Angie Marsh fly fishing Fishing Creek
Fishing Creek Pennsylvania
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Fly Fishing On Fishing Creek In
Pennsylvania (Big Fishing Creek)
Fishing Creek is one of Pennsylvania's best trout streams.
Fishing Creek is the name of several trout streams in
Pennsylvania but in the eyes of many anglers, there is only
one Fishing Creek. It is the one in Chilton County near
Interstate 80 less than an hour from State College. Many
call it the finest trout stream in Pennsylvania. It has an
excellent population of wild brown and brook trout.

Fly fishing Fishing Creek isn't alway easy, especially when
it is introduced to someone new to the area. Fishing Creek
twist around and at one point it is headed back in the
opposite direction that it ran for miles. Another even
stranger thing about it is the fact that during the summer, it
runs underground in two different places along its length
and then reappears. That isn't at all bad. In fact it is good
because the stream reemerges with cool water. The entire
stream stays cool even during the hottest days of the
summer. The "Narrows" part of Fishing Creek may look like
any freestone stream (not a spring creek) in the East but if
you will notice, it always has a low layer of fog over it.

About 25 miles of Fishing Creek is "Class A" water
according to the state of Pennsylvania. That means it has a
population of wild trout that does not need any
supplemental planting of trout, meaning "stocked trout". I'm
told it has far more than the requirement in much of its
class A section. However, there are sections of the stream
that are stocked. That only occurs on the lower end of the

Fishing Creek has two major limestone tributary streams
that also add cool water to it - Cedar Run and Long Run.
These are true limestone spring creeks that look like
limestone spring creeks. They are narrow, 15 to 20 wide
creeks with a lot of aquatic vegetation. Cedar Run has a
good population of wild trout. It also has some fast water
sections which adds some diversity of the normal slow
moving spring creek. Its water stays in the fifty degree

Long Run is complicated {messed up would be a better
word because of a State Fish Hatchery located on it. It
would be great little stream if it wasn't for that. I'm certain
it makes a fine fish hatchery but it also fouls up the water in
Long Run below the hatchery. There are usually a lot of
hungry fishermen hanging around the hatchery trying to
catch a meal. Of course the trout are used to stock other
waters, or at least I think they are. I also think the state
would be better off using the money collected from the sale
of fishing license to issue "fish n clip" food stamps rather
than wasted on a trout stocking program, but Pennsylvania,
or any other state operates on the basis of what I think.

Although Fishing Creek is one of the best trout streams in
Pennsylvania, it does have some problems. Some of them
are just inherent with being a good trout stream. It's an
extremely popular destination, not for just the locals but for
others coming to test the fine fishing in central
Pennsylvania. To put it bluntly, it can be very crowded at
certain times of the season, especially in the "Narrows".
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (Wild)
Brook Trout (Wild)


Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

Mid April through February

Fair to Good

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Hatch Chart
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart

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Stream Flow Data:
Real Time USGS Data
Fishing Creek
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Although many anglers may not prefer to
fishing nymphs and larvae imitations over dry
flies, fishing a nymph or larva imitation is
usually the best approach to fly fishing Fishing
Creek. This is true of most  limestone spring
creeks. The fish feed far more on the bottom of
the stream than the surface. Crustaceans,
including sowbugs and scuds are eaten by the
trout year round.

This isn't to say that dry fly fishing isn't good. It
can be very good at times. It is just a hint
intended to improve your success. A short,
simple, easy way to determine when to fish a
dry fly is when you start seeing trout feed on
the surface.
Trout can be caught just about any day of
the season.
The most popular time of the year for fly
Fishing Creek is during the spring hatches.
Summer may find the water low, but it remain
cool in the most sections.
Fly Fishing Guide for Fishing Creek:
The first time we ever fished Fishing Creek
was near the end of August several years
ago. We fished the "narrows" then after we
finally found that section of the stream. I
thought it was beautiful and must have a trout
behind every rock. Well, it may have but they
didn't want to take my flies and the result was
that Angie caught one small brown trout and I
didn't catch a single trout in over three hours
of fishing. The water was quite low but still
very cool.

