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Like the Gold Line Perfect Fly Superb Five, the Silver
Line Superb Five Fly Rod
is the most versatile fly rod
you could own. We named it the "Superb Five" because
it's exactly that - a superb fly rod.  
We think they are the
best 5 weight fly rods ever made.

Our Perfect Fly rods not only perform as well or better
than any, they are all designed to be aesthetically pleasing
and downright elegant. They are fly rods you will want to
take good care of for a life-time so that they can be
passed along  to someone that deserves and appreciates
fine fly rods.

The basic color theme is black on black with light weight
aluminum reel seats that are accented with burl wood
spacers. We don't use multi-color cork handles, guide
winding and trim that looks like the rod was designed by a
kid with a new box of crayons.

Unlike others we don't have "series" of fly rods to save
money on marketing. Each of our fly rod models are
designed to cast one fly line weight with one action and in
one length. Each model has a unique name.

If you are looking for a fly rod that's versatile enough to
fish small dry flies on fine tippets, yet easily cast a couple
of nymphs with split-shot and a strike indicator, you have
found it.

This rod stands out because of its unique combination of
accuracy, line speed, light weight and strength in a fast
action. The "Superb Five" will cast a sandwich hopper
seventy feet into a breeze and land it where you aimed. At
the same time the rod is delicate and performs well when
you have to be very accurate with your presentation dry fly
fishing. It has a very good feeling in close for a fast action
The Best Fly Rod You Can Buy
Free Shipping Continental U. S.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Transitions Smoothly
*Loads Fast and Smoothly
*Highly Sensitive Feel
*Cast Both Drys and Nymphs Well
*Superior Response
*Enough Power For Large Fish
*Makes Long, Accurate Cast Easy
*Cast Close Delicately & Accurately
*The Most Versatile Fly Rod Size
*Extremely light weight
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Why should you believe us?
With all the long lived brands on the market to choose
from, why believe us? The short answer is you don't have
too. We give you the opportunity to judge its performance
for yourself. We are well aware that even the most
"premier" brands simply don't perform as well as many of
you have been lead to believe. Manufacturers bombard us
with tons of marketing, advertising, propaganda, and
frankly, just pure hype. Some companies spend more
money on marketing their fly rods than they spend on
manufacturing them. We give you the opportunity to be the
judge. We want to keep you as a satisfied customer.

The Perfect Fly Promise
We want you to compare the "Superb Five" to your other
rods and more importantly, be happy with your purchase. If
you don't like the fly rod for any reason, return it within
(10) ten days of purchase and get a full refund with no
questions ask.

We think we have the right approach. Our warranty is
simple, check out the details of our
full written warranty
and purchase guarantee by clicking here.

Line Weight: 5

Length: 9 Foot

Action (Flex): Fast

Number of Sections: 4
*Light Weight High Modulus Blank
*REC Nickel Silver Reel Seat with
..Amboyna Burl Spacer
*Flor Grade Cork Handle
*REC Single Foot, RECOIL Black
Pearl Titanium Guides
*Fuji's New Concept Alconite
..BLNAG Striping Guide
*Snake Brand Black Nichel
*Fuji folding hook keeper
*Cloth Rod Sack
*Aluminum Rod Tube
*Tight Tolerance Ferrules

Superb Five fly rod, sock
and aluminum case

With Extra Tip
(This puts the warranty in
your hands)
Built In America
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Under Construction
Silver Superb Five
Available October 1st.