Wind River Rainbow trout
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Fly Fishing On The Wind River In
The Wind River is one of Wyoming's most overlooked
trout stream. Its trout fishing opportunities rival any of
the other streams in the state. It is one of our favorite
western trout streams. Fly fishing the Wind River is
usually a big adventure anywhere you choose to fish the

There are two basic sections to the Wind River. The
upper section of freestone stream and the tailwater
section below Boysen Reservoir. Fishing all but two
miles of its water in the tailwater section requires a
permit from the Wind River Indian Reservation. The
thirty miles of water above the dam doesn't require a

The upper freestone section has plenty of access
because it flows through the Shoshone National Forest.
Its is rather small to medium in size, depending on the
location, and generally easy to wade. Its trout, mostly
rainbows and brook trout, probably average less than
12 inches in the uppermost sections. The trout below
the confluence of the Jakey's Fork are larger and
average close to 15 inches with many much larger. The
river is quite larger in this section.

Jakey's Fork itself is a fine trout stream. It doesn't have
much public access, but what's available is well worth
fishing. It has a good population of brown, rainbow and
cutthroat trout.

The best of the Wind River's fly fishing opportunities lies
below the Boysen Reservoir in the tailwater section. It
flows through a deep, wild and rugged, but beautiful
fifteen-mile long canyon. All but two miles of this water
lies on the Wind River Indian Reservation. This section
holds some huge trout. The Wind River Canyon has
brown, rainbow and some cutthroat trout with many
going 18 inches and better. Access is easy. U. S.
Highway #20 follows the river though the canyon.

The aquatic population is great through out the Wind
River and even in the tailwater section. Hatches are
more than common for a tailwater. It often requires
matching the hatch in order to catch its large trout.

There are several species of mayflies, but the most
important are the Blue-winged olives and Pale Morning
duns. There are also hatches of Dark Red Quills, Yellow
Quills, sometimes called Pink Lades, Small western
green drakes, Green drakes, March Browns, Triocs and

Caddisflies are also plentiful, especially in the tailwaters.
There are several different species called Spotted
Sedges, Little Sister Caddis, Green Sedges,
Short-horned Sedges and even some October Caddis.

Stoneflies are very important and very plentiful. They
include the Little Winter stoneflies, the Giant
Salmonflies, Golden Stoneflies and Little Yellow
Stoneflies. Stonefly hatches produce some of the best
fishing of the year.

During the hot summer months, terrestrial insects can
become important. Ants, beetles and hoppers work well
at times. Sculpin are the most plentiful baitfish and
imitations of them produce some of the larges trout.
During the cold months of the year, the Mighty Midge is
king. The tailwaters are full of them.

Fly fishing the Wind River provides the best opportunity
you will get to catch a large rainbow trout from a river.

The season varies with the section of the river.
Winter fishing can be very good in the tailwater
Late Spring before the runoff, can be good on the upper
river above the reservoir. Early spring can be good in
the tailwater section.
Summertime flows run high in the tailwater. The upper
section of the Wind River can be good.
Late Fall may be the best time of the year to fish the
tailwater section.

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Northwestern Wyoming

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April 1- Sept. 30 above the reservoir
Year-round in the tailwater section


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
State of Wyoming

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March 16, 2018
Updated Fishing Report
(see bottom of page for Archive)
USGS Real-time Stream Data:
Near Kinnear
Below Boysen Reservoir
New Article: Wind River Magic
Wind River Map
01/07/16 The only feasible option for the Wind River at this time of the year is the Boysen
Reservoir tailwater. It is a bottom discharge and the water temperature is usually no colder than
39 degrees. That sounds cold but you can catch trout with midges, little BWO nymphs and
Winter stonefly nymphs.

01/14/16 We didn't receive any reports from the last week. The tailwater water temperature near
the dam is 39 degrees, which is plenty warm enough to catch trout on midges and little winter
stonefly nymphs but getting there, with snow forecast everyday this coming week, may be a

01/27/16 The Wind River canyon tailwater below Boysen is the only place with warm enough
water to fish. You will have to make sure the discharges are going to be suitable and that you
can safely get to the water with the snow situation, but otherwise, it is fishable. Midges, winter
stonefly nymphs and Sculpin streamers are the flies you need.