There are some deep holes along the pocket
water section in the Narrows. It looks much
like a freestone, mountain stream in its upper
parts, that is if you ignore the cloud of fog
lying low over the water or begin to look
closely at the water. It is pure spring water
and it is slick.

The following day, we went back to the
Narrows and I managed to catch three nice
brown trout in about three hours of fishing.
They were between twelve and fourteen
inches long. The action was slow and I had to
fish a small Blue-winged Olive nymph imitation
to do that. Since then, we have done much
better on several trips over the last few years.

I fish Fishing Creek in an upstream direction
making a lot of short cast. I don't use a strike
indicator. I just weight the fly a few inches
above it with split shot until I get the right
amount of weight to keep in near the bottom.
If you don't see surface action, chances are
you will be better off fishing below the
surface. This is true on any trout stream but
especially true on Spring Creek.

Another big key to success fly fishing
Spring Creek, is to make sure you stay
hidden from the trout. Most of the time the
water is gin clear. Stay below the line of
sight from their window of vision. Wear
clothes and a hat that blends in with the
background. This varies with the season.
Wearing bright, contrasting clothes makes it
much more difficult to stay hidden.
Guide, continued:
I don't use the "high stickin" method. That
doesn't work very well in Fishing Creek,
especially during the low water times. I
simply cast up and across and watch and
feel the line to detect the takes.

Fishing Creek can be a very difficult
stream to fish, especially when the water is
low and very clear. I am strictly speaking of
wild trout and not referring to the stocked
trout areas of the stream. Pressure from a
lot of anglers on such a small area of the
creek (the Narrows) takes its toll on the
'catching' part.

During our best day there, and probably
eight hours of actual fishing (one at a
time), we managed to catch 15 brown
trout. That is easy to determine from our
video shot logs. They probably averaged
about 12 inches but that is a guess since
we didn't measure any but the
very largest. However you want to look at
it, that is a good catch of wild brown trout.
That occurred on a day that the stream
was very crowded. It was during the
Hendrickson hatch.
Fishing Creek Hatches and Trout
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and nymphs,
not guess work. We base fly suggestions on
imitating the most plentiful and most available
insects and other foods at the particular time
you are fishing. Unlike the generic fly shop
trout flies, we have specific imitations of all the
insects in Fishing Creek and in all stages of
life that are applicable to fishing. If you want
to fish better, more realistic trout flies, have a
much higher degree of success, give us a
call.  We not only will help you with selections,
you will learn why, after trying Perfect Flies,
92% of the thousands of our customers will
use nothing else.

Fly fishing Fishing Creek isn't like fishing most
spring creeks. It can fish more like a freestone
stream in certain. Fishing Creek has a
tremendous population of aquatic insects and
crustaceans. It has a high pH level and
supports many different species as well as
quantities. It is a very fertile stream.

From the first of March through the middle of
April you will find some Little Brown or Early
Stoneflies hatching. There are hatches of
Little Winter Stonflies throughout most of the

The stream has several Blue-winged Olive
species including large numbers of the larger
Eastern BWOs. Different species hatch
starting around the last week or two of March
until near the middle of June. A second round
of hatches occur from late August through the
middle of October.

From around the first of April and continuing
throughout the month, hatches of Blue Quills
will occur on Fishing Creek. Almost the same
time interval, hatches of Quill Gordons will
occur. You will find them in the fast water
sections. From about the middle of April, until
early in the month of May, Hendrickson
hatches take place. This is a great hatch on
Fishing Creek.

From about the middle of April until the end of
April, Fishing Creek will have a good hatch of
Brachcentrus Caddis, or American Grannoms.
This is one of the better caddisfly hatches of
the year. Cinnamon Caddis are plentiful from
the first of June through September. Green
Caddis are very plentiful. The stream is full of
their larvae, or green rock worms. Great
Autumn Brown Caddisflies hatch during
September and October.
Hatches, continued:
American March Browns hatch from about
the first of May until the first of June.
Sulphurs and Eastern Pale Evening
mayflies hatch from about the middle of
May through the middle of June.

