From The Editor
Copyright 2014 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
October Issue 2014
noticed that according to the information put out by Fishing Retail Magazine, fly fishing product is now the fastest
growing section of fishing gear and tackle sells. That doesn't mean it compares in total numbers of overall sells of
other types of fishing gear and equipment, but it does mean that fly fishing is growing faster than any other type
of fishing. The boost received from the 1992 movie "A River Runs Through It", was the biggest thing that ever
happened to the fly fishing industry but it did little to sustain that growth beyond the nineties. Unlike many involved in
the business end of the sport would like to think, it wasn't trade shows, retail or wholesale, or any organization that
created that growth in the fly fishing industry. It was the Internet. Let me explain my thinking on this subject.
The Sport of Fly Fishing Is Growing
I have purchased the great majority of the many fly fishing books. I have a huge library of them. I subscribed to just
about every fly fishing magazine that was available since the late 1980's. My purpose and reasoning for doing that is I'm
very different from most anglers. I have made my living primarily from fishing since 1980, not guiding or charting a boat,
but teaching others to fish. Although I had fly fished my entire life, when I began to use the fly rod almost exclusively, it
became necessary for me to learn what was already out there in the way of learning to fly fish. What I found was very
disappointing. All the videos and television programs I could find on the subject of fly fishing were the "watch me catch a
fish" type of production. They taught very little and in general were very poorly produced. The ones that were done with
any degree of professionalism, were done to promote a particular manufacturer or fly fishing product. They taught very,
very little.

Before the Internet, the public has to rely mostly on books and fly fishing magazines to be introduced to the sport of fly
fishing. There was very, very little television or other types of media coverage of the sport. Although there have been
more books written on the subject of fly fishing than any other type of fishing, most of them made the sport seem far to
complicated for most people interested in a new outdoor activity. Most people have a very limited amount of time to
spend on outdoor activities. Most are involved with doing things like raising a family and earning a living. They consider
the time they have to allot to outdoor activities precious. They don't want to have to spend a lot of it learning a sport.
Basically, they just want to be able to "go out and do it".

Before the Internet, the only source of information on fly fishing were the fly fishing magazines and books. After reading
the typical fly fishing magazine how-to article, and far worse, after reading part of the way through most any of the many
books on the subject of fly fishing, most guys came to the conclusion that learning to catch fish on the fly was far too
involved and complicated. It was easy for one to form the opinion that learning to cast would take days, if not months
and then only to discover, they were just getting started. The facts are,
that all came about as a results of the egos
of the authors of such articles and books
. Instead of trying to help someone learn the sport, they obviously were
written to show what they had accomplished. Most begin with the something that could be summarized to "I've been fly
fishing for fifty years", and I'm here to tell you how much I know and how great I am.

The Internet changed fly fishing as well as just about everything else.