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Fishing Journal
November 2013 Issue
e have so many new Perfect Fly products in the planning and production stages I don't know where to start. Our
objective is to manufacturer and sell all the fly fishing products that are beneficial and needed by angles for all
the different species of fish pursued on the fly. Here are some of them.
Perfect Fly fly rods: Our fly rod lineup will be expanded this coming year but unlike all the other fly rod manufacturers, we will
not be doing a series of rods. Each rod will be individually designed for a specific purpose. You can't do that with a "series" of
rods. We will be
adding seven, eight, nine and ten foot high end rods to our current lineup of the
Supreme Four, Superb Five and Ultimate Six.

We will be introducing a new
Silver Supreme Four fly rod, a new Silver Superb Five fly rod and a new Silver
Ultimate Six
fly rod. These rods will use the same blanks as the Gold line but with anodized aluminum hardware instead of
nickel silver. These rods will give you the same performance at a lower cost of $495.  

 We will be adding a couple of new
Perfect Fly Spey Rods. We haven't settled on the design of the first two we will be coming
out with yet, but will do so by the first of the year. These will be available in nine and ten weights.

We will be adding three new
Perfect Fly Switch Rods. These will be available in six, seven and eight weights. Details will be
announced by the end of the year.
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New Product Coming in 2014
 Perfect Fly Flies: We will be adding new flies for just about all of the major species of fish you can catch on the fly.
Several new
Articulated Streamer fly patterns will be added for trout, bass, steelhead, salmon and saltwater species. Most
of the patterns will be double jointed flies but a few of the new Articulated fly patterns will have several joints depending on the
size of the fly.

 A new
Apple Caddis pupa and adult fly pattern has been developed. This is for a Brachycentrus species most anglers call
Apple Caddis. These are common caddisflies found in the Northeast, Mid-atlantic and New England areas.
Perfect Fly Lanyards: Our fly fishing lanyard line will add two, lower priced lanyards. These will have a different type tippet
holder made by Richard Wheatley Company from those on the three existing Perfect Fly Lanyard models.
 Fly Lines: Our fly line inventory will be greatly expanded to include more floating fly line sizes, sinking and sinking tip
lines, Spey fly lines and others.
New Perfect Fly Rods:
      We have some things in the design stages we purposefully won't mention. One is a big improvement on a very old type
of fly rod. Another involves a unique and different way to carry fly boxes.