Fishing Creek has several good hatches.
The water is full of aquatic insects. There
are several species of caddisflies present. I
don't think we have ever found as many
large rock worms or free-living caddisfly
larvae as we have at Fishing Creek. There
appears to be a large population of Little
Black/strawberry chimney cased caddis
there also. It also has a huge amount of
net-spinning caddis, or Cinnamon Caddis
present.Light Cahills hatch during the same
time interval. From late May until the middle
of June, Fishing Creek has a good Eastern
Green Drake hatch. From the middle of
May through the month of September, you
will find hatches of Slate Drakes.

Scuds and Sowbugs are plentiful in Fishing
Creek. They are one of the main parts of
the trout's diet in the stream. Imitations of
them work year-round. There are also
plenty of crayfish. Large brown trout will eat
them, so don't overlook them.

Minnows, baitfish and sculpin are also
plentiful. Streamer imitations of them work
year-round. These are great flies for a
large, trophy brown trout. Fish them in low
light situations such as early and late in the
day and during heavy clouded conditions.

Terrestrial insects become important during
the Summer. Imitations of grass hoppers
and crickets, ants and beetles are effective
from about the middle of June through the
month of September.  

We recommend "Perfect Flies". They have
been proven to work on Fishing Creek. Our
scuds and sowbugs are especially useful as
well as our simi-realistic imitations of all the
mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies that
exist in the stream. If you haven't done so
already, please give them a try. We are
confident you will be back for more. Over
seventy-eight percent of our customers
have done just that.
This may be the best time to fish the creek
because the crowds don't exist and the
brown trout spawn in the Fall.
Trout can be taken on midge imitations
during the Winter.
Fishing Creek
Angie Marsh fly fishing Fishing Creek
James Marsh Fly Fishing Fishing Creek
Fishing Creek
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Fishing Creek - Fishing Report
Updated August
20, 2017
(Archive at Bottom Of Page)
Fishing Creek Fishing Report - 07/09/16
The stream levels are running high. There are few places you can wade safely, so be
careful. There are still lots of insects hatching.

7 Day Weather Forecast: There is a chance of rain through Monday, on Thursday and
Saturday. Highs will range from 66 to 78 and lows from 54 to 64.

Recommended Trout Flies:
Rate: 296 cfs
Level: 2.98 ft
Afternoon Water Temperature: 56
Clarity: slight stain
USGS Real-Time Stream Flow Data At Bloomsburg PA
Brown Sculpin and White Belly Sculpin, size 6
Scuds: size 14
Sowbugs: size 16
Blue-winged Olives: size 18 and 16, nymph, emergers, duns and spinners
Brown Drakes, size 10, nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners
Little Yellow stoneflies, size 16/14, nymphs and adults
Sulphurs, size 16/18, nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners
Light Cahills, size 16/14, nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners
Slate Drakes, size 10, nymphs and spinners
Green Sedge (caddis), size 14/16, larva, pupa and adults
Cinnamon Caddis, size 16/18, larva pupa and adults
Sandwich Hoppers, size 8-12, brown and green
Carpenter Ants, size 18/16, black
Japanese Beetles, size 16/14
Strategies, Techniques and Tips:
Brown Sculpin and White Belly Sculpin are great flies to use anytime.
Scuds are available for the trout to eat year-round. Sowbugs are also available
Blue-winged Olives are hatching. American March Browns are hatching.
Brown Drakes are hatching. Light Cahills are hatching. Sulphurs are hatching.
Slate Drakes are hatching. Little Yellow stoneflies are hatching. Green Sedge caddis
and Cinnamon Caddis are hatching. Terrestrials are working.
Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will
help you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them
to you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $50 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
The stream levels are in good
shape and we are getting some
good reports from customers.
There are Tricos, Cinnamon
caddis, Cream Cahills, Slate
Drakes, Little Yellow stoneflies
and some other insects hatching.
Terrestrials are also working.
Fishing Report Headlines Archive:
10/16/15 Fishing creek is very low right now but should come up some. It is raining and will
continue through tomorrow. You can catch some big brown trout right now as they are in the
pre-spawn stage. Blue-winged Olives are hatching in good numbers. Great Autumn Brown
sedges are hatching. Keep a close check on the weekly report at the bottom of this page for
the latest information. Several aquatic insect hatches are underway.

