Fly Fishing for Salmon
   Let me begin by saying that you can catch salmon on flies.  It is done
regularly in Alaska, as well as on the Northwest Pacific coast of the states and to
some extent on the tributaries of the Great Lakes.  A lot of times when an angler
thinks they have hooked a salmon, what they have actually done is to cast
through a school of salmon and when the fly moves differently than the current
should move it the angler sets the hook and actually snags the salmon. This is
not fly fishing and is not what this article is about.
   You can catch salmon in fresh or salt water. Anglers love to catch salmon in
rivers on the fly and then there are steelhead anglers that consider them a
nuisance or just consider the salmon fisherman a nuisance. I don’t know why this  
is so, because some rivers have a larger population of salmon than others and
this is where the anglers are likely to go to fish. The numbers are important
because it is easier to catch salmon where they are plentiful rather than where
they are scarce. Also, remember, it is not always the river but can be a particular
pool. Each species of salmon has their own preference.
  Different species of salmon have different feeding habits and the react to flies
differently. Chums, Cohos, and Kings and other species are all different in that
regard. That bring up an important point in that fly fishing for salmon techniques
are specific to the species of salmon you are pursuing and sometimes to the
specific river or stream.
  A big factor is whether the salmon is wild or hatchery raised. The longer that a
salmon has been in fresh water the more likely it will be to take your fly. That is
because the fish are more used to feeding on the aquatic insects found in the
river than fish raised in a hatchery that are used to feeding on pellet food. Not all
species take a fly for food. Some, such as the mature Chum salmon will often
take the fly out of aggression.
  Pink salmon is the most popular species for the fly guy, but all of them can be
fun as well as challenging. Just remember to put together the right rod and reel
combination with the right line and backing as well as the flies that you want to
use. Perfect fly offers all of these products as well as helpful advise on gearing
up for a particular river or stream. You can see all of these products in our online
store at  or feel free to call us at 1-800-594-4726.
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