Blue Winged Olive Mayfly

The Greatest Great Lakes State
by Mark Karaba
Copyright 2015 James Marsh
Fishing Journal
July, 2015 Issue
or those of you that fly fish and have never been to the state of Michigan, here is a short primer of what to expect
if you come.
1.       Michigan has so many rivers and streams that are quality trout streams that
It would fill up the page to list them all (look on the Perfect Fly website for a
List of iconic streams and hatches in the state).
3.       The number of quality lakes and streams that have abundant Smallmouth
Bass in them is also too numerous to list.
4.        Michigan played a significant role in the history of fly fishing, guiding,
Brown trout introduction, and no kill conservation implementation.
5.        Northern Michigan is a heavily forested and diverse, with variations in
topography from rolling hills and mild gradients, to rivers in the Upper
Peninsula that have "class 4", whitewater rapids, and breathtaking waterfalls.
6.        Michigan is well equipped to service the fly angler with many first class guides.
7.        Tourism is a major contributor to the economic stability of the northern
regions of the state.
8.        Many people that have visited the state of Michigan have been to Detroit,
Lansing or the Kalamazoo area, and think they have a grasp of what the entire     
State is like. The southern part of our state is mostly agricultural based and
makes up about 20% of what is truly representative of what the great state of
Michigan is really like.(Google 'Pure Michigan').
9.        The wildlife that inhabit the northern regions is also diverse and will surprise
most people. We have Elk, Moose, Bear, Cougar (yes, it's confirmed),.Fisher,
.Otter,Eagles, Osprey, and that, of course, is just a small sampling.
10.      We have beautiful campgrounds on pristine lakes and streams that afford the
fly fisherman(woman) easy access for boating and canoeing .
11.      Fly hatches on Northern Michigan rivers are legendary and many iconic fly
patterns originated here, the Adams being the most recognizable. It was created       
on the banks of the beautiful Boardman River near Traverse City, Michigan.
12.      The famous Au Sable River in Grayling, is the only place you will find
a wooden guide boat still in use that was created over a hundred years ago.
It is a 24 ft long, narrow wooden boat that was made specifically for guiding
on the gentle, yet stable river of its namesake. Look them up.

These are just a few reasons to come and appreciate what the great state of Michigan has to offer. We here at The Fly
Factor, are happy to accommodate you on a trip for smallmouth bass (our main target species), or a trip to the awesome
north-woods of this state for Brook or Brown trout. We know that WE live in the greatest state there is for all things fishy.
We are willing to share our knowledge with you, and if you have never been to Michigan before,and you fly fish, well,
what were you thinking!

Mark Karaba
The Fly Factor
Marshall, Michigan.
Boardman River Blue-winged Olive