10/24/15 Low and clear water is making it tougher than normal to catch trout. You must stay
hidden from them and use, longer, lighter leaders and tippet. Blue-winded olives are hatching
again and in two sizes, 20 and 16. There is a good bit of rain in the forecast (it is raining as I
am writing this) so hopefully, the levels will increase soon.

11/01/15 Stream levels were high for the past four days but are back down to about the
normal level. You can safely wade most sections of the stream. Blue-winged olives are the
main hatches taking place. They consist of two different sizes. Scuds will continue to work
good along with our Brown Sculpin Streamer. Brown trout are getting ready to spawn.

11/08/15 It is gradually getting a little colder but it has little effect on the spring creek water.
The further downstream you fish, the more the air temperature affects the water temperature.
Hatches consist mostly of the Blue-winged olives and Midges. There are still some Slate
Drakes hatching. There are some big Post Brown trout and Sculpin streamers will fool them.

11/15/15 The slightly higher than normal water levels actually helps. The trout don't get as
good of a look at your fake fly. The water is clear and you should be able to wade most
sections of the creek. The Brown Sculpin fly has been hot, simply because the brown trout
are spawning or post-spawn and hungry.

11/22/15 The weather has been a little colder this past week, but still moderate. The water
temperature near the springs sees little change regardless of the air temperature. Blue-
winged olives in two sizes, and Midges are the only aquatic insects hatching. The Brown
Sculpin fly continues to produce some big brown post-spawn trout for our customers.

11/29/15 The creek is getting a little low and requiring a lot of stealth to keep from spooking
the trout but trout are still being caught in good numbers by those that use good techniques
and strategies. Some very big brown trout have been caught. Most of the browns have
finished spawning and are hungry. Midges and small BWOs are the only insects hatching.

12/06/15 The stream has been high the past couple of days but back down to a normal level.
There is almost no rain in the forecast for the next week. The weather will be slightly warmer
and fishing conditions good all around. Fishing little BWO nymphs, scuds and/or midge larva
and pupa. This should be a good week with few anglers on the water.

12/13/15 The creek has got rather low during the past week. There is a good chance of rain
tomorrow and again Thursday, so maybe the problem will be taken care of. You will have to
use stealth if you fish today. Midges and small BWO nymphs are your best bet. The Brown
Sculpin streamer fly has been catching big trout for the past month. Notice we added Winter
stonellies to the list of flies.

12/20/15 Fishing Creek is a little low that that is going to change soon. There is rain in the
forecast every day for the next week after today. The water temperature is excellent for this
time of the year. Our customers have been doing well on Winter Stonefly nymphs and Midges
as well as scuds. The Brown Sculpin streamer should continue to work good as well. There
will be a lot of cloud cover and that helps.

12/27/15 The creek is already flowing well above normal stream levels for this time of the year
and there is rain forecast everyday for the next few days, or through Wednesday. Most likely,
you will be fishing high water for the rest of this coming week. It could be too high, but for now,
use streamers like our Brown Sculpin. It has been doing well on the big browns for the past six

01/10/16 As we are sure all the local know, the weather has returned to a more normal
pattern for this time of the season. The colder weather doesn't affect the upper and middle
sections fo the creek as much as the lower section thanks to the springs that stay near a
constant temperature. Midges and Winter stoneflies are more important now. The sculpin
streamers work best under low light conditions.

01/17/16 The creek is high, actually blown out, right now but it should fall back to normal
levels fast. There is no rain in the forecast, only a little snow for the coming week. Midges will
be the king for the next month. Winter stonefly nymphs is a very good option. The White Belly
sculpin streamer will catch the larger fish with the water high and off color.

01/24/16 Fishing Creek is back in good shape with good stream levels and a normal water
temperature at this time of the year. Of course, the closer you fish to the main spring water
supply, the warmer it will be and the better your odds of success. Winter stonefly nymphs and
Cream Midges, are the best fly choices.

01/31/16 The stream level and flows are in good shape, about normal, and the water clear.
Blue-winged olives, small size 20 and 18, could hatch on cloudy days. Winter stoneflies are
hatching. Altogether, conditions are as good as they get at the end of January.

02/07/16 There is some snow forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday, otherwise clear. This
should affect the stream levels much. They are a little high right now but falling. Midges, both
cream and red, and Winter stoneflies are the main insects to imitate. The sculpin streamer
work good with the higher water levels.