02/03/16 Boysen Canyon is the only option that's worth considering or available right now. With
all the cold weather that has been taking place, this is unlikely to change for the next few weeks,
but you never know for sure. Getting there is usually a bigger problem that catching trout when
you do get there.

02/11/16 It is going to be much warmer this week that it has in a while but it won't affect anything
but an angler's comfort. The only section you should consider fishing is the canyon below
Boysen Reservoir. The discharges are find now and should remain in good shape this coming

02/18/16 The weather has been much warmer and that makes it a lot more pleasant to fish but
makes little difference in the water temperature in the canyon section. That is where you should
be fishing using midges. They are hatching good most days. Creams and reds are the two major

02/25/16 According to our reports from local customers, the Boysen Reservoir tailwater has
produced some trout this past week. Little BWO nymphs, and cream and red midge pupa and
larva fished in tandem did the trick. It is going to continue to be warmer than normal but snow
again starting Thursday.

03/03/16 The only feasible option is still the tailwater below Boysen Reservoir. You have to check
the discharges and flows. They vary them due to the melting snow and warmer weather. Winter
stoneflies, Black Flies and midges, creams and reds, work best.

03/10/16 The weather is going to be clear until next Monday when there is a slight chance of
snow. Stream levels appear to be normal. The only option is the tailwater in the canyon at this
time. Midges, larva and puap, creams and reds, are the best flies to use.

03/17/16 The tailwater below the reservoir is still the only option. The recent warm weather did
little other than melt a lot of snow and ice and hold the water temperature down. Midges and
Winter stoneflies are still the main insects to imitate.

03/24/16 The fishing report looks like the same thing week after week. The freestone river is just
too cold to fish anywhere. The only option is the tailwater in the canyon. You can catch trout
there on Midges. You just have to deal with the circumstances of snow and cold weather.

03/31/16 The river can be fished in the canyon below Boysen but that is still the only logical
choice. It won't be long before Skwala stoneflies will begin to hatch.

04/06/16 The first week of the Wind River fishing season turned out to be okay, but few anglers
took advantage of it from the reports we got. Skwala stoneflies should be hatching in the lower
elevations of the freestone section above the lake. Blue-winged olives and Midges are the
insects to imitate otherwise.

04/13/16 The Wind River is flowing at a normal level in the freestone section. The discharges
below the dam in the canyon has varied up and down and down. There is rain and snow forecast
through Saturday.

04/20/16 The river is back up again due to melting snow and heavy rain. It is dingy. The only
opportunity would be the canyon tailwater, but you will have to check the discharge schedule.
The water is still cold, in the mid forties.

05/28/16 The Wind River is high in all sections due to melting snow and rain. There is more wet
snow in the forecast every day for the coming week. It is keep the levels high and stained and
not much fly fishing opportunity exist.

05/05/15 The warmer weather has runoff like conditions, with high stained water. The clearest is
in the canyon tailwater. Midges, Blue-winged olives and soon to be, the Mother's day hatch of
little Black Grannom Caddis will take place.

05/12/16 The Wind River is for all practical purposes in runoff, although this is very early for it. It
may stop later and start again near the end of the month but right now the levels are high and
the water off color.

05/19/16 Runoff is underway big time and all sections of the river pretty much blown out.

05/26/16 The water levels in the freestone section have fell out a lot, but still in runoff and
expected to remain that way for several more days. The only option might be the canyon
tailwater but it, of course, depends on the discharges.

06/02/16 The river is high, fast and dingy but expected to go much higher due to the warmer
weather forecast for this coming week. The tailwater will be the only option but most likely, not a
very good one. The lake in near full at this time and high discharges are likely.

06/09/16 The river is undergoing some strong runoff which isn't so good right now, but does
indicate that is should be a good fly fishing year for the Wind River. The snowpack is a good one
and the weather getting warm. The discharges in the canyon tailwater is likely to be high but
would be the only chance to fish when it isn't.

06/16/16 The flows near Kinnear are at 2980 cfs, which is extremely high. The runoff appears to
be full strength. The canyon tailwater is likely very high as well, but the gauge isn't working and
we don't have the reading.

06/23/16 The levels only dropped a little and the river is still too high to fish in any section. It is
falling and hopefully, won't be much longer until the runoff is finished.

