From The Editor
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
Premiere Issue August 2013
verytime I have come up with the idea of sending anglers a journal, magazine, newsletter or anything else of the sort, I
decided against it for one reason - the time it requires. Anyone who runs or owns a company of any type knows the
importance of staying in touch with their customers. I have always been aware of that but considering that about ninety
percent of our customers are repeat customers, meaning they order flies and other items from us multiple times, I always came to
the conclusion that it wasn't necessary for us to do that. Recently, it occurred to me that was nothing more than a lousy excuse for
my lack of effort. Marketing reasons are usually the prime basis for something of this nature but there are many other worthwhile
reasons for having a periodic journal, magazine, newsletter, etc. Hopefully, the Perfect Fly Fishing Journal will show that we are
anglers ourselves and that we're not just in it for the business. We are passionate about the sport of fly fishing and hopefully, the
content of the Perfect Fly Fishing Journal will show that if nothing else.

We will do our best to make sure we provide something that's both interesting and informative for all types of fly anglers, from
beginners to professionals. While most of the content will probably be about fly fishing for trout, we will include subject matter on
fishing for salmon, steelhead, bream and panfish, bass, pike, muskie, and all types of saltwater species from the shallow inshore
flats, to the deep, blue offshore waters.

I'm sure we will find ways to improve it as we go along, and we look forward to your helping us accomplish that. We will appreciate
any and all comments and/or suggestions anyone has to offer. As you will probably see from the get go, although we are not
professional writers, we do consider ourselves professional anglers. We constantly strive to improve any and everything we do that
relates to fishing and we will use the same approach with the journal.

If anyone is interesting in contributing articles or information for the journal, by all means let us hear from you. You can call us on
our Toll Free line at
800-594-4726, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you. Please let
us know what you think of the first issue and how you think we could improve future issues.