02/14/16 The weather has turned much colder and there will be some snow and freezing rain
the first of the week. It will warm up some later in the week. Midges, winter stoneflies, and
scuds are the main foods you should be imitating. Fish as near the springs as possible.

02/21/16 The river is flowing at 826 cfs at 3.77 ft, or high. The level is dropping but there is
more rain and/or snow on the way from Tuesday through Thursday. You will just have to
watch the levels. Sculpin streamers are your best option at this time.

02/28/16 The stream is flowing very high. Streamers would be about the only good option if
you fish today or tomorrow. When it clears and drops, midges, both creams and reds, and
little Blue-winged olives are the main aquatic insects to imitate. There are some little Winter
stoneflies in some sections of the river.

03/06/16 Wow, the creek is getting into great shape. The stream levels are good for wading
and the water clear. The water temperature is up a little and will rise some more this coming
week. Blue-winged olives and midges are hatching and scuds and sculpin streamers working

03/13/16 The conditions are great right now. There is a chance of rain everyday but it doesn't
appear to be heavy amounts. It is nice and warm, and Blue-winged olives and midges are
hatching. It won't be long before Blue Quills start showing up.

03/20/16 It is getting very close to the start of several hatches including Blue Quills, Quill
gordons, Little Black Caddis, and little Brown Stoneflies. Blue-winged olives and midges are
hatching good.

03/27/16 The creek is a little low right now, but that is good. There is some rain in the
forecast and hopefully, the levels will remain good. Little Brown stoneflies and little Black
Caddis are showing up in parts of the creek. Major hatches are just a couple week away at
the most.

04/03/16 The stream level is still a little low but good for wading if you don't spook the trout.
Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, BWOs, Little Black caddis and little Brown stoneflies are hatching.

04/10/16 The recent cold spell has the water temperature down a couple of degrees. Midges,
Blue-winged olives and Scuds are still the main things to imitate. Little Black Caddis, Quill
Gordons, Blue Quills, and Little Brown stoneflies should begin to hatch soon.

04/17/16 The stream is back in good shape with little rain in the forecast and much warmer
weather. Hendricksons should start hatching soon, if not already. All the other insects listed
last week are hatching.

04/24/16 Hendricksons are hatching in good numbers as well as several other insects. There
are lots of little Brown stoneflies and lots of little Black Grannom caddis on the water in most  
sections of the creek.

05/01/16 The stream levels are well below normal, at 266 cfs at 2.88 ft., but look for that to
change fast due to rain on the way. The Hendricksons/Red Quills and American March
Browns are hatching good, and very soon, Eastern Pale Evening Duns, and Short-horned
sedges will be hatching. As my dad would say, you better get it while the gettins good.

05/07/16 The stream is a little high but clear. There are a lot of hatches taking place including
some just starting up like the Eastern Pale Evening duns, some call Sulphurs, and Green

05/15/16 The level was up a little but back in good shape for wading. All sections of the creek
are fishing good. It is going to be just a little cooler this coming week. American March
Browns, Green Sedges, BWOs, Easter Pale Evening duns, called Sulphurs and other insects
are hatching. It is a great time to fishing the creek.

05/22/16 The stream levels are back down just a little below normal and the water clear.
There are several hatches taking place and our customers are giving some very good
reports. They are catching trout in about all sections of the creek from the upper to the lower
part. There is some rain in the forecast for this coming week, so watch the stream levels.

05/29/16 The creek is in good shape with levels a little low but fine. There are some chances
of rain this coming week. The weather is much warmer and a lot of new hatches are taking

06/11/16 The streams are getting a little low, but anglers have been catching a lot of trout.
There is rain in the forecast the next couple of days and the levels should come up some.
There are a lot of hatches taking place.

06/18/16 The creek is still low, flowing at 81 cfs, but otherwise in good shape. You just have
to use a lot of stealth and stay hidden from the trout. It is easy to spook them in the low water.
Fish the fastest water you can find with a broken surface. That helps conceal you.

07/03/16 Conditions are very good and our customers are sending in some good reports as
to the number and size of the trout being caught. There are still a lot of insects hatching. Late
afternoon caddisfly egg laying and little Yellow stonefly egg laying brings fast action.

