Fishing Journal
June 2017 Issue
Copyright 2017 James Marsh
Fishing South Central  Alaska's

by Chris Tobias

Copyright 2017 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
June, 2017 Issue
any people dream of getting the chance to fish Alaska. Mostly because they see TV
shows of the amazing fly outs people are doing, and the beautiful fish they are catching. But,
you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a remote fly out to get the Alaska experience.
Believe it or not, we do have paved roads in the state of Alaska. Some are maintained a little better than
others, but they are roads none the less.

If you are contemplating a do it yourself trip to Alaska, then be sure to check out some of the books on
DIY trips along Alaska’s highway system. Research will be your friend. Well, research and timing. As with
most Alaskan streams, the timing of the salmon runs can make or break your trip, regardless of what
species you are targeting. Granted, you can still catch trout, grayling, and dolly-varden if the salmon
aren’t around. Having salmon in the picture just makes things a tad easier.

I would definitely suggest a minimum of 10 days of fishing. You could pull off a week, but obviously more
time will give you more flexibility to see different locations along the road system. If you’re looking for
then I do not suggest heading south to the Kenai Peninsula. You should concentrate your efforts heading
north. But, with enough time you could get to experience a little bit of everything South Central Alaska has
to offer.

Like I said, timing can be everything. The summer is peak tourist season, but it is also peak time for some of
our salmon runs. If you want to get into good numbers of trout, then the fall time can be more productive.
Also, there are less tourists, and depending on when you arrive, the cost for many things drops, as the
tourist season has ended.

If you are considering a trip to Alaska in the future, be sure to do a little research. There is a lot of great
information out there that can help cut your learning curve. It can be a little overwhelming when you first get
here, but just like anywhere else, the trout will be hungry and willing. Well, most of the time.
by Chris Tobias

About the author:
Christopher Tobias, and his beautiful wife Hillery, own Roe Hard Guide Service based out of Wasilla,
Alaska. Roe Hard Guide Service operates on the Susitna River drainage targeting wild Alaska salmon and
large wild rainbow trout. Get out from behind that screen and see what Alaska has to offer.
Christopher Tobias holds a USCG Masters License, Alaska Guide License and is co-owner of Roe Hard
Guide Service, based out of Wasilla, Alaska. Roe Hard Guide Service operates on the Susitna River
drainages and Kenai Peninsula.