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Copyright 2014 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
March Issue 2014
received an email from a subscriber asking why we didn't use the typical electronic magazine format for our fishing journal.
I had to respond by asking what he meant by "typical electronic magazine format". What the gentleman was referring to
was one of those formats where you click an arrow prompt, usually located in the corner of the page, to go to the next
page. The page usually curls around similar to the way a paper magazine does when you turn the page. It is true that most of the
digital magazines use that type of software for their readers to change pages. It makes the digital magazine look much like a
paper magazine.

I responded to the email by letting him know that paper magazines are exactly what we are trying to get away from. Why should
we make an Ezine look like a paper magazine? Clicking a small icon in the corner of each page to go to the next page is far more
time consuming than just reading the entire article on one page.

You may have noticed we changed the quarterly dates of the Journal from February to March. That was done to alien our articles
with the season a little better. The issues will now be March, June, September, and December. They will be sent out near the end
of the month prior to their release date.

James Marsh
Issue Number Three
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