07/10/16 The stream is getting a little low but thanks to the spring water, it is staying cool
enough to fish in most places. There are sections of it that can get to warm in the hot summer.

07/17/16 The creek got a good dose of water yesterday but fell back down fast. It is better
than it was last week but you still need to use plenty of stealth and to stay hidden from the
trout. The hatches of caddis and little yellow stones are going good.

07/23/16 The creek is low and you will have to stay well hidden from the trout. Fish early and
for sure, the last two hours of the day. There are a lot of caddisflies laying eggs at that time.
Tricos have begin to hatch. Terrestrials are beginning to become important.

07/30/16 The stream is currently high from rain. It should end tomorrow and the levels will
probably fall very fast. It was getting low and tough to fish. The weather will be a little cooler
this coming week.

08/07/16The stream is back down near a normal level. The springs keep the water cool, so
fish near them. They exist in several locations. Terrestrials are starting to work good.

08/14/16 The stream is flowing just a little above normal level for this time, which is good.
There is a lot of rain in the forecast so watch the levels. Fish near the springs. Avoid the
lower end of the creek. Fish streamers in the early morning. Caddisfly egg laying the last two
hours of the day.

08/21/16 The creek is down to about a normal level right now but it is raining and it may come
back up some. There are still plenty of aquatic insects hatching including Slate drakes, little
Yellow stoneflies and lots of caddisflies. Imitations of Carpenter ants, Japanese beetles and
hoppers are work good as well.

08/28/16 The pictures above were taken in late August and show what the creek looks like
with low water. Currently, it is higher than that but it has been that low before. It makes it
tough to stay hidden. It is flowing about normal at this time but little rain is in the forecast.
Scuds, and Sculpin streamers work good early morning.

09/04/16 Fishing Creek is different from most spring creeks in many respects. It can be great
in some sections and poor in others, depending on the levels and location. The middle to
upper sections, including the Narrows, is in good shape at this time. Stay low and hidden from
the trout.

09/18/16 The stream levels are very low but otherwise, in good shape The cooler weather is
helping but you will have to stay well hidden to catch trout. Fishing near the springs will also
help. Mahogany duns have started hatching.

10/02/16 The creek is in very good shape. The stream levels are at a normal level and the
weather nice and cool. There are several hatches taking place and brown trout are
aggressive and getting in the pre-spawn mode. Sculpin streamers will fool them.

10/09/16 The stream levels are down well below normal again. The trout are in good shape
and active thanks to the lower water temperature but it is easy to spook them in the low, clear
water. You have to stay hidden from them. There are lots of Blue-winged olives hatching at
this time.

10/16/16 The stream levels are even lower than the past week but there is rain chances
today and from Thursday through Saturday. The fish are there and eating. You just have to
stay hidden to catch them.

10/23/16 The stream levels are finally up to normal and condition should be great. This
coming week should be excellent. Lots of Blue-winged oliver are hatching along with some
other insects. See the full Fishing Report just above the archives near the bottom of this page.

10/30/16 The creek is flowing at a normal level. Wading is easy in most sections of the
stream. Brown trout are spawning in some sections of the creek, so please don't wade trough
the redds. There are some big Blue-winged olive hatches taking place and trout can still be
taken on the dry fly during the hatches. Fish the BWO nymph in the mornings, duns in the
afternoon and BWO spinners late in the day. .

11/06/16 The creek is in good shape but running a little low. There is little rain in the forecast
and low water levels are likely to continue. You have to be careful not to spook the trout.
There are some good Blue-winged olive hatches taking place.  

11/13/16 The stream levels are quite low, but thanks to cool water the trout are active and
feeding. You just have to stay hidden to catch them, and that isn't always easy as it sounds.
Dress to blend in with the background and make longer presentations.

11/20/16 The stream level is still very low. There is some snow and rain in the forecast this
coming week. The weather is getting much colder and the water temperatures are dropping.
Blue-winged olives, scuds and midges are key foods to imitate.

11/27/16 The stream levels is still very low but rain in on the way the middle of this week. It is
gets stained, fish the Brown Sculpin. Blue-winged olives and Midges, creams and reds, are
hatching good. You will have to stay hidden until the levels come back up.

