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The Perfect Fly Snake River Fly Fishing Vest
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Fly Fishing Vests and Packs
The Perfect Fly Slough Creek Fly Fishing Vest and Backpack
is combination fly fishing vest and technical backpack.
    A fly fishing vest is the main tool that holds all of your stream-side fly fishing items
such as fly boxes, leaders, tippet, various types of tools, fly floatants, weights, line
cleaner, strike indicators, and many other things, depending on one's personal
preferences. Off hand, it may seem you couldn't have too many pockets to hold things,
but when it gets to the point you have to look through several pockets to find something
you need, you either have too many pockets or you are not well organized. Too many
pockets on a fly vest can also cause you to end up having more stuff in the vest than
you need. An empty pocket seems to always get stuffed with something. Such also
tends to make the fly vest heavier than it should be.

    Traditional, solid fabric type vest can be too warm in the hot summer. Mesh vest and
packs are great during warm weather because they are much cooler. You can always,
and in fact should, add layers of clothing to protect against cold weather. I don't think
that should be a function of a fly vest or pack. Another advantage of mesh nets and
packs is they tend to stretch a little more than solid fabric models.

    Sling Packs and Waist Packs are alternates to the fly vest. The "Perfect Fly" Sling
Packs can carry everything a large fly vest can carry and even more items such as a
water bottle. Some include a special pocket to hold your landing net. The back panel
has a  mesh lining to keep you cool. The shoulder straps are wide and some padded so
that they distribute the load equally and comfortably. Most have a water bottle holder at
the bottom that is out of the way of the fly fishing items.

    Certainly, a very important things is comfort. Wearing a fly vest, vest and pack
combination or sling pack all day that isn't comfortable will turn what should be a good
day on the water into a miserable one. The vest, pack and sling pack should be
designed to distribute the weight equally and uniformly, in order to reduce the weight on
your shoulders and neck.
Perfect Fly Slough Creek fly fishing vest and backpack
Perfect fly Snake River fly fishing vest
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