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Sling Packs are alternates to the fly vest. The "Perfect Fly" Crossover Sling Pack is one that
can carry everything a large fly vest can carry and even more items such as a water bottle. It
includes a special pocket to hold your landing net. The back panel has a  mesh lining to keep
you cool. The Crossover's shoulder strap is very wide and padded so that it distributes the load
equally and comfortably. The water bottle holder is at the bottom and out of the way of the fly
fishing items.

There is a foam fly storage compartment inside the front zippered pocket. It can be moved to
the outside and placed on the shoulder strap velcro pad or to dry flies. The adjustable shoulder
straps are wide, padded, and have a mesh lining to allow for air circulation. They support the
weight of the vest comfortably. The pockets are all lined with vinyl so they can be cleaned.

There are numerous places to attach about any device to the sling pack that you can think of or
would ever need for fly fishing. They consist of various type of rings, eyes and retractable
"Perfect Fly" Crossover Sling Pack
Crossover Sling Park
;Perfect Fly "Crossover"
Sling Pack
Crossover Sling Pack
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There isn't anything in the front to interfere with your fishing or casting.
Places to attach tippet holders and floatant holders.
The Sling Pack doesn't limit or restrict your movement at all.
It is easy and convenient to remove and/or replace the net
There is a pocket or compartment to carry everything you need
11 x 16 x 6 inches

Zippered Compartments:
4 large ones and 2 small ones.
One folds down with a foam fly

Vented Pocket

Shoulder Strap:
Large Padded
and Vented

Landing Net Slot

Numerous places to attach
various fly fishing items:
rings, retractable cord.
Main shoulder strap and
crossover strap attachments
Lanyard for attaching forcepts or
about anything
Velcro patch for
attaching fly patch so
flies can dry out
One of many
attachment rings
Zipper pulls are easy to grab and
enclased by soft rubber tubing
One of 4 large fully vinyl lined pockets
Removable Fly Patch
Vented pockets
Crossover Sling Pack
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