12/04/16 The stream levels are near normal levels and the stream safe to wade in most
sections. The water temperature is still in the low forties. Midges and Blue-winged olives are
hatching. Winter stoneflies are starting to hatch.

12/11/16 The stream levels are back a little low but that's not a bad thing at this time of the
year. Midges and Winter stoneflies are the main insects to imitate at this time. Cream and
Red midges should be fished with the larva and pupa imitations in tandem.

12/18/16 The stream is flowing at 2330 cfs at 5.31 feet, or completely blown out. It is going to
be a few days getting back down to safe wading levels. When the levels subside, Sculpin
streamers like our Black Matuka and White Belly sculpin will work.

12/25/16 The stream levels are running at a normal level. The water temperature ranging
from 39 degrees to 32, depend on where you fish. It is warmest nearest the spring, of course.
Midges, reds and creams, are the main insects hatching.

01/01/17 The stream level is back down to a normal level for this time of the year. We didn't
receive any reports from anyone fishing this past week. The water was in good enough shape
that anyone fishing should have done okay. Midges, and winter stoneflies are hatching good.
Fish the creams and reds, with the larva and pupa in tandem.

01/08/17 The stream levels have been high the past few days but are back down to normal
level. There is rain or snow forecast from Tuesday through next Saturday. The water is plenty
warm enough anywhere near the springs, and Winter stoneflies and Midges, mostly reds or
blood midges and some creams, are hatching good. Fish the larva and pupa imitations in
tandem for the best results.

01/15/17The creek is very high, flowing at 802 cfs at 3.74 ft. It is a little too high to fish good,
but should start falling after tomorrow. There's some more rain today and tomorrow. The
water is much warmer and you may begin to see some little BWOs start to hatch. Midges,
Creams and Reds, are the choice flies at this time.

01/22/17 The stream levels are still very high and it isn't safe to wade. The rain and snow
should end Tueday and the levels fall. You will just have to keep a check on them. We
recommend the Black or Olive Matuka sculpin streamers when it is still high or stained or
raining or snowing. Otherwise, fish Midges.

01/29/17 The stream is at 724 cfs at 2.70 ft. or too high to wade safely. It needs to be 300 -
400 cfs. You will just have to watch the levels. Midges, winter stoneflies and scuds are
working. Fish as near the springs as you can.

01/05/17 The stream flows and level are down to normal now and the water in good shape. It
is warmer closer to the springs as you probably know. Midges, Little Blue-winged olives,
Scuds and Streamers like our Black Matuka sculpin are what you need to use.

02/12/17 The stream level is just a little above normal level and the water clear and in good
shape. It is about 38 to 39 degrees and little Blue-winged olives and Cream and Red midges
are hatching good. Fish the midge larva and pupa rigged in tandem.

02/19/17 The stream levels are down just a little above normal and in good shape. There is a
chance of rain on Tuesday and next Friday and Saturday, otherwise clear. Midges, Creams,
Reds, and some light Greens and little Blue-winged olives are hatching. Scuds and sowbugs
should also work. Streamers like the Brown sculpin will work.

02/26/17 The creek is high right now, flowing at 7.16 cfs at 3.69 ft. That is too high to wade
safely in some places but it is falling fast. Midges are still the main insects to imitate. Scuds
and sowbugs are also working. When there is cloud cover, the Black or Olive Matuka Sculpin
streamers are working good. The Brown sculpin works where the water is clearer.

03/05/17 The stream levels are back down to a normal level and the water is very good
conditions. There are lots of midges and Blue-winged olives hatching. We expect Little Black
Caddis and Little Brown stoneflies to show up later this month. Everything seems to be about
two weeks ahead of schedule.

03/12/19 The stream levels are still okay and the water clear of ice, but it is getting much
colder. The high temperature for the coming week won't reach freezing and there is likely to
be some more ice in the water. Midges are the only insects you need to be imitating. Fish the
Creams and Red or blood midges.

