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Fishing Journal
February 2020 Issue
Some Best Selling Perfect Fly Product
by Angie Marsh
Perfect Fly Leaders:
Due to popular demand, our Perfect Fly Trout leaders in a nine (9) foot length now come with a pre-tied loop. Our
Perfect Fly Small stream leaders which are 71/2 feet long, also come with a pre-tied loop. For those that don't want a
loop, all you have to do is just cut it off and you still have a nine (9) foot or 71/2 foot long leader.
Seven and one-half toot leaders:

Nine foot Leaders:

By the way, we now have our Perfect Fly Braided Leaders in a 6 and a 10 foot length back in stock. They also have
a pre-tied loop.
Trout Fly Selections:
Perfect Fly Pre-rigged Midges:
How do you tie tiny midge flies on fine tippet fast and easy way? Don't - Let Perfect fly do it for you. If you have
trouble seeing and tying on small midge flies, size 20 and 22, especially with the larva and pupa in tandem which
is the preferred rigging for midges, purchase them pre-rigged. Tying the tandem rig gives many anglers trouble,
especially tying them in the field often under poor lighting conditions.

Why do we rig them in tandem?. It imitates both stages of the midge's life during a hatch. When midges are
emerging, the midge larvae are on the bottom, and the pupae in the water column accenting to the surface.

Click Here To Check Out The Details - Larva:

Click Here To Check Out the Details - Pupa:
"Perfect Fly" Sling Packs
Sling Packs are alternates to the fly vest. There are numerous places to attach about any device to the sling pack
that you can think of, or would ever need for fly fishing. They consist of various type of rings, eyes and retractable
Perfect Fly "Crossover" Sling Pack
Only $99.95.
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Shown on your left
Perfect Fly "Clearwater" Sling Pack
Only $79.95.
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Perfect Fly "Raven Fork" Sling Pack
Only $59.95.
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Pre-rigged Droper Rigs and Pre-rigged Double Nymph Rigs:
Each dropper rig selection comes on our foam rig keeper board.
Click Here to see the details of the rigs
EXAMPLE: Double Rig #6:
3 each #12 Golden
stonefly nymphs with 3 each #18
Blue-winged olive
nymph bottom fly
EXAMPLE: Dropper Rig
5 each #12 Royal Wulffs with 5 each
#18 Bead-head Hare's Ear nymph
Fly Fishing Vest and Backpacks:
Perfect Fly Snake River Vest
Perfect Fly Premiere Line of Fly Rods and Reel Combinations.
Perfect Fly" Superb Five (Five Weight Fly Rod) sock, aluminum case, Perfect Fly "SR" Fly Reel, Perfect Fly
"DC" 5 weight, weight forward, floating fly line, and Perfect Fly Fly Line. Includes 25# backing.
Note: If you prefer, we will install the backing and
fly line free of charge
We have Perfect Fly Supreme Four, Superb Five, Ultimate Six and Super Seven Fly Rods outfits.
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