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Fishing Journal
July, 2015 Issue
New Perfect Fly Polarized Suglasses are an essential item to have when your
fly fishing. They help protect your eyes from sharp hooks that are flying through
the air at high rates of speed. Glass lenses may provide better optic quality, but
plastic or poly lenses are more durable, and provides better impact resistance.
Perfect Fly's new "No See Um" 100% Fluorocarbon Tippet".
New Perfect Fly Product
by Angie Marsh
Angie Marsh /  
Tuskasegee River,
North Carolina
New Perfect Fly Polarized Sunglasses
New Perfect Fly "No-See-Um" Fluorocarbon Tippet
New Perfect Fly Caps:
We have a new line of Perfect fly fishing caps.
New Perfect Fly "Fly Line Backing"
The new Ultra Slim 25 pound test Backing Line for fly reels is braided terylene monofilament. It is rot proof and hollow for easy
fitting. There are 50 meters of backing per spool.
Angela Marsh modeling sunglasses
Perfect Fly Camo Cap