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The Perfect Fly "Abrams Creek" Sling Pack is an alternate to the fly vest. It can carry
everything a large fly vest can carry and even more. It includes a special slot to hold your
landing net. The back panel has a  mesh lining to keep you cool. The shoulder strap is
vented, wide, and padded, so that it distributes the load equally and comfortably. It is
adjustable so that it will fit any size person.

The Sling Pack easily swings around so that nothing is in front of you to interfere with your
casting and fishing, or the opposite way so that everything is convenient you can easily get
anything that you need. There are plenty of places to carry various size fly boxes.

There are several zipper enclosed storage compartments as well as numerous places to
attach about any device to the sling pack that you can think of that you would need fly fishing.
They consist of various type of rings, slots and Velcro attachments.

There are places to attach tippet holders, fly floatant holders, pliers, forcepts, zingers, and
most anything used for fly fishing.
Perfect Fly "Abrams Creek" Sling Pack
Abrams Creek Sling Park
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Abrams Creek Sling Pack
;Perfect Fly "Abrams Creek"
Sling Pack
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11 x 9 x 4 inches

Zippered Compartments:
4 compartments, 1 large one, 1
medium, and 2 smaller ones.

Vented Compartment

Shoulder Strap:
Wide, Padded
and Vented

Landing Net Slot

Numerous places to attach
various fly fishing items.
Ring for attaching about anything
Shoulder strap is adjustable to fish
any size person
The pack can be placed on your side
Doesn't interfere with your fishing or casting
Rear view of the pack in an out-of-the-way position
Main part of the empty sling pack
Adjustable shoulder Strap also has compartments
All zippers have easy to grab ,
rubber tube enclosed pulls
Large zippered compartment has two inside
pockets, one of mesh material and is vinyl lined.
Slot for landing Net
Large strong shoulder strap latch
Pocket for pliers or
many other things
Zipper enclosed compartment in shoulder strap
Front zipper enclosed
Another zipper enclosed