06/30/16 The upper freestone river has gotten into good shape with good levels still a little high
but it can be fished successfully. The tailwater section in the canyon discharges vary, but are
offering more opportunity now. Several insects are hatching including Salmonflies, Golden
stoneflies, little Yellow sallies, Green Drakes, 3 species of caddis and more.

07/07/16 The river level is down and the water clear. There are a lot of insects hatching, but it
depends on the section. There are Golden stoneflies, Little Yellow stoneflies, Spotted Sedges,
Green sedges, Pale Morning duns, Yellow Quills, Blue-winged olives, and others insects
hatching. The headwaters down through the canyon is in good shape.

07/14/16 The flows near Kinnear are 372 cfs at 4.62 ft. at this time. Below The USGS gauge
below Boysen Reservoir isn't working. They should be low but that's a guess. The freestone
section runoff is over and the river in very good shape with lots of hatches and  trout being

07/21/16 The river is in good shape from its uppermost headwaters to the lowest section that
holds trout. Trout are being caught in both the freestone and tailwater sections. Lots of aquatic
insects are hatching. Send us an email and we will send you a list of flies for the section of water
you plan to fish. Most all sections can be waded. The stream is averaging a little below normal.

07/28/16 The canyon tailwater has been good to those fishing it. The headwaters are in good
shape. The middle and lower section of the freestone is a little warm. Tricos have started to
hatch there. The hatches vary greatly as you move upstream. Fish the higher elevations for the
best results.

08/04/16 The Wind River high country is much cooler than the lower area but the stream levels
are low and you have to be very careful not to spook the trout. The middle and lower sections
above the lake are too warm for good fishing. The tailwater in the canyon is in good shape with
low discharges and flows. This situation should be changing soon and cooling down some.

08/11/16 The upper freestone section of the river is in good shape. There are some good
hatches taking place but vary with the elevation from the headwaters downstream to Boysen
Reservoir. The canyon tailwater discharges are low and our customers reporting catching trout
there as well.

08/18/16 Excellent conditions exist in all sections of the river from the headwaters to the Boysen
tailwater. Hatches vary with the elevation. Caddisflies are hatching in all sections. Send us an
email for a complete list where you plan to fish. You can wade most anywhere in the freestone
section. Drift boats are doing well in the tailwater.

08/25/16 The data for the tailwater flows isn't available right now, but was up a little high recently.
The freestone section levels are just barely below normal levels. It is in very good shape from
backcountry trips. Hatches are taking place but vary greatly with the elevation.

09/01/16 The river is in good shape in all sections from the uppermost section the tailwaters.
Stream levels are good averaging just a little below normal. There are lots of caddisflies hatching
but many others that vary with the elevation and type of water. Send us and email for a list.

09/08/16 The freestone section is low and although you can fish it, you need to stay hidden and
use stealth. There are several insects hatching but it depends greatly on the elevation. Send us
an email for a fly list with dates you're fishing and approx. place.

09/15/16 The upper freestone section is low, but otherwise, in good shape. You just have to stay
low and hidden from the trout. The cooler weather helps and there's not water temp. problem.
The canyon tailwater is in good shape with normal discharges and levels. We received good
reports from both sections this past week.

09/22/16 The cooler weather and rain is improving the stream conditions fast. It will rain off an on
through Saturday and the levels will be rising some more. Customers are catching trout in the
headwaters and canyon in good numbers. This should continue, but be sure to check the levels.
October Caddis are starting to hatch.

09/29/16 The upper river is flowing a little high right now. Wading is okay in some skinny water
and not possible in other places but it is falling. The tailwater is also a little high from local
reports. The USGS gauge below Boysen isn't working today. The cooler weather has the water in
good shape and the trout active. October caddis, Mahogany duns and BWOs.

10/06/16 The river is very high right now and is going to take some time to drop back to normal
levels. The tailwater will also be high with heavier discharges. You need to keep a check on the
stream levels of both the freestone and tailwater to determine when it can be fished.

10/13/16 The stream levels are down in good shape flowing about an average level. The water
temperature is perfect and lots of trout are being caught this past two days. The discharges may
continue to be high in the tailwater for another day or two but should also settle down.

