From The Editor
Copyright 2013 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
Premiere Issue August 2013
verytime I sit down to write this, I end up blank and it is no different this time. It is just that I am going to have to write
something or drop this from the contents of the Journal. I feel sure that means I'm severely lacking when it comes to being
a real editor. What I really need is an editor but as the saying goes, somebody has got to do it.
We are definitely experiencing growing pains and I'm definitely experiencing getting old pains. I go for a medical checkup and they
always tell me that I don't have any serious problems but I do have a lot of minor problems that can easily turn into
serious problems. Let's see, there are five minor heart problems, two almost major lungs problems, little growths on my eyes
caused from too much sun (really, I wonder why), and a bunch of problems they blame on my immune system they obviously
know little about. They take care of those with steroids that lower my immune system, destroys the good parts of my body (like  
bones) and makes me subject to catch anything from distemper to chicken pox. It all gets down to one thing. The only serious
problem I have is a mental problem.

I have yet to be able to figure out why I start things, always ten times more than I can possibly handle, and then grip about
doing any of them. I went on the new Obama Care website to see if they could help fix the problems only to discover it wasn't
working and even if it was, I'm too old to qualify for it. I thought if I could get covered with two health insurance policies it would be
profitable enough to make it worth going to see the doctor. Time is short. I'm finding it harder and harder to get time to go fishing
because I am having to tell more and more people who are going fishing what I would do if I were them. That sucks.

Another problem I'm having is I'm finding it very difficult to compete with people like Orvis.  According to them, their new Encounter
Fly Rod Outfits, rod and reel with fly line, backing, leader and tippet, all for $159.95, are built for the
hardcore angler, with
state-of-the-art rod design with a smooth, crisp performance and a large arbor Encounter fly reel. Holly cow! Why would an
angler need anything else? My only hope in selling one of our new Perfect Fly fly rods is that their new Encounter outfit will
make those anglers that purchased an Orvis Helios, Helios Two and the sure to be Helios III feel ripped off.

If anyone needs a low paying job, with long hours, no company paid health insurance, and no retirement benefits, that posesses
professional level or higher fly fishing skills (a masters in editing would be helpful), give us a call. This might be the opportunity of a
for me.
Issue Number Two