake Shasta, near
Redding. The total length of the upper river is about
thirty-five miles.

Its first couple of miles are in the Box Canyon. Its a very
narrow canyon that flows to Ney Springs which is the first
access point below the dam. Numerous springs and
small tributary streams add to the flow. It is a beautiful
setting with springs coming through the walls bordering
the stream at certain places. The river widens below Ney
Springs. Fishing remains good down to Cantera.

At Cantera, the Union Pacific Railroad tracks begin to
paralleling the river providing access. From Cantera to
Dunsmuir more springs and small brooks increase the
flow of the river. It becomes more like a typical freestone
stream as it winds its way through canyons. This area
isn't fished as much as many other sections of the Upper
Sacramento. The river is closely followed by Interstate 5.
Just about any exit will take you close to the river. There
is a large tributary stream that flows into the river at
Mossbrae Falls. It is a beautiful, moss covered area
where the stream flows into a pool. The river continues
to increase in size from Dunsmuir to Soda Creek.
Access to the river in this area becomes much easier.
It's heavier flows become more difficult  to wade. The
Soda Creek area is probably the most popular area to
fish for visiting anglers.

Below Soda Creek downstream to Sweetbriar, a distance
of about five miles, the river flows through Castle Crags
State Park. Fishing in this park puts you out of sight of
the residences along the river. It is about four miles from
Sweetbriar to Sims Road. Access is provided at Conant
and Flume Creek Road. The Sims Road area is another
very popular fly fishing section.

At Sims Road, the river widens as it flows through a
wider valley. There are numerous access points all the
way to Lake Shasta. The river is not unlike a large
spring creek in this section. The flows slow down and
become much smoother. The river gets larger in this
area. There are plenty of access points in this section of
the river. Gibson, Pollard Flat, Shotgun Creek, Shiloah,
Dog Creek and Lakeshore at Lake Shasta are a few of

The water levels of the river constantly change
throughout the year. The makeup is very diverse. There
are pools of all sizes, pocket water with runs and riffles,
undercut banks and a variety of other physical makeup.
Catching trout greatly depends on where you fish at any
given time and the particular methods, techniques and
strategies one uses.
Type of Stream
Tailwater/Freestone/Spring Fed

Rainbow Trout

Small-Medium, approx. 35 miles long

Northern California

Nearest Towns
Dunsmuir, California

Year-round - main stream only.
General season last Sat. in April to
Nov. 25th. Catch and release all year


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of California

National Weather Service Link

Hatch Chart
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart

Fly Fishing Gear and Trout Flies

USGS Stream Flow Data
Upper Sacramento River
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Except during times of high water and
Upper Sacramento River can be a little
challenging but it is usually very rewarding

Spring is an excellent time to fish provided
the water isn't too high. Runoff begins in
late April and can last to near the middle of
Summer is a good time for fly fishing the
Upper Sacramento River. In extremely hot
weather you may want to fish the higher
Fly Fishing Guide to the Upper The
methods and techniques for fly fishing the
Sacramento River vary from the upper box
canyon section to the lowest section above
Lake Shasta. The Upper Sacramento River
actually begins as two tiny streams that flow
into Lake Siskiyou. This is in reality, the only
freestone section of the Sacramento River in
the sense that everything else lies below and
downstream of a dam. The river really begins
below the Lake Siskiyou at the Box Canyon
Dam and is a tailwater although many want to
call it a freestone stream. The river flows for
thirty-eight miles into Shaska Lake.

The entire river is closely parcelled with
Interstate 5 and is accessible from almost any
exit. In addition, all but the upper few miles of
the river are closely parcelled with railroad
tracks, offering access to most of the entire
river. This requires some hiking but makes it
possible to fish just about anywhere on the

The uppermost couple of miles in the Box
Canyon is in a very narrow canyon that can
be accessed from Ney Springs. Below there,
it widens out some. The next access
downstream is at Cantera. This is where the
railroad begins to parallel the river.