10/20/16 The levels in the upper section fell back to near normal levels but are back up high
again. We haven't received any reports from anyone fishing the tailwater this past week.

10/27/16 The weather and water temperature is colder, especially in the high elevations. The
stream levels are just a little above normal but tough to wade most places.

11/03/16 The river is still running high, too high to wade safely in most sections. The canyon
tailwater may be fine at times. You will just have to watch the discharge schedule and levels.
Blue-winged olives are hatching good..

11/10/16 The upper and middle sections of the river are still running high, too high to wade
safely in most places but falling. They should be good in another day or two. The canyon varies
depending on the releases but has been high more often than not.

11/17/16 The upper freestone section of the river is still staying high, too high to wade. The
weather is turning much colder with some snow. Midges and BWO's will be the only hatches. The
canyon tailwater will be best but the discharges have to be right.

12/01/16 The tailwater section of the river is in good shape. Discharges are usually low, allowing
plenty of good fishing opportunity. The freestone section is closed to fishing.

12/08/16 The Boysen tailwater is the only option at this time. The discharges should be relatively
low and the water temperature near 40 degrees. Cream Midges are hatching.

12/15/16 The freestone section trout fishing season is closed for the year. You can fish the
canyon tailwater section below Boysen Reservoir. Midges, creams and light greens, are
hatching. Winter stoneflies should be hatching as well. Fish the midge larva and pupa in tandem
for the best results.

12/22/16 The tailwater below Boysen Reservior is still the only good option. The water
temperature there is about 39 degrees. Midges, Creams and Blood midges (reds) are the only
insects hatching other than some Winter Stoneflies.

12/29/16 With the freestone section closed until the new season starts, the Boysen tailwater is
the only option. Getting there with a drift boat may be a bigger problem than catching trout.
There's a lot of snow and ice. The water is fine, about 37 degrees and midges are hatching.

01/05/17 There could be some opportunity below the reservoir. The weather is clear and the
roads should be clear. We do not have  reading on the discharge rates and levels due to ice in
the gauge. I'll try to get a physical update on it.

01/12/17 The only option would be the tailwater. There is snow forecast for today, then clear for
several days. It will be warmer but still not above freezing. The discharges should be low with low
water levels. Midges, Creams and Reds, will catch trout below Boysen.

01/19/17 Getting to the Boysen tailwater and back could be a problem this coming week. There
is snow forecast everyday. We didn 't receive any reports from anyone fishing this past week.
Midges would be the main item on the menu.

01/26/17 The weather is much clearer and you could get around on the roads better but the
water is very cold. This sounds like a repeat forecast but the Boysen tailwater is the only option
worth considering.

02/02/17 The only option is the tailwater below Boyson. With all the snow in the forecast and on
the river, getting there may be a bigger problem than catching trout. Midges, Creams and Reds,
with the larva and pupa fished in tandem, would be the best fly setup.

02/09/17 The Boysen tailwater is the only feasible option but getting there and especially
launching, won't be easy for a few days. There is heavy snow on the ground and more coming
through Saturday. We recommend waiting until the snow is cleared. Midges, Creams and Reds,
will be the main insects to imitate.

02/16/17 There is a chance of snow everyday. The Boysen tailwater would be the only section
we would recommend and getting there to launch will be a problem. The other sections of the
river are too cold with lots of ice in the water.

02/23/17 There is a chance of snow Friday and next Tuesday, otherwise clear but very cold. The
only possible opportunity worth considering is below Boysen. The gauge is iced in but last
reports were the levels were okay. It isn't a good time to fish but for those that must, use Cream
or Red midges..

02/29/17 The high temperatures will range from 34 to 50 degrees, however, the only section of
the river fishable is the tailwater below Boysen. It will be clear for the next week. Fish Sculpin
streamers and Midges, Creams and Reds, with the larva and pupa in tandem.

03/09/17 The Boysen tailwater is the only section that will offer any opportunity at this time. The
discharges and stream levels are okay as of now. Fish midges, Creams or Reds and on cloudy
days, fish the Brown or Black Matuka sculpin streamers.

03/16/17 The tailwater discharges and stream levels are running high. There is rain or snow
forecast almost everyday for the coming week, so we don't think the high discharges or levels will
change much. You will just have to keep an eye on them and check back with us next week.

