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Fly Sinkets
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Perfect Fly:
Loon sinkets are great alternatives to lead or lead split-shot. There are many lakes and streams in the United States that do
not permit the use of lead products in the water.
Lead sinkers have been under attack by various fish and wildlife agencies and many other
organizations. Researchers studying this have concluded that lead poisoning from lead
sinkers and lead shot was a major cause of death among certain waterfowl species. Some
studies have estimated that lead kills between 1.5 and 2.5 million migratory waterfowl in
North America each year. The use of lead for sinkers is banded by Yellowstone National
Park, for example. There are many streams and lakes in the United States that have
restrictions on the use of lead.

There are other reason behind banning lead. Lead is a chemical that can cause cancer
and birth defects and other reproductive harm. The state of California requires that all
manufacturers selling lures with lead in them to print a warning on the packaging to this

There are alternatives to lead split-shot. Currently, we are selling teo made by Loon - Loon
Deep Soft Weight and Loon Henry's Sinket.