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other flies fished below the surface of the water. Some use it for
subsurface flies only and use nylon for dry flies. This probably
represents the majority of those that use fluorocarbon tippet

The first thing anglers try to do, when getting familiar with
fluorocarbon, is to try to compare it with nylon they have most
likely been using for years. Nylon is slightly better on wet knot
strength, but by very little. Nylon has a slightly higher dry
breaking strength, but after soaking in the water, fluorocarbon
has a slightly higher breaking strength.

Fluorocarbon monofilament is almost impervious to water. Its
physical properties change very, very little after it has been in
the water soaking a long time. The breaking strength of wet
fluorocarbon monofilament remain essentially the same as dry
fluorocarbon, and  so does the stiffness of the material. It has
more memory that nylon.

It is generally thought that fluorocarbon tippet tends to sink and
hot float on the surface as well as nylon tippet. That isn't actually
correct, except in very large sizes. Fluorocarbon has a specific
gravity in the range of about 1.80. It isn't as dense as lead but it
is significantly more dense than nylon. Test prove that just like
nylon, it isn't dense enough to quickly break surface tension
and sink even in it's smaller diameters.  For all practical
purposes, fluorocarbon has little benefit over nylon as far as
being able to break surface tension.
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