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March 2014 Issue
everal years ago, sometime around the middle to late 1990's, I had the opportunity to meet the then previous
governor of the state of California, Jerry Brown. I also talked at lenght to his sister about the governor. I just
happened to be in Bennett Marine Video's office in Studio City when he paid a visit looking for the new owner's
support for his campaign. I knew from watching the news that I shouldn't attempt to discuss politics with him because it
was clear that he and I viewed things quite differently. I did ask for his support for several national fishing conservation
issues I viewed as a problem at that time. In discussing those issues with him, it appeared he agreed with me. I did
accept his going along with me as just a way for him to encourage me to vote for him. He wasn't aware I was from Florida
and couldn't help him in that regard. I didn't mention that thinking that might end our conversation. So, I must admit I was
a little surprised when I recently read that he, currently governor of the state for his second term, supported the closing
of several streams that have been significantly impacted by the drought in California to protect native salmon and
steelhead from the low water flows.

There is less than sixty days of Winter remaining and so far, most California anglers I have talked to described what little
moisture they have seen this Winter as light sprinkles. It is my understanding the Sacramento River has several feet of
bank showing. Many of their lakes such as Shasta Lake and Oroville Lake were lowered during the summer, either
anticipating, or at least hoping for plenty of rain and snow to fill them back up. So far, that hasn't happened.

To put it bluntly, unless they get a lot of moisture fast, there will be even more trouble ahead for the fish that rely on the
water as well as the people. I'm well aware that when it gets right down to it, who will suffer the most. In addition to
everything else, there will likely be more than the normal amount of forest fire problems in the state as well.
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The Drought, Governor Jerry Brown, And
California Stream Closings
Update on the California drought:
About the time this is being published,
California is getting rain and snow but
only a small part of what is needed to
make up for the drought.