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    Pike and Muskie Flies:

Bream and Panfish Flies:                     Pike and Muskie Flies:

Great Lakes Steelhead Flies:                      Pacific Steelhead Flies:                                

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Trout Fly Selections:

There are forty-four (44) different types of
Perfect Fly Trout Fly Selections

Our Best Selling Line of Fly Rods:

Just over a year ago, we introduced our new Perfect Fly "Pro Line" Fly Rods. These are our 9 foot, 4 piece, low priced
OEM fly rods.
Perfect Fly Pro Line Fly Rods (Compare this $195.00 rod/case to any $450.00 fly rod)

Our Best Selling Fly Reels:          Tools and Accessories

Fly Fishing Vest and Backpacks:

New Fly Boxes:
In the Perfect Fly TwoClear line, we recently added an Ultra Compact model 202 and a Giant size model 203.  

We added the
Perfect Fly HD Boat Fly Box, a heavy duty box that holds plenty of saltwater, bass, pike,
muskie, salmon or steelhead flies.

We added the
Perfect Fly Master Fly Box, a large home or vehicle storage box that will hold all the flies you
need for a complete season. This allows you to easily select the flies you need for any specific time and
place from the Master Fly Box and place them in a smaller size fly box to take with you on the water.
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e have many fly fishing items for sell in our online store other than trout flies. These are some of the
best selling ones. Click the blue links to see the flies.
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