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Bug Luggage Company
Baby Bug Luggage
Blue Dun - 16.50
Baby Bug Luggage
Teal Green - 16.50
201 Big Fly Box
Teal Green - 21.95
Trout Bug Luggage  
Black - 19.95
Trout Bug Luggage -
Royal Blue - 19.95
Trout Bug Luggage:
Teal Green - 19.95
Bug Luggage fly boxes have individual elevated fly stations that isolate each fly
and prevent them from tangling. Each station securely grip each hook in an
upright position perfect for viewing and selecting flies. These boxes are heat
resistant, and crush-proof, with an easy to operate clasp, lanyard ring, and
liners that will not absorb water, shred or wear out…ever!  They are the only fly
box guaranteed for 20 years. We highly recommend them.
Trout Bug Luggage Fly Boxes have 136 Elevated Fly stations:
Holds Size 6-22 - up to 272 small flies, 2 to a station.
These are Shirt-Pocket Boxes that have 168 Small Fly Stations:
Holds Size 6-22 -up to 136 small flies, 2 to a station
This Big Fly Specialty Box has 66 Large Elevated Fly stations:
Dimensions: 6 in. x 4 1/4 in. x 1 3/4 in.