One problem in fishing the Upper Sacramento
River is its clarity. The water is almost always
extremely clear and deceptively deeper than
it appears to be. There's a lot of small brooks
and springs that add to the flow between Ney
Springs and Densmuir. This part of the river
flows through some very beautiful canyons.
They seem to be rarely fished. From
Densmuir downstream to Soda Creek the
scenery changes from remote canyons to a
more residential atmosphere.  This is a very
popular area of the river to fish. The same
setting continues downstream to Sweetbriar.

The Castle Crags State Park is a popular
area to fish because it is void of the house
along the river. Conant, Sims Road and
Flume Creek Roads provide additional
access in this area.
Guide, continued:
Within the next few miles, the decline of
the Upper Sacramento River flattens out
some and the water becomes smoother.
There are several access points along the
river some of which are Shotgun Creek,
Pollard Flat, Gibson, La Moine, McArdle
Flats, Dog Creek and Lakeshore near the

During the early part of May, melting snow
or the Spring Runoff, raises the water
levels to a point the river become difficult
or impossible to fish. The river is usually
takes until the first to the middle of June
before it subsides to a fishable level.

During July and August, the hot weather
can raise the water temperatures up in
the lower section of the Sacramento
River, and you are better off fishing the
upper sections. In September, the water
cools down and the action usually picks

Most of the upper river consist of pocket
water. You have riffles, runs and pools
that give it the appearance of a freestone
stream. In effect, considering all the water
it picks up along the way, it is a freestone

The generally accepted methods of
fishing in the Spring is to match the
hatches. During the summer, the surface
action subsides and nymphing becomes
more popular. High Stickin is the best
method to fish the pocket water with

Fall is the second most popular time to
fish the Upper Sac. There are more
hatches, including one hatch the river is
known for - its Fall Caddis.
Upper Sacramento River Hatches
and Trout Flies:
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and
nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing. Unlike
the generic fly shop trout flies, we have
specific imitations of all the insects in the
Upper Sacramento River and in all stages
of life that are applicable to fishing. If you
want to fish better, more realistic trout flies,
have a much higher degree of success,
give us a call.  We not only will help you
with selections, you will learn why, after
trying Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands
of our customers will use nothing else.

This stream provides a very diverse
population of aquatic insects. Blue-winged
Olives are about the most consistent of all
the mayflies and other hatches for that
matter. They start hatching in April and
continue off and on, depending on the
species, into November. The larger
size 18s, hatch mostly in April and May and
then again in September and October.
There are several species of smaller, or
Little Blue-winged Olives mixed in
throughout the year.

Green Drakes hatch in part of the river
beginning around the first of May and
lasting through June. This is not a very
heavy hatch but there are some present.
The next most consistent mayfly is the Pale
Morning Dun, or PMD. They start hatching
about the first of May and can last into
October. There are two species present,
but it is almost impossible to tell the
difference with the naked eye so that is

The Spotted Sedge is the most plentiful
caddisfly. There are more than one
species of them but it makes no difference
as they all behave and look alike. They
start hatching around the first of May and
last all the way into the first of September.
The next most plentiful caddisfly is the
Green Sedge. It hatches from about the
first of May to the middle of July. The larva
of this caddisfly is the most important stage
of life. Most anglers call it the Green Rock
The big caddisfly hatch, as far as anglers
are concerned, is the October Caddis.
These larger caddisflies are hatching when
nothing else of importance is hatching other
than some BWOs. True to their name, most
of the hatch takes place during October
although it can continue on into November.

The Upper Sacramento River provides a
good habitat for stoneflies. There are some
Salmonflies in the river that hatch during
the month of May each year. A larger hatch
of the Golden Stoneflies occurs from about
the first of May through June. The most
plentiful species of stoneflies are the Little
Yellow Stoneflies. Most anglers call these
Yellow Sallies. They hatch from the first of
June through the month of August.

Terrestrial insects can be very important
during the Summer on the Upper Sac. It is
possible to run into a flying ant fall anytime
during May and June. Don't bet the ranch
on it though. From June through
September, ants can be found along the
banks of the river. Grasshopper are also
plentiful from July through September.
Beetles can be found from June through
September and imitations of them are also
effective at times.

Don't overlook the mighty Midge. They can
hatch anytime of the year, but become
more important when the water is cold and
nothing else is hatching.