03/23/17 The freestone river is flowing very high from runoff and rain indicating the lake is full.
The Boysen tailwater USGS station isn't working and we didn't get a visual on it recently but
assume the discharges are strong and the water level is high. This should clear up soon.

03/30/17 Boysen tailwater discharges are still high and likely to stay high for a few more days.
The warm weather is melting a lot of snow and ice and staining the water badly. We need for it to
turn cold again to settle the water down so there can be some pre-runoff fishing done..

04/06/17 The stream levels in the freestone are still high, flowing at 629 and the discharges from
the Boysen tailwater are still strong and the levels high. The water is stained as well. We don't
think it will be much longer clearing us and getting into good shape.

04/14/17 The stream levels are still high, but down a good bit and falling. It shouldn't be much
longer for it to clear up. Skwala stoneflies and little Brown stoneflies are hatching. When it does
get down, fishing should be excellent.

04/20/17 The stream levels in the freestone section are very high and the water highly stained. It
is flowing at 629 cfs at 4.29 ft. Normal flows at this time are 161 cfs, so you can see it is very
high. The USGS gauge below the Boysen Reservoir isn't working but has to be high as well.

04/27/17 The guage below Boysen isn't working but the discharges and stream levels are still
very high in all sections of the river, or at least double the normal levels. All you can do is check
back with us. We will keep you updated as to the statues of the conditions.

05/04/17 The discharges and stream levels are down but still too high to wade. It can be fished
from drift boats. There are two species of stoneflies, little Black Caddis and little Blue-winged
olives hatching.

05/11/17 The river is flowing very high in all sections, too high to wade and too high to fish from a
boat in our opinion. All you can do is stay in touch with us. We will keep you informed as to the

05/18/17 The river is still very high and badly stained. The tailwater is also very high. The USGS
gauge isn't working but the discharges are high. All you can do is check back with us.

05/25/17 The freestone and tailwater section of the river are very high due to runoff. All you can
do is check back with us. We will keep you up to date. You can let us help you plan that next trip.

06/01/17 The freestone section and the tailwater in the canyon are still blown out from Spring
runoff. Hopefully, it won't last much longer but may go through the month.

06/08/17 The stream levels in the freestone are still very high and the water heavily stained. The
tailwater discharges and stream levels are very high as well. We think this will last for most of the
month of June, but check back with u. All you can do is to check back with us.

06/14/17 The stream levels at Kinnear is at 3540 cfs at 7.14. The discharges below Boysen
Reservior are still very high and the water very dingy. We hope it is on the way down and will get
back to normal flows soon.

06/21/17 The river continues to be very high with flooding in places. We hope it is peaking and
will start falling soon but for now, it isn't in shape to fish. All you can do is wait. It is usually around
the first of the month before dropping and clearing.

