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November 2013 Issue
ew Perfect Fly "Fly Rod Outfits" shown below: "Perfect Fly" Supreme Four (Four Weight Fly Rod) sock, aluminum case,
Scientific Angler System 4 (3/4) Fly Reel, Scientific Anglers Mastery Series GPX 4 weight, weight forward, floating fly line,
and Scientific Anglers Dacron Fly Line Backing, 20#. Combination
saves you $100.00 over purchasing individual items.
Supreme Four Fly Rod Outfit, $877.90. We will assemble it for you at no charge. Shipping is Free.
Fishing Stuff
Perfect Fly Gifts For Anglers
Get the perfect gift for fly anglers and save money doing it!
"Getting Started" Fly Fishing Set
Everything you need to get started fly fishing in one neat package. It also teaches you how to fly fish including putting your rod,
reel, backing, fly line, leader, and tippet together, selecting and tying on the flies, and catching fish. Great for trout, bass and
Over a $300.00 value for $175.00.
Fly Fishing DVD
The Fly Fishing DVD video series teaches all aspects of
fly-fishing from its very basics to its most advanced levels.
It was conceived and designed to bring anglers a greater
knowledge of the fish they pursue and the insects and
other sources of food they survive on. As the introductions
say, “You can get your Ph.D. in fly-fishing right here
17 Fly Fishing
Instructional and
training DVD
Fly Boxes
To go along with our high quality flies, check out our  
Perfect Fly high quality fly boxes. We think these are the
best fly boxes you can buy.

We have selected a few of what we think are the all time
best of the many fly boxes by Richard Wheatley,
manufacturers of fine fly boxes since 1860.
Perfect Fly Selections - The World Best Flies
Great Gifts
Trout Fly Selections:
38 Different selections of trout flies by
different sections of the country and
different types of flies:
Saltwater Fly Selections:
4 Different types of fly selections
for saltwater fish. Flats, Inshore,
Basic and Deluxe.
Freshwater Species Fly Selections:
8 Different selections of freshwater flies:
Largemouth Bass, Pike and Muskie,
Bream/Panfish, Smallmouth Bass,
Baitfish/Minnow, Frog Fly selection
Steelhead and Salmon Fly Selections:
6 Different selections of steelhead and salmon  
Perfect Fly Gift Certificates:
Don't forget, we have Perfect fly Gift Certificates. Click Here to see the details.
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