Streamers that imitate baitfish, minnows
and sculpin are very important flies to have
anytime you are fishing the Upper
Sacramento river. They work best during
low light conditions such as early and late in
the day.

Several of our Perfect Flies have been
tested and proven successful on the
Sacramento River. If you haven't already
tried them, we certainly hope you will. We
are confident you will be pleased with the
results. We have specific imitations of
everything that hatches on the river.
Fall is a great time to fish, maybe the best
time, with October Caddis and
Blue-winged Olive hatches. It is for
certain the best time for dry fly fishing.
On warmer winter days, the middle of the
day can provide decent action from
nymphs and streamers. Remember, it is
catch and release fishing only.
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $50 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
Headlines: The bad news is the
discharges and stream levels are
back up from last week, and wading
isn't safe right now in any section.
The good news is there isn't any
rain in the forecast for the next
week and there are a lot of hatches
taking place. You can probably
catch trout fishing from the banks.
Check back soon. Conditions are
going to improve for sure.
track of the latest information by
clicking the above link to our weekly
updated fishing report. .
10/14/15 Conditions remain good for wading anglers. There is even a chance of rain this
coming Saturday. October Caddis are hatching and creating some surface dry fly action with
egg laying females. Check out our Perfect Flies and you will stop using the generic fly shop
patterns. Little Yellow Stoneflies, Spotted and Green Sedges and Mahogany duns. Terrestrials
- ants, beetles and hoppers, are also working very good.

10/21/15 Absolutely great conditions for this time of the year. Good stream levels and great
weather. Blue-winged olives have begin to hatch although sparse on clear, bright days. October
Caddis are at the peak of their hatch and taking female egg layers from the surface. Fish the
Blue-winged olive nymphs most of the time, or until you see something hatching or laying eggs
on the surface.

10/28/15 The October Caddis are still hatching in a few areas. Blue-winged Olives in two sizes,
20 and 16 are hatching. Stream levels are about normal and fine for wading in most areas. The
weather is turning a little cooler and that helps the overall situation. Two good reports came in
the past week from customers. There is some rain in the forecast for the first of next week.

11/05/15 Stream levels are a little low but there's a chance of rain this weekend. Use longer,
lighter leaders and tippets and stay hidden from the trout as best you can. It is getting a little
cooler and that should help. The main hatch taking place right now are the Blue-winged olives.
Customers are also catching some large rainbows on the Brown Sculpin streamer fly.

11/12/15 The best news for the upper Sac in a while is there are some good chances of rain
from Saturday through next Wednesday. The water is getting colder and we have made some
big changes in the recommended flies. The hatches is getting down to mostly midges and Blue-
winged olives. Stream levels are currently low and a lot of stealth is required to catch trout.

11/19/15 The upper Sac is in good shape and anglers that are using the right strategies and
flies are catching plenty of trout. It is mostly nymph and streamer fishing with few hatches and
little surface or dry fly action. Midges and Blue-winged olives are hatching but mostly on cloudy
days and there are few of them, although the next two days look good. The Brown Sculpin
streamer is another fly that is producing some big trout.

11/26/15 The weather has turned cold in Sacramento river country. The water temperature is
catching up fast and that means the trout will become a little less active but can still be caught.
Hatches will be reduced to midges and maybe some small Blue-winged olives. They hatch best
on cloudy or overcast days and those will be few and far between.

12/03/15 The area is currently under a winter storm warning with a chance of snow every day
for the next week. The water is going to have some stain, but that's not a bad thing. The water
temperature is good now but likely to fall some. We think the only good option other than then
brown and white belly sculpin streamer flies, are midges. As usual, we recommend fishing the
larva and pupa in tandem with the pupa the top fly.

12/10/15 There is a winter storm warning in effect today and the forecast is calling for lots of
rain or snow for the next six days. The stream levels are currently high (blown out) and will be
getting higher. You won't be able to fish for the next few days unless you do so for the bank in
dingy water. We added Winter stoneflies to the list because they will begin to hatch soon.

