Like most people, I enjoy fishing by myself, but I also enjoy fishing with a good friend.
Now, I don’t just go around fishing with anyone. That can be dangerous, and frustrating.
When I hit the water I am looking to make the most of my time, and catch as many fish
as I can. Sure, I’m out there to enjoy the overall experience, but let us be realistic. We don’t
spend ridiculous amounts of money or time to get out there and just wave a stick in the air all day

Since I like to make the most of my time, I choose who I fish with very wisely. Well, I
hope I do. For one, I don’t want to fish with someone who is an internet hero. You know the guy.
He’s posting pictures of every fish he catches, and when he has a banner day, he gives GPS
coordinates to the spot he fished. This is the same guy who can’t figure out why so many people
are at the spot he was doing well at, when a few days before there was no one. This person can
get annoying quick, and they can also cause some heartache when they’re not around, since now
some of your favorite spots have become the favorite spots of others. Believe it or not, there are
still some hidden gems out there that very few people know about. Don’t let your hard work
finding that spot, get ruined by someone who has an infatuation with seeing how many likes they
can get on a photo.

There are lots of nuances people like or don’t like, and I’m sure a person could write a
very in depth article on it. Fortunately, I’m not going to wade too deep into this subject.
Fishing and being outdoors is supposed to be enjoyable. Yes, even regardless of the
amount of fish you catch. Catching a butt load of fish just makes it that much more enjoyable.
So, be careful of the people you choose to fish with. Just remember, don’t take someone you are
fishing with for the first time to your double top secret spot. Also, don’t spoon feed them too
much information. You never know who they could be spilling your secrets to.  

Christopher Tobias, and his beautiful wife Hillery, own Roe Hard Guide Service based out of Wasilla, Alaska. Roe Hard Guide
Service operates on the Susitna River drainage targeting wild Alaska salmon and large wild rainbow trout. Get out from
behind that screen and see what Alaska has to offer.

Picking Your Fishing Buddies
by Christopher Tobias
Copyright 2017 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
June, 2016 Issue
Christopher Tobia fishing guide
Christopher Tobias holds a USCG Masters License, Alaska Guide License and is co-owner of Roe Hard Guide Service,
based out of Wasilla, Alaska. Roe Hard Guide Service operates on the Susitna River drainages and Kenai Peninsula.
Chris on the oars
Always The Best Buddy