The Disco Midge
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
December, 2016 Issue
received a telephone call from a gentleman that said he had read where I had written on one of the Perfect Fly
web pages that no one was sure who was the originator of the Disco Midge. He wanted to inform me that it was
indeed him, Rich Areeda. He wasn't looking for anything other than an acknowledgement of the fact he did
create it. He developed it in the early 1990's on his home waters which was the Yellow Breeches Creek, a spring
fed trout stream that most avid fly anglers have heard of. At the time, Mr. Areeda lived in Boiling Springs,
Pennsylvania, a small town located at the head of the stream.

He stated in the telephone conversation with me, and the follow up letter he sent, that he wants nothing for it other
than he would like for those who tie the pattern, to tie it like the original design. He states that is because the fly is
marvelously effective and to the best of his knowledge, no one has ever provided the correct recipe for it. He states
that he is 60 years old and his fly fishing days are far behind. He has sold his fly fishing gear. I felt sad about that, and
didn't go into any details afraid there were health or other reason that were none of my business. I did inform him that
I was 73 years old, and had no intentions of giving it up, and that when I did get old, I would probably fall in a trout
stream and die from hypothermia. He did state that a close friend, Mr. Joseph Butrica of Milton, New Jersey, still has
one that he tied.

He states in the letter, that the pattern was tied as a direct result of seeing midge pupae wash down the Breeches and
collecting one to imitate. He tied several that evening as close to the original as possible. He continued to write that
needless to say, it was effective, so effective, that an angler observing him fish asked what he was using. He states he
told showed him what he was fishing and proceeded thereafter, to catch and release the same trout three times on
the fly, and on three consecutive cast. .He stated he allowed about five minutes between cast before fishing for it.   

I am scanning and attaching a copy page 2 through 5 of his letter, so that I present the tying exactly as he did. These
are thumbnails. Click them to see an enlarged version. Page 1 was his letter.
Written From the Notes of Rich Areeda, the orginator of the Disco Midge
by James Marsh
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Yellow Breeches Creek
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