12/23/15 It is much colder than it has been, with the water averaging about 39 degrees. There
is some ice along the banks in places. Heavy snow is in the forecast for today but it will be
ending tomorrow, Christmas day. Midges and Winter stoneflies are the insects you should be
imitating. Stream levels are back down to normal for this time of the year. Fish the slow to still
water. Trout will not hold in fast current at this low of a temperature.

12/31/15 The water went from high above the normal level to a good bid lower than normal to
the point you will be to be careful wading not to spook the trout. The water is cold and you
should not fish the fast water current. Fish the slow seams and slow to still areas of water in
pockets and holes in the bottom of the stream below current. Midges fished in tandem with the
larva the bottom fly and the pupa the top fly is the best strategy.

01/07/16 As you probably know, there is a lot of rain and snow in the forecast for this coming
week. The air temperature is actually a little warmer but the water is high, too high to safely
wade. It will probably continue to rise if the forecast holds up. You can fish from the banks with
streamers like our White Belly Sculpin. It works great under cloud cover conditions. Winter
stonefly nymphs and midges are the other options.  

01/14/16 The river is very high even though it is falling right now. There is snow today and
tomorrow then rain for the next five days. The water will be very stained and start back up. We
see little opportunity for fly fishing this coming week unless you do it from the bank with

01/21/16 The upper Sac is very high, to the point most anglers would call it blown out. You can
fish it from the bank in areas where you can get to the bank. You will be fishing in rain than will
be heavy at times until Saturday. Streamers is the best option as long as the skies are cloudy.
You might fish an indicator rig with BWO nymphs, winter stonefly nymphs or midges when it
clears. The water is stained.

01/28/16 The river level is down from the blown out status of last week but still a little high. We
are expecting the levels to rise again due to the large amount of rain in the forecast and that will
be followed by snow through next Wednesday. The stream could probably be waded in some
places if one carefully picked their spots but extreme caution should be used.

02/04/16 The weather is turning a little warmer with almost no chance of rain for the next week.
That will allow the river to continue to fall, except for some effect from melting snow. We
recommend fishing the upper river. It is a little clearer but it is stained as well, just not as bad. It
should continue to fall and get better within the next two or three days.

02/11/16 The weather is going to be much warmer than it has been and snow along the banks
is melting. There will be a runoff effect but not drastic. The stain in the water actually helps in
some cases. Midges, winter stoneflies and little Blue-winged olives are hatching. The water
temperature will rise a little ant that will help as well. The Brown and White Belly sculpin are
good flies to use under these conditions.

02/18/16 The river is very high and dingy. There are two more days of heavy rain to come and
then the river should begin to fall back, hopefully, to near normal levels but we will just have to
wait and see. Streamers, fished from the banks and maybe, high sticking in some spots are
about the only feasible options. You will just have to keep a check on the water levels.

02/25/16 The river is back down to it's normal level for this time of the year. It is clear and can
be waded in most sections. The water is still relatively cold but Blue-winged olives are hatching
on cloudy days. MIdges, both cream and reds, and winter stoneflies are also present. The
weather is going to be warm and the water temperature should increase this week providing
better opportunity.

03/03/16 There is a chance of heavy rain several days this coming week and rain or snow,
every day for the next seven days. The stream levels are high right now and will continue to
increase. It is going to be a while before the streams get low enough to wade. You will just have
to keep checking the levels.

03/17/16 The stream is still high and not safe to wade but is clearing up and falling pretty fast.
There is some rain forecast for the first of next week, but the levels should be much lower. Our
White Belly sculpin streamer is a good fly to use under these conditions. When it settles down, it
is back to midges and little BWOs.

03/24/16  We thought the river level would be down by now, but it is still high, too high to wade
safely. It is falling and there is only a slight chance of rain a day or two this coming week, so we
think the levels will be fine soon. Little Blue-winged olives are hatching along with the midges.
Right now, streamers like our Brown Sculpin, is a good fly choice.

03/31/16 The Upper Sac is finally coming into good conditions with warmer water that should
only continue to increase. The weather is much warmer with almost no rain and no snow. March
Browns will be hatching within a week or three. Little Black caddis should begin to show up in
the near future. Blue-winged olives and midges are hatching now.

