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The Perfect Fly "Clearwater" Sling Pack is an alternate to a fly vest. It can carry everything a
large fly vest can carry and even more items such as a water bottle. The pack is made of
waxed cotton canvas material. It is very durable and long lasting. Mesh lining allows air to
circulate around the back side of the pack and helps you stay cool and dry.

The adjustable shoulder strap is wide, padded, and has a mesh lining to allow for air
circulation. It supports the weight of the pack and contents comfortably. The pack stay on your
back side out of the way until you need something from it. To swing it around in front of you,
you simply unlatch the crossover strap attachment and swing it around to the front where
everything is handy and convenient.
Perfect Fly "Clearwater" Sling Pack
Clearwater Sling Park
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;Perfect Fly "Clearwater"
Sling Pack
Clearwater Sling Pack
Don't forget our free shipping
Unhooking Sling Pack to move around to the front
Water Bottle storage
11 x 16 x 6 inches

Zippered Compartments:
4 total: 1 large very large. 1
medium size and 2 small one.

Vented Pocket

Shoulder Strap:
Large Padded
and Vented

Landing Net Slot

Numerous places to attach
various fly fishing items:
rings, slots, etc.
Everything is accessible
Everything is out of the way
One of many
zipper pulls
End view of pack. Notice the zipper pulls
and places to attach things to the pack.
The sling pack is 11 inches wide by 16
inches long and 6 inches deep
Just a loop to attach
about anything such as
a tippet holder
Side View showing everything out of the way for fishing
Another place to attach one of many things.
There are places to attach and carry water
bottles, landing nets, rain jackets, backpack
type fishing rods and many other things.
Showing padded and vented back and crossover
attachment clip on the upper right
A ring to attach many different
A very large zipper enclosed pocket that is vinyl lined.
A inside zipper enclosed pocket and a mesh pocket