06/28/17 The river is at 2770 cfs at 6.82 and the Boysen tailwater also very high. It is probably
going to be another week or two, before it gets down. There is a big snow pack this year. Keep in
touch with us and we will keep you informed. The You can plan that next trip. Send us an email.
The river is a little warmer with less ice
but there's a lot of melting snow and
stained water to deal with. Getting
boat in and out of the launches may
be impossible. Midges and Skwals
stoneflies are hatching and are the
main foods to imitate.
Wind River Fishing Reports:
07/06/17 The discharges and flows are finally down enough to fish good. The water is mostly
clear. There are lots of hatches taking place and we should be getting some good reports
very soon.
07/13/17 Good conditions exist and we are starting to get some good fishing reports from
customers. Some guys are already heading up into the back country. There are lots of insects
hatching - PMDs, Golden and little Yellow stones, spotted sedge caddis, Green sedge caddis
and more. Terrestrials are also working good.
07/20/17 The stream levels are still a little high, too high to wade in some places but okay in
others. We didn't receive any reports from the past week. The river should be down and in
good shape very soon. Fish are being caught but it still needs to drop some more.
07/27/17 The upper sections of the river are getting into good shape with good stream
levels. Be sure to read the article below, called Wind river magic.
The tailwater discharges are still running high but subject to change to good levels anytime
08/03/17 The levels are still a little high in the lower river but getting better each day. The
upper river sections are down low enough to wade in some areas and not in others. The
tailwater discharges are still relatively high.
08/10/17 The river is getting into very good shape in the upper sections and is down and much
better in the middle and lower sections. There are lots of hatches still taking place. We
received three reports from anglers fishing in three different section of the river this past week.
08/17/17 The stream levels are currently a little high except in the headwaters. It is in good
shape otherwise. There are plenty of hatches still taking place but they vary from section to
section. Shoot us an email as to where and when you are planning on fishing and we will
provide a list of flies for you.
08/24/17 The stream levels are down in all sections of the river and our customers are
reporting some good catches. Conditions are good from the headwaters on down to the lower
sections of the river. There are still some good hatches taking place. Now is a good time to fish
the river.
08/31/17 Conditions are excellent in all sections of the river including the tailwaters. We
received three good reports this past week.
09/07/17 Great conditions. The upper headwaters are in good shape and customers hiking
into the back country are catching lots of trout. The lower tailwater is off and on, depending
on the discharge levels but it has been very good at times.
09/21/17 The recent rain and snow has the stream level back high again, too high to wade
safely in most places. There is a chance of rain and snow through Monday. October Caddis
are starting to hatch.
09/28/17 The river is high again. Discharges are likely to remain high as well. As of right now,
all you can do is watch the levels and fish when it drops back down low enough. There is a
change of rain or snow most days for the coming week but the chances are rather low most
10/05/17 The stream levels in all sections of the river are currently too high to fish. This
includes the discharges and tailwaters. There is some more rain and snow forecast but we
don't think it will increase the flows, so check them. They may drop down in the near future.

10/12/17 The flows are high at this time, too high to fish in our opinion. All you can do is to
check the levels and fish when it drops.

10/27/17 The discharges and stream levels are still a little high but drift boats are doing fine
blow Boysen. Sculpin streamers are catching the large trout. Blue-winged olives and Cream
and Red midges are hatching good.

11/03/17 The discharges and stream levels are still a little strong and high. It can be fished but
conditions are far from good. There is a lot of snow in the forecast.

11/10/17 We didn't receive any reports from anyone fishing this past week. The tailwater is
running strong with higher than desirable levels most of the time. Let us hear from you if you

12/25/17 The discharges and stream levels continue to be high in all sections, too high to
wade or fish from a drift boat in our opinion. There is more heavy rain in the forecast early this
week, and then mostly snow.

12/02/17 The discharges and stream levels are down to not far above normal and drift boats
should do okay. The launch may be icy and the roads covered with snow, so check that out.

12/09/17 You can catch trout in the canyon provided you can get there (roads may be
iced/snowed in) and provided the boat launches are clear as well. Midges, creams and reds,
are hatching.

12/31/17 The stream levels in the canyon are still a little high but there is also lots of bank ice
and snow. Launching a boat isn't possible right now but this should clear up this week. The
tailwater is the only opportunity. Midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching.

01/06/18 The river is okay to fish in the canyon tailwater provided road and launch conditions
are adequate. You should always check the weather and discharge rates and levels before
you go. Midges, creams and reds, or blood midges are hatching along with lots of Winter

01/26/18 There has been little change this past week. Melting snow keeps the discharges and
stream levels in the canyon up, but getting to the launch is often a problem due to snow and
ice. Midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching.

02/02/18 The canyon discharges and levels are a little high but it can be fished from larger
drift boats. It is sometimes a problem launching the boat. There is often ice and snow on the

02/16/18 The roads and ramps should be better this coming week but there's more snow on
the way. The weather is clearing up some and hopefully, the ice will be gone on launches.

02/23/18 There is a lot of snow and ice on the roads and ramps. We didn't receive any reports
from anyone fishing this past week. Midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching. Discharges are
still a little high.

03/02/18 The river is still far too cold anywhere but the tailwater in the canyon. The weather
should clear by Tuesday and there may be some opportunity there. Midges, Winter and
Skwala stoneflies should be used along with Sculpin streamers.

03/09/18 This coming week should make a big difference in the stream conditions. It will be
warmer and melt lots of the slush ice in the water. Stream levels are currently in good shape.
Skwala stoneflies are hatching good.