04/10/16 Just about the time things begin to get into good shape, here comes another week
long round of rain. The river is fine now, with good clarity, but the warmer and rain expected is
sure to put up back up high and dirty. March Browns and Blue-winged olives are hatching along
with little Black Caddis, but you will just have to keep a close check on the stream levels.

04/17/16 High flows continue on the upper Sac. Most of it comes from melting snow due to the
warm temperatures. It is also very dirty and high stained in most areas. We expect this to
continue for the coming week, as the weather is going to continue to be warm. If you fish, fish
from the banks using streamers, but quite frankly, you odds will be pretty low.

04/21/16 The river is still down and clear with several aquatic insects hatching. Our customers
were able to catch trout the last few days and some on the dry fly. This probably won't last for
long, as three is more rain coming. The forecast calls for a chance every day for the next
seven. Right now, conditions are great. It is going to be a little cooler this coming week, but we
don't  think that will slow down the hatches.

04/28/16 Good conditions exist from the headwaters to the lower end of the upper river. Two
good reports came in this past week from customers. There are more caddis showing and some
trout were taken on the surface yesterday. Stream levels are good, water color good and you
should have no excuses for not getting off the a good start.

05/05/16 About the time the stream levels were getting back down to a good level for fly fishing,
the rains set in again. There are flash flood warnings out for the next three days and you can
expect high stream levels again and continuing through the weekend. March Browns, little Black
Caddis and Blue-winged olives are hatching good but to little advantage to anglers.

05/12/16 The stream level is still a little high but the water is getting much warmer. Several new
hatches have started including Salmonflies, Golden stoneflies (about to start), Green Sedges,
Spotted Sedges and Pale Morning duns. There is little rain in the forecast for the coming week
and conditions should be very good.

05/19/16 The stream levels have come down a lot since last week's report. We had two good
reports from customers using our Sculpin streamers last week with the higher levels. Now, you
should be able to use the stonefly and mayfly nymphs until you see surface action, and then
switch to the appropriate dun or adult imitation of the hatch.

05/26/16 The river is getting into very good shape with much lower stream levels and clearer
water. the recent cool weather slowed the hatches down but they should pick back up this
coming week. There is no rain in the forecast and the water should get a little warmer. That will
trigger more hatches and more dry fly fishing. It looks like a good Memorial Day weekend for
those fly fishing the upper Sac.

06/02/16 The weather is much warmer and that will soon change the hatches, big time. The
stream levels are down and offering anglers plenty of wading opportunity. We are getting some
good reports from our customers. Little Yellow stoneflies are starting to hatch along with more
Pale Morning duns. Two species of caddis are also going strong.

06/09/16 The temperature was very hot this past week but is going to be a little cooler or more
normal for this time of the year this coming week. Our customers still reported catching a lot of
trout. The early morning PMD spinner fall is overlooked my many anglers. The late afternoon
egg laying activity of the caddis also provides some good opportunities for anglers to catch a lot
of trout in a short time.

06/16/16 Recent rain has brought the stream level up a little and close to normal for this time of
the year. The weather is returning to a more normal pattern. There are still a lot of insects
hatching and our customers are reporting that they are catching a lot of trout. Many are being
taken on the duns, or dry fly imitations. We recommend fishing nymphs up until you observe
them emerging.

06/23/16 The conditions have gotten better the past week. There is no rain in the forecast for
the next week, and the stream levels are in good shape. Hatches are taking place but vary
depending on the section. There are a lot of caddis, Greens and Spotted sedge caddis. Fish
the pupa during the hatch and the adult patterns when they are laying eggs late in the day.
Pale Morning duns are hatching good and producing some god dry fly action.

06/30/16 Good conditions exist from the uppermost section to the lower river. Lots of insects
are still hatching. The late afternoon egg laying activity of the caddisflies is bring a lot of trout to
the net for those who fish late. Egg laying little Yellow stoneflies are doing so as well. Make sure
you fish late in the day, otherwise, you will miss a lot of the action during the best time of the

07/07/16 The stream levels are in very good shape and the water clear. The weather forecast
is calling for cooler weather with little chance of rain this coming week. There are still a lot of
insects hatching and our customers are catching a lot of trout. Wading is possible in much of
the creek. The late afternoon spinner falls and egg laying caddis activity is producing a lot of
action for those who stay late.

