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Waist Packs are alternates to the fly vest. The "Perfect Fly" Waist Pack is one that can carry
almost everything a large fly vest can carry.The Waist Pack's shoulder strap is very wide and
padded so that it distributes the load equally and comfortably. The back has a strap for
attaching a landing net. The waist pack can also be worn using the adjustable waist strap. Both
the waist strap and shoulder strap can be used but either one of them will support it comfortably
by itself. The back of the waist pack is ventilted so it stays cool and comfortable against your

There is a foam fly storage compartment inside the front zippered pocket. It will hold up to 120
flies. The adjustable shoulder strap is wide and padded.It support the weight of the small waist
pack comfortably. The adjustable waist stap also will carry the pack comfortably. Some pockets
are lined with vinyl so they can be cleaned.

There are numerous places to attach about any device to the waist pack that you can think of
or would ever need for fly fishing. They consist of various type of rings, eyes and retractable
"Perfect Fly" Waist Pack
Perfect Fly Waist Pack
;Perfect Fly Waist Pack
Perfect Fly Waist Pack
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6 x 9 x 21/2 inches

Zippered Compartments:
3 large ones. One folds down with
a foam fly storage.

Vented Pocket
2 each

Shoulder Strap: Large Padded
and Vented

Numerous places to attach
various fly fishing items:

Includes 6 each straps plus a
larger strap on the back of the
pack. to attach many different
types of items such as a fly
flioatant holder, tippet dispenser,
Adjustable padded shoulder strap
Adjustable waist strap
Back of neck strap with loop for attaching a landing net.
Back of waist pack showing vented material with a strap in the center.
Foam Fly Box insects showing space for storing up to 120 flies. It is readily
available just by unzipping the container.
Example shot of spring loaded easy to remove strap attachments.
Vinyl lined compartment showing ventilated compartments.
Padded vinyl lined compartment