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Fishing Journal
June Issue 2014
feel like I must present my excuse for being late with this issue, but I really don't have a good one. Oh, yes, I could say we
have been extremely busy for the past three months but that's really not a good excuse. We are especially thankful for
that. Thank you, our customers. This is our fifth full year of operation at Perfect Fly. For the first three years, the business
has more than doubled its gross sells each year. Last year, the sells from the business was a little more than one and a half
times the previous year. We anticipated our sells for this year could be as much as one and a half times last year's sells, so we
made plans in terms of product inventory for that amount of growth. Again, we were surprised. The problem we are having is so
far this year is that our sells have more than doubled last year's sells. That is a good problem to have and at the same time, that
is a bad problem to have. It doesn't sound like a big deal until you look at the numbers. Let me just say that in terms of inventory,
we misjudged the growth by several thousand flies as well as larger numbers of our other products.

We also found out there is a limit as to what three people can do. We have been very busy, seven days a week and usually
about twelve hours a day keeping up. So far, we have managed to do so, but it has forced us to put things off that were not
absolutely necessary. It has taught me one thing about the fly business. I need to have a much bigger cushion. You can rest
assured I won't under estimate the growth for this coming year.

James Marsh
Issue Number Four - late again
Perfect Fly Rods:
Built In America
Some Interesting and
Impressive Facts About Our
We are not setting any sells records in
terms of numbers of sells for our
Perfect Fly Rods, but I know we are in
terms of customer satisfaction. Without
having to ask for it, every one of our
customers (and there are many) who
have purchased our rods have given
us excellent feedback on their
satisfaction. Some have literally raved
about the rod's performance and were
surprised at how much better they
have been able to cast than with the
other rods they have owned. More
importantly, every one of them already
owned more than one rod (some owns
several) of the so-called high end
name brand rods like Sage, Orvis,
Hardy, and any and all of the other
We don't make any
bones about it. We flat state it will
perform equal to or better than any
rod on the market.

We don't beat around the bush about
it. We want you to compare the our fly
rods to your other rods and more
importantly, be happy with your
The Perfect Fly Promise:
If you don't like the fly rod for any
reason, you can return it within
(10) ten days of purchase and get a
full refund with no questions ask.