07/14/16 The weather is turning warm again and the water temperature is high, as high as 72 in
places. Please don't fish water over 68 degrees. Not only will you stress the trout, you will find it
difficult to catch them. They become a little lethargic at high water temperatures. Head
upstream toward Lake Siskiyou to find cooler water, the higher the cooler.

07/21/16 The stream level continues to drop and it is low. That means you have to stay hidden
from the trout and make good presentations. Fish upstream as far as you can to find slightly
cooler water. Fish early and late in the day. The last two hours of daylight is bringing our
customers some good action. There are a lot of egg laying caddis and little Yellow stonefleis.

07/28/16 It is going to be very hot as I'm sure you know, but the cooler nights help keep the
water temperature down some. Fish early mornings and the last two hours of daylight. The egg
laying caddis should provide some action. Fish as high up towards the lake as you can.

08/04/16 The weather is going to be just a little bit cooler this coming week, but still hot. You
need to fish as high up the river towards the lake as you can. The water is cooler the higher
you go. There are still a lot of Pale Morning duns and caddisflies hatching. Fish early in the
morning if you can. The egg laying caddis are bringing trout to the surface to feed right before

08/11/16 The weather is going to be even hotter this coming week with no chance of rain. Fish
as high up as you can. Fish early and late in the day. There are still some hatches taking place.
Remember, PMD spinner falls take place in the mornings some times. They hatch just about
noon. Caddis egg laying is taking place the last two or three hours of the day.

08/18/16 The blazing hot weather continues. It appears it will be a little cooler later on in the
week. The only reports we received this past week were from anglers fishing early morning with
Sculpin streamers. The reported catching a few trout.

08/25/16 There is no rain in the forecast again, for the coming week but the high temperature
are down just a little. Fish as high up as you can get, the higher the elevation, the cooler the
water. Fish early mornings for the best results. Tricos have begin to hatch in the middle and
lower sections of the river. Morning spinner falls and later, hatches are taking place.

08/01/16 The weather is much cooler and that is a huge help in the conditions of the river. Our
customers reported some good catches the past couple of days. Those fishing the long
weekend should do well. Imitations of hoppers, ants and beetles are working as well as those
imitating the few hatching aquatic insects. Late afternoon egg laying caddis are bringing trout to
the surface to feed.

08/08/16 Although it has been cooler a few days, it is going to be hot again the middle to the
end of this coming week. Fish upstream as high as you can. The higher you go, the cooler the
water. Fish early and late in the day. Early morning streamer fishing has worked well using
Sculpin streamers. The last two hours of the day, caddisflies will be depositing eggs and
bringing trout to the surface.

09/15/16 Same story second verse. We wish we could report some precipitation and much
cooler weather but that isn't the case. Mahogany duns should begin hatching soon, but so far,
they haven't shown. Once the water temperature begins to drop, the fish will become more
active. Fish Sculpin streamers early morning. Fish as high up as you can get for slightly cooler
water. Egg laying caddisflies still provide the most surface action.

09/22/16 The coming week's weather forecast shows the weather is finally going to change. It
ranges from very hot to fairly cool, and indicates Fall is just around the corner. The water
temperature needs to drop a few degrees before the fish become very active. We still think you
need to go upstream a good ways for the best opportunity.

09/29/16 Much better conditions exist with the much cooler weather. The water temperature is
down and fall hatches of Blue-winged olive are already strong. These are
baetis species. There
are reports of October Caddis hatching but it is still a little early. Our customers have been
catching good numbers of trout. Early morning and cloudy sky conditions make the Brown
sculpin streamer a favorite. Stream levels are normal.

10/06/16 The stream is in very good condition for this time of the season. Our customers sent
in some good reports just the past three days. The stream levels are normal and water
temperature down to where you don't have to be concerned about that. There are several
hatches taking place but they do vary greatly with the particular section of the river you happen
to be fishing.

