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To go along with our high quality flies, check out our  Perfect Fly Two
fly boxes. We think these are the best fly boxes you can buy. Five (5)
models to choose from.
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Fly Boxes
We have selected a few of what we think are the all time best of the many  fly boxes by Richard Wheatley,
manufacturers of fine fly boxes since 1860/
PF Approved indicates product manufactured by others that Perfect Fly recommends and approves the use of.
Don't make the mistake of the underestimating the importance of a box to keep your flies
in. There are hundreds of fly boxes on the market that come in various styles and sizes
that are designed to hold certain size flies using various types of materials or
compartments. Some are heavy and some are light. Of course, lighter is usually better
but only if it is also durable.

Some fly boxes have good tight fitting lids and some don't. If the latch doesn't work
properly, you're subject to lose a lot of flies. Our Perfect Fly boxes are waterproof, and
we think that is a huge benefit.

Having one fly box to hold all your flies may seem like an advantage, but in most cases it
is a big disadvantage. One simple reason is that if you lose the fly box, and that
sometimes happens, you lose all your flies. Another reason is you have to sort through a
lot of flies to find the one you want. If they were separated in boxes that held specific
types of flies - nymphs, dries, streamers, for example, that process would be faster and
easier. When it comes to selecting flies, we think our two-sided, clear lid fly boxes offer
an advantage. You can instantly see what flies are in the box.

Choosing the right fly box also involves determining where you intend to keep it. This
also should determine the size of the fly box. The size of your fly vest, fly pouch or shirt
pocket may be a controlling factor on the size of the fly box.
For larger size flies, check out our  Perfect Fly Boat Fly Box.  It will carry
all of your Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Steelhead, Salmon,  
Striped bass, Pike and Muskie and Saltwater flies.
The  Perfect Fly Master Fly Box serves as a home base for a complete
season of flies. From the Master Fly Box choose only what you need for a
particular time and place to carry in your vest or boat.
Fly Boxes