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C&F Threader Boxes
C&F Standard
Threader Box
C&F Midge Size
Spare Threader
C&F  Standard
Spare Threader
C&F Midge Size
Threader Box
These boxes are essential for anyone who has trouble seeing fine tippets and
small flies in low light. Each box features six threaders and a foam rack to hold
them in place for quick access when the hatch starts. Large white interiors
makes working with small flies extra easy. 1 1/4"H x 3 2/3"W x 4 7/8"L. The
"Standard Threader Box"  works with most dry flies and nymphs. The
Midge-Size Threader Box is for flies #20 to #26.  You can choose from Standard
or Midge-size.
James uses these boxes often, especially for his Perfect Fly midges and other
very small flies. If it was not for these fly boxes, he would have a very difficult
time changing tiny flies. He is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other
one. Well, it is not quite that bad.