10/13/16 Wow! Finally, lots of rain is on the way. The stream levels are normal right now and
you can easily wade most sections. That won't last long. There is a chance of rain everyday for
the next week and they are expecting heavy flows. You will need to go to streamers like our
Brown sculpin very soon.

10/20/16 Stream levels are back in excellent shape again. Our customers caught some nice
trout the past two days. The forecast for the coming week looks good and hopefully, good
opportunities will continue. The Brown Sculpin streamer is still the top big trout fly. It is best to
fish in during low light levels, early and late in the day.

10/27/16 The stream levels are very high and rising. There is more rain in the forecast this
coming week, so we feel certain they will continue to be high for a while. Sorry, but the river
won't be in condition to fish this coming week.

11/03/16 The river is still flowing very high from the recent rains. You will just have to keep
checking the levels to know when to fish. It should be falling most of the week but that's a
guess. We didn't receive any reports from anyone fishing this past week due to the high water

11/10/17 The stream is still flowing high, too high to wade safely in most places. It is dropping
and could get back down to normal levels soon. There is a little chance of rain the first of next
week. Blue-winged olives and Cream midges are hatching good. You can fish streamers from
the banks. Our Brown and White Belly sculpin have been catching some nice trout.

11/17/16 No reports from this past week. The stream levels are still a little high, too high to
wade safely in most places. You can fish from the banks and Sculpin streamers would be a
good option. Midges and Blue-winged olives are about the only things hatching at this time.
There is more rain in the forecast this coming week.

11/24/16 The weather is a little colder and there is rain and snow in the forecast for the next
week. The stream levels are very high, too high to safely wade anywhere. You can fish from the
banks. There are midges, creams and reds or blood midges hatching. There are some good
Blue-winged olives hatches taking place. Streamers like the Brown sculpin should also catch

12/02/16 The stream levels are in much better shape than last week at this time but still high -
too high to safely wade in most places. Midges, reds and creams, are hatching. You can fish
the larva and pupa fly in tandem for the best results. That works good under an indicator. The
Brown and White belly sculpin streamers are also a good choice.

12/09/16 The stream is in very good condition for the first part of December. There are little
Blue-winged olives hatching and lots of Cream and Red midges. The cloud cover is really
helping the "catching". The Brown sculpin streamer will work great. Winter stonefly nymphs
should begin to catch trout.

12/15/16 The stream is currently blown out. It will be a while getting back down to a fishable
level. All you can do is to watch the gauge. The good news is the weather is clearing up and the
rain ending today. It will be clear for the next four days, but then another round of rain will likely
come. Streamers will be the best option as soon as the water levels get back down.

12/22/16  The water levels are back down to near a normal level and in good shape. It is clear
though melting snow may keep it stained near the banks some. There is snow forecast
everyday this coming week. Midges, Blood midges (red) and Cream midges are hatching. Fish
the larva and pupa in tandem. Winter stoneflies are hatching.

12/29/16 Stream levels are dow a lot and almost low enough to wade safely. They should
continue to fall but there is a lot of snow on the banks. Don't slip in. That could be deadly. Carry
an extra set of dry clothes with you and it is best to fish with someone. Midges, and a few little
Winter stoneflies are hatching. Fish the midges with the pupa and larva in tandem, with the
pupa the top fly.

01/05/17 As of the time I am writing this report, the river is in good shape. Wading is possible
and safe in many areas. There is a lot of rain and snow in the forecast, so make sure you check
the stream levels. Midges and Winter stoneflies are the main insects you should be imitating.
Fish the midge larva and pupa in tandem. If the water gets a little stain, switch to Sculpin

01/12/17 The river is blown out and will take a few days to fall out. There's another round of
rain coming the first of next week. You will just have to watch the weather and stream levels. We
will keep you posted each week.

01/19/17 The river is still very high. The weather is much colder and there is a lot of snow in the
forecast, so we think it will continue to fall but make sure you check to see. When it gets down
reasonably low, fish the Black Matuka sculpin streamer. When it get down to lower level, fish the
Cream or Red midges, with the larva and pupa in tandem. You can do this under an indicator.

