The Smallmouth Bass are in the pre-spawn stage and are willing to attack the streamers I spent all winter tying.
It is also the time when the black Morels will be popping out and well, this year could be epic for mushrooms. Either
way, you have to look .

There is the trip to the cabin in Grayling ,and the AuSable, if only to follow the birds and the mayfly hatch, as we
observe the migration north of spring itself !

This perpetual malady we see as "spring fever" in my case at least,is not caused by the extended period of daylight,or
the warming temperatures alone,

No, it is caused by the anticipation of joyful options in the out of doors. It is most likely brought on by the realization
that the woods, the rivers and streams here in Michigan ,are once again alive ,and being re-born  with opportunities to
explore and seek soul cleansing satisfaction ,that makes us endure the hardships of winter ,and sometimes life in

I do not look forward to the lawn, the trimming or pruning . Or even the garden. This is Just something we do. These
house and garden chores are not unpleasant or dreaded  .They can be very satisfying and ultimately bring about very
gratifying results. The lawn being neatly kept and mowed. The garden bearing fruit. This is all good. But it does not stir
in me personally an emotional response equal to the sound of a bird song I have not heard for many months.
Or the ring on the water caused by a trout rising to a mayfly.  Or the pleasure I take in being in a canoe for the first
time of this year.

I pity the souls that look forward to spring as a time of lawn fertilization and garden preparation only,when the trees
above them are full of colorful birds, full of song, all trying to out - do the other males vying for a mate .

Or those amongst us that never take the time, or have the inclination, to walk in the woods, even under the guise of
mushroom hunting.

For it is the spring time,that those of us who care about birds and trout and mayflies and wildflowers live for.
This is our time of the year. This is the NEW YEAR !

Essence Of Spring
by Mark Karaba
Copyright 2015 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
April, 2015 Issue
s I watch the "greening up process" here in southern Michigan, I am overwhelmed with options of seasonal
necessary chores, or the many items on the "to do" list that present themselves this time of year. Some of the
obligatory options would be the lawn, preparing the garden, trimming shrubs, or transplanting the white pine
trees that did not get planted in their final resting place last year. The list goes on; however, as of last week, the last
week of April, the Warblers have returned. So have the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. This ritual cannot be ignored. These
birds need to be "watched". Also, the mayflies are  hatching on the nearby creeks, and this event will cause a chain
reaction to the trout population, which also requires attention.
Mark Karaba with a
nice Michigan
smallmouth bass