03/19/19 The stream level is just a little below normal and the water is clear. The weather is
going to be warmer and the water temperature will soon be back up with more hatches taking
place. Blue-winged olives, Cream and Red midges and some little Black caddis are will be
hatching now or at least later this week,

03/26/17 The stream levels rose a little the past two days and is currently a little high. There
is a chance of rain everyday this coming week but Wednesday and Thursday, so watch the
stream levels. Fish sculpin streamers when it is a little high and off color. The water is getting
warmer and some major hatches should start soon. Little Black Caddis is one of them.

04/02/17 The stream levels are high but falling. There is more rain in the forecast starting
tomorrow, so the odds are they will be high all week. There may be some places you could
pick and choose to fish but not many, for sure. Little Blue-winged olives, Quill gordons, little
Black caddis, Blue Quills and little Brown stoneflies are hatching.

04/09/17 The water level is high, too high to wade safely but falling rather fast. There is little
rain in the forecast for the coming week and we think the levels will be down very soon. There
are lots of hatches taking place and the Hendricksons/Red Quills should be starting very

04/16/17 The stream levels are down to just a little above normal with mostly clear water. You
can wade much of the water. There are lots of insects hatching including Blue Quills, Quill
Gordons, little Browns stoneflies, little Black Grannom Caddis, and Blue-winged olives.
Hendricksons/Red Quills should be starting to hatch soon. Conditions should be good by the
end of the work week or sooner.

04/23/17 The stream levels are up from recent rain and too high to wade safely. Hopefully,
they will continue to fall back down. There is four days of rain in the forecast for the next
week, but hopefully, not heavy amounts. There are a lot of insects hatching.

04/30/17 The stream levels are down in good shape with wading easy about anywhere. The
water is clear and there are lots of hatches taking place. We received two good reports from

05/07/17 The river is flowing very high, at 2620 cfs at 5.56 ft. Normal flows are around 420
cfs. It is too high to fish anywhere except from the banks. All you can do is keep in touch. We
will keep you informed.

05/14/17 The stream levels are down and the water clear. You can wade about anywhere you
desire. There is some rain in the forecast for the coming week. There are lots of insects
hatching. Conditions are very good.

05/28/17 The conditions are very good, about as good as they get at this time of the season.
There are lots of hatches taking place and lots of trout being caught.

06/04/17 The creek is flowing a little high but can be wading with caution in some places.
There are lots of aquatic insects hatching. Our customers are reporting some good catches.

06/11/17 The stream level is still a little high and too high to wade in some places, but okay in
others. We do think it will be down in good shape in a day or two. There a lot of hatches
taking place and fishing should be very good when it does get down.

06/18/17 The creek is in good shape with good stream levels and wading safe and easy.
There are a lot of insects hatching and trout being caught. We received three good reports
during the last week or so from customers fishing the stream. One caught an 18 inch brown.

06/25/17 The creek is in good shape in all respects. The stream levels are at a flow and level
and the water clear. There are still lots of aquatic insects hatching. We are still getting some
very good reports from customers.

07/02/17 The creek is in good shape, with good stream levels and lots of hatches taking
place. Terrestrials are beginning to work good as well - Carpenter ants, Japanese Beetles
and hoppers. All sections are producing good catches.

07/09/17 The stream is in very good condition with good stream levels and clear water. There
are lots of hatches taking place. We have also added terrestrials which may become
important at times.

07/16/17 The stream is at 154 cfs at 2.62 ft. or higher than normal flows. Some areas are a
little too high to wade and others okay to wade with caution. It is falling back down very fast.
There are plenty of hatching insects and terrestrials are also working.

07/23/17 The creek is on the way up from heavy rain at this time. We have been receiving
excellent reports. The levels will probably be falling back down rather fast.

07/30/17 The creek is flowing at 283 cfs at 2.95 ft, or a little high. Some places can be waded
safely and others can't. Trout are being caught. The water still has a little color to it but it is
falling back down and clearing fast.

08/06/17 The creek is flowing higher than normal and too high to wade in some places, okay
in others. There is more rain today and tomorrow and likely to come up some more. There
are plenty of hatches and plenty of trout were being caught before the water came back up.

08/13/17 The stream levels are up a little high. Some area can be waded with caution but
most are too high. The water ranges from clear to slightly stained. There are still plenty
hatches taking place and terrestrial imitations are also working.