Wintertime Doldrum?
by Christopher Tobias
Copyright 2015 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
January, 2015 Issue
or some, the winter can be a time of little to no fishing. For others, it is their favorite time to be out, simply due to the
fact that most people aren’t on the water.
Some of you live in regions where your rivers and creeks don’t freeze completely over in the winter. However, many of you
are limited in the flowing bodies of water you can get out on during these frigid months. If you guys are anything like me,
your attention still turns to being on the water at every waking moment. There are no cures for getting rid of that itch, but
once in a while you do need to scratch it.

Tying flies and getting gear ready for the Spring, Summer, and Fall, are just a few of the things that help me get through
the winter. I always have the internet to turn to to get my fix of fish porn, but nothing is better than actually being on the

Many of my friends have turned their attention to the hard water at the this time of year. In all honesty, I’ve never actually
been ice fishing. That’s due mostly to having lived near flowing bodies of water that stayed open all year long, and always
pursuing steelhead in the winter. My friends tell me it’s fun to ice fish, but I will just take their word for it. Maybe some day I
will get out there on the hard water and sit next to a hole for a couple hours.

With the only open river an hour and a half from me, with a mountain pass in between, I have stuck to the home front for
this later part of the winter. I did get out recently, on a mild winter day, with the family. We fished for a couple of hours since
we were just heading down to check on the boat and make sure everything was still good. It was nice to be on the water
doing what I love, with the people I love the most. It’s very rare that I get to fish with my wife and son during the winter, since
the temperatures can be less than ideal for a young child. None the less, we still got to wet a line and catch a few fish in

Don’t let the winter keep you hunkered down inside. Do what you can to get out there, even it is only for a couple of hours.
There is nothing worse than going stir crazy from cabin fever, and living vicariously through friends on the internet, who are
out there fishing, won’t help you either.
Christopher Tobias with a huge rainbow
About the Author:
Christopher Tobias is the owner of Roe Hard Guide Service,
and centrally based out of the Anchorage area. This allows
him to guide on the Kenai Peninsula as well as many
tributaries of the Susitna River drainage. Roe Hard Guide
Service is fully licensed and insured to guide and operate in
the state of Alaska. If you find yourself venturing to the Last
Frontier between Talkeetna and Ninilchik, drop Christopher,
and Roe Hard Guide Service a line to book your next fishing
trip of a lifetime.

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Chris Tobias with a big rainbow trout