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Perfect Fly Fishing Blog - November, 2014
The Perfect Fly fly-fishing blog is about all things to do with fly fishing with articles, fly fishing tips and techniques,
photos, fly-fishing news, and much more. It includes information on fly fishing for trout, panfish, and steelhead as
well as fly fishing for many different saltwater species of fish.
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Fly Rods
Getting Started Fly Fishing
Stimulator Fly
Old, Generic and Traditional Flies

Several different people are mentioned when it comes to determining who designed the Stimulator fly. Most
agree that Mr. Randall Kuafmann developed the fly pattern but others disagree. Mr. Jim Slattery of Modeso
California also claims credit for this fly. We read where he claimed he took the idea for the fly pattern from
the old Sofa Pillow fly. His version was first tied in 1980 for use on the Musconecong River in New Jersey. Whoever
first came up with the fly created a very popular stonefly pattern.

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Yellow Stimulator
Angie Marsh teaching Tanner Deupree to fly fish
The fly rod is considered the most important tool in fly fishing, but in essence, it is just a part of the overall fly-fishing
system. It serves two purposes in fly-fishing. It propels or casts the fly line and leader and it cushions the fight of a
fish caught on the fly rod.

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How Do We Know What Flies To Use
Selecting Trout Flies
I received a call from a guy that ask me what flies he should use on a certain trout stream he was planning to
fish. When I answered his question, he asked me when I had last fished the stream. I told him it had been several
months. He then asked me if I had any reports from others fishing it within the last day or two. I didn't and I
answered him accordingly. He then asked how I knew what flies one should be using if I hadn't fished it recently or
at least received reports from other anglers who had fished it recently.

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Hare's Ear Nymph
Old, Generic and Traditional Flies
The Hare's Ear Nymph, and more recently the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear nymph, are classic trout flies. The newest
version is the Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph. This fly has stood the test of time and in still in use
today, although it has been around since the 1880's. It may well be the oldest fly known to man.

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Woolly Bugger Fly, Elk Hair Caddis, Dave's Hopper, Pheasant
Tail Nymph
Old, Generic and Traditional Flies
Some of the old, generic imitations of fish food, and some of the old traditional flies are still around today and
more importantly, still catch fish. To make sure we do everything we can to satisfy our customer's desires, we
sell most all of these older fly patterns that are commonly stocked by most mon and pop fly shops.
The Woolly Bugger is a impressionist imitation of a leech along with a few other things and catches about every
fish that swims. Read more about the
Woolly Bugger
The Elk Hair Caddis, which comes in several different colors, is a popular, generic imitation of many species of
adult caddisflies.
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Dave's Hopper is an imitation of a grasshopper that's about as realistic as a fly gets. Read more about it
The Pheasant Tail Nymph was designed to imitate baetis nymphs in the chalk streams of England. Read more
The Midge
Get Ready For Winter - Tiny Insects And Tiny Flies To Match Them  

A midge fly is called a midge because of its small size. They are small, but they are not just small flies, they
imitate aquatic insects in the order Diptera, or two-winged flies. The midges that are an important part of a trout’s
diet are the chironomids, or members of the family Chironomidae. Most likely there is a hatch of Midges going on
right now in your favorite trout stream. That is because they hatch throughout most of the year.
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San Juan River NM Midge Capital