The Beaverkill River is located within a two hour drive of New York City, and naturally, a highly fished and well
known river. It is a fabled river that is given credit as one of the streams that started fly fishing in America. The
Beaverkill is a freestone river located in the Catskill Mountains consisting of pools, riffles and runs. It flows 43
miles from it starting point to its confluence with the Delaware River, another famous Catskill fly fishing
destination. It has a good population of trout including some stocked brown trout but there are plenty of wild
browns, rainbows and brook trout.

  Most anglers fish the 13 miles from East Branch up to Roscoe at the Willowemoc confluence. It doubles the
size of the flows and many call the section from Roscoe downstream the Big River. The section above Roscoe is
a relatively small stream. The most popular section is the first 3 miles below Roscoe of which the first 2.5 miles of
is catch-and-release waters.

  Pools in this section include Junction located at the confluence with the Willowemoc. Barnhart's, Hendrickson,
Horse Brook Run and the Cairn. It is very popular, several miles long, and runs along highway 7. It can be seen
from the first of several highway 17 bridge crossings below Roscoe. Below this stretch is 2.5 miles long, not so
heavily fished, and then another catch-and-release section at the confluence of Russell Brook. The last 5 miles
down to the Delaware are the least fished waters. There are several other named pools below the Roscoe
catch-and-release section including Schoolhouse, Mountain, Lower Mountain, Stadel's Run, Freeman's Flat,
Painter Bend, Horton's Pool, and Cook Falls, The lower Beaverkill  is easily accessed from highway 17. It closely
parallels the entire stretch.

 The Beaverkill can get warm in the summer, especially in times of drought when the water is low. The river
water warms in late June, it is a good idea to fish close to the mouths of the small, cooler tributaries. It can also
pay off to fish the shady banks, There are many of them as the picture below of me a few years ago indicates.
The catch-and-release section is open year-round and the other sections during the season, usually April 1 to
October 15th.

  The picture below may indicate the reason the river is named Beaverkill.

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Beaverkill, New York
by James Marsh
February, Issue
Fishing Journal
Copyright 2020 James Marsh
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Beaverkill river - Hendricison Pool
James fishing Beaverkill River
Beaver swimming in Beaverkill River