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Fishing Journal
June 2014 Issue
t will be the September before we introduce our new 2015 Perfect Fly product. We will be covering it in the
September issue of the Fishing Journal. We don't releases new product to coincide the with the annual Dealer Fly
Show held during the late summer. We sell directly to anglers, not fly shops. We eliminate the representatives,
News, Announcements, etc.
A Peep At Some New Perfect Fly Gear and Equipment
distributors and retailer markup, and as a result, we are able to offer our customers higher quality product at a lower
price. I would like to give you a preview of some of the things we are planning on doing.

New Fly Lines:
Not everyone that fly fishes wants or needs the highest quality, highest price gear and equipment available. That's
recommended for those who fish often or take their fishing very seriously, not the causal angler than only gets to fly fish
a few times a year. It is also a fact that not everyone can afford the best of everything. Most families live on a budget and
fly fishing gear isn't always at the top of everyone's list. For that reason, we intend to offer several new fly fishing items at
a low price. We can do that simply because we don't have to deal with the middle men listed above. These items will be
manufactured to our specifications and will not be low quality gear or equipment. Low quality items are worthless in our
opinion. For example, not everyone can afford to pay $75 to $100 for a fly line, especially if they have different size fly
rods. We are going to offer fly line at a much lower price but not low in quality. In addition to middle men, we intend to
save on the expensive packaging or boxes that most fly lines comes in. With lots of different types of fly lines and many
different sizes, the packaging or boxes are often a big part of the manufacturers cost. We will offer some of the most
needed types and sizes of fly lines, in less expensive packaging.

Two More New Getting Started Fly Sets:
Another group of items we will be coming out with is two new higher grade "Getting Started Fly Sets". The existing
"Getting Started Fly Set" that sells for $175.00 has been very popular and has helped get many new anglers started in
the sport of fly fishing without them having to mortgage their homes to buy gear and equipment.  We intend to offer two
new upgrades in the basic set.
The first upgrade in the fly fishing set will have a higher quality fly rod than comes in the original Getting Started Set.  
Everything else will be the same.
The second upgrade will have the same higher quality fly rod that comes with the first upgrade but with several more
items such as a landing net, lanyard, and several other items.

Many Other New Items Are Coming:
Fluorocarbon Tippet
More Sizes and Types of Fly Boxes
Perfect Fly Landing Nets
They Are Back In Stock
Our popular 6 foot, braided leaders are back in stock.
We are having a difficult time keeping enough of these
made to meet the demand. Anglers are using them not
only for trout, but other fresh water and even saltwater
species of fish.

Just add 2 to 4 feet of tippet for a 8 to 10 foot length.
Great for most types of presentations. By just adding
tippet, you are able to use the leader over and over,
resulting in an overall savings. Just about everyone who
has tried the leaders continue to purchase them and use
nothing else.