Fly Fishing Education
Leaning to Cast a Fly

In today's fast paced world, few want to take the necessary time to learn a new
sport from scratch the right way. Most everyone would just rather go out and do
it. Unfortunately, that approach almost always results in a less than a satisfactory
experience. Hitting the water without first taking the time to learn a few basic
things about casting a fly rod usually results in frustration.

Even though casting a fly isn't complicated at all, just picking up a fly rod and
trying to learn to cast without any type of help or instructions may result a loss of
your desire to fly fish. In order to get started the right way, you first need to know
a little about the fundamentals of casting a fly. The trial and error method of
learning to cast a fly, is a very poor one. Once you develop bad casting habits,
you' all find getting rid of them is far more difficult than learning the right way from
the beginning. Bad casting habits are difficult to correct.

Even though there is no such thing as a formal education in fly fishing, you still
need to learn a few things about casting a fly before you should expect very
much satisfactory results. It is completely different from casting conventional
casting or spinning rods and reels. With a spinning or bait casting outfit, your
casting the weight of the lure or bait. With a fly rod, Instead of casting the weight
of the fly, your casting the weight of the fly line.

Fly casting schools, put on by various fly fishing organizations, clubs and fly
shops, can be a big help, however, you don't necessarily have to attend a fly
fishing school to learn to cast a fly.

If attending fly casting school isn't feasible, having someone that's qualified and
proficient at casting a fly is a big help in getting started. It could even be better
than a school because you will have more individual attention from the instructor.
Notice I said qualified. By that I mean being able to cast a fly is one thing and
being able to teach someone else to cast a fly is yet another thing. The results
would strictly depend on the person helping you. This could be someone you
happen to know or a guide that teaches fly casting.

If neither the school or an experienced fly angler or guide to help you it isn't an
option, you should at least watch a good fly casting video before getting out on
the lawn or the water and attempting to learn using  the trail and error method.
Most of them should watched more than once, one segment at a time, until you
have mastered the particular thing being demonstrated or taught.

If you do attempt learning to cast on your on from watching a video, you should
still have someone watch you so they can tell you what is happening on your
back cast. Even though you may have to tell them what to watch for, from a
distance they can tell you if your fly line is hitting the ground behind you, or not
being straightened out the fly line before beginning the forward cast, etc.  

One more point. Although there are those who want to make a big deal out of it,
leaning to cast a fly is easy. There's nothing complicated about it. You should
ignore anyone that tells you anything different.
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