Get Out There
Fishing Journal
November, 2020 Issue
Copyright 2020 James Marsh
by Christopher Tobias
      I keep hearing everyone say they can’t wait for 2020 to be over. Why? If you’re letting other people
negatively influence your life, then who’s really in control of you and your life? I guess it’s easier for
some of us to just continue life as normal, because of where we live. But, there is no excuse to get out
there and enjoy what God has provided for all of us.

      There is one thing that is certain, no amount of social media likes is going to help you become a
better fisherman or hunter. You need to get out of the house, off the electronic devices, and get in the
field. Getting out there and being on the water, in the woods, or on the mountains, is good for you and
your soul. Your physical and mental health will benefit greatly by getting out there.

      I just returned from a quick trip north of the house, to put some fresh groceries in the freezer. Being
out in the vast expanses of the Last Frontier, is something you truly have to experience for yourself. No
amount of words, or pictures, can truly make someone appreciate the breathtaking views of the far north.

      As we drove the final miles to the hunting area, the northern lights made a faint appearance and
started to dance across the sky. They faded just as fast as they started, as the sun began to rise in the
east, against a clear sky. We could begin to see the outlines of the mountains around us, but they never
seem too tall when you’re almost at elevation.

      It was -22° when we first got in the truck, and it was sitting at a balmy 4° when we arrived in the area
we wanted to hunt. It was almost shorts and t-shirt weather, but we threw jackets and hats on for good

      The caribou were plentiful, and we got into position to shoot once we had enough light. Word that
the herds had moved into the area must have gotten out, because we certainly weren’t alone out there.
It’s funny how that works up here. You can be in the middle of nowhere, and still be surrounded by
people. I say surrounded, but there was probably eight other people in the area we were hunting.

      Enough light finally arrived for use to shoot, and we could hear others shooting off in the distance.
This startled the herd we were on, so we had to make a move. Things ended just as fast as they started
and we were cleaning our harvest before the sun was even up. Up, is a relative term, when it comes to
the sun in the far north. It is never truly “up” this time of year.

      We were headed to the house less than 24 hours from starting our journey. There was lots of time
to sit back and think on how blessed we truly are. To be able to go out and harvest fresh organic meat
is not something everyone can do. It was a great feeling to be able to get out there and be in God’s

      So, what are you waiting for? Get out there.
Christopher Tobias

Roe Hard Guide Service, LLC
Alaska Licensed Guide
USCG Master Licensed

Chris and a caribou from his recent hunt
Grayson and Gavin Tobias - Soon  to be the best anglers in the Tobias family