Perfect Fly - Catch and Release
Landing Net
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Perfect Fly Catch and Release
Landing Net
A Landing net should be strong but light. Because you often have it attached
somewhere to your body, It should be light weight.

A good landing net should protect fish by being slippery and non-abrasive. It should not
removing the protective slime on the skin of the fish. The slime serves as a protective
covering to keep the skin of the fish free from various diseases. The molded rubber the
net is made of protects the fish's layer of slime.

A good landing net should be snag free. There's nothing more aggravating than getting
the net part hung in a limb or stick. The net shouldn't be prone to tangle up with flies.

A good landing net must be durable. If made of wood, it should be completely
waterproof, so as to never split or wrap. Our net is finished with a waterproof coating to
protect the wood.

Our Perfect Fly Catch and Release Landing Net meets all of the above criteria. It is a
beautiful piece of gear you will be proud to use to display your fish in so that you get a
perfect photo of your "catch and release" prize.

The handle and bow part of the net is made by hand from wood.
The overall length is
24 inches. The net size is 10 1/2  X  15 1/2 inches.
It comes with a very long lanyard
as well as a removable clip net holder that can be attached to almost anything or used
with various types of net holders.
Optional "Richard
Magnetic Net Holder
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