01/26/17 The river is getting into good shape fast. The stream levels are still high, too high to
wade safely, but that won't last long. It should be done in good shage soon. Fish the Black
Matuka sculpin while it is still high and Cream or Red midge pupa and larva when it gets lower.
New hatches will be starting soon, mostly Blue-winged olives, as the water is getting warmer.

02/02/17 The river is still high, too high to safely wade and it is likely to remain high for the next
few days. There is rain or snow in the forecast, mostly rain, for the next week. Some of it will be
heavy. You can fish from the banks, but that is about it. Streamers, like our Black Matuka
sculpin, may catch some trout in the high flows.

02/09/17 The river is blown out completely. There is more rain today and tomorrow and then it
will start clearing up. It will be a at least a week before it can be fished. Keep up with the levels
and our weekly reports.

02/16/17 Sorry, to have to give another high water level report, but I do. The river is not flooded
any more, and way down from the past week but still too high to fish. There is more rain coming
everyday this coming week and it is unlikely to come down much more. It will most likely get

02/23/17 The bad news is the stream levels are still too high to fish. The good news is the
stream is falling and there is only some snow coming until a shower next Monday. It should
continue to drop and clear up. Streamers, like our Black Matuka sculpin, will probably work
good at first. Midges will still be the most important insects to imitate.

02/29/17 The stream levels are down a lot but there is still rain and or snow in the forecast
everyday for the coming week. Fish above Dunsmur for the best opportunity. Little BWOs, and
Cream and Red midges are the most important insects to imitate. Sculpin streamers are a good
option. Fish the larva and pupa rigged in tandem.

03/16/17 There is rain forecast everyday for the next week and the stream levels are already
too high to wade and fish, for that matter. The water is highly stained. You could cast streamers
from the bank. The water is warm and the fish are aggressive. For decent conditions, all you
can do is watch the stream levels. This situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

03/23/17 The river is blown out and the water ranges from pure muddy to highly stained. We
think this is going to be the situation for the next week. There is rain or rain/msnow mixtures in
the forecast for the next week. Please check back with us and check the stream levels. It will be
a few more days but most likely, but the discharges controls most of the situation.

03/30/06 The river is down a lot but still high. It is flowing at 3220 cfs at 7.64 ft. and normal for
this time of the year is 1700 cfs. It is still far to high to wade in any section. It will continue to fall
this and get into better shape. There are lot of insects hatching but they are doing little good for
fly anglers, just keeping the trout fat and healthy..

04/06/17 There is heavy rain in the forecast for the next two days and rain and snow for the
next five. The discharges and stream levels are back up high, too high to fish. All you can do is
keep in touch with us and check the levels. Fishing should be very good as soon as the levels

04/13/17 The discharges and stream levels of the Upper Sac are still very high, too high to
wade and too high to even fish from the banks in most places. There is rain or snow in the
forecast everyday this coming week but one. Hopefully, these conditions will soon change to the
good. All you can do is keep checking back with us.

04/20/17 The river is in much better shape than last week but still very high, too high to wade
safely. The water is clearing and dropping and won't be long getting into good shape. There is
some rain beginning Saturday but hopefully showers and not the heavy downpours. It shouldn't
be long before the water is warmer and lots of new hatches begin to take place.

04/27/17 The weather has finally cleared up and the stream levels are coming down. It is still a
little high, too high to wade in most places, but falling out fast. The lake level is getting in good
shape and the discharges and levels should be in good shape very soon. There are some
caddis, stoneflies and March Browns hatching. Now is the time to be getting down to business.

05/11/17 The stream levels are down a lot from the past week. The river is still too high to wade
in almost all sections but there is some opportunity if done with caution. There is more rain
coming, everyday for the next week but with much cooler temperatures. Fish above Dunsmur
for the best opportunity at this time.

05/18/17 The stream levels are down and the river in good shape with clear water. There are
lots of hatches starting to take place. Now is the time to be fishing the Upper Sac. Conditions
are great for this time of the season. Salmonflies, Golden stoneflies, Spotted and Green sedges
or caddisflies, Pale Morning duns and